Top 10 Metal Business Cards for Realtors and Real Estate That Generate Leads

Published May 16, 2019

Author: My Metal Business Card

Last updated on July 29, 2021
My Metal Business Card | Top 10 Creative Metal Real Estate Business Cards That Stand Out

In Real Estate and looking for Business Cards for Realtors to Stand Out and Help Generate Leads?

We are here to show you how Metal card makes the first impression easy for you!

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“I am a real estate broker in New York City. There are 32,000 of us. I provide each person I work for with the highest level of service possible. Business cards are the first impression/message the person receives. I chose My Metal Business Card to reflect the high level personalized service I provide for my clients and customers.”
– Sam K.

ATTENTION ALL REALTORS! Metal Business Cards are the perfect tool to make a lasting impression on potential clients and to get more referrals.

Our team at My Metal Business Card are the experts at designing and creating custom realtor Metal Business Cards.

We make the type of business cards that sell multi-million dollar properties and create lasting impressions on clients for years to come!

Below, we have compiled our Top 10 Metal Real Estate Business Cards that stand out and generate leads.

If you’re a realtor who’s looking to make an impact, our custom Metal Business Cards are a great way to confidently and successfully market yourself.

Check out what others have said about their metal cards:


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“The card is very impressive and does exactly what I wanted it to do for my clients… Impress. Hand them a metal card…it gives you immediate legitimacy which is good in my profession because I’m competing with a host of other vendors who offer my same service, but mymetalbusinesscard brings me to the top of the list. Thank you!”
– Simon Will E

These cards give me immediate legitimacy!

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“My card turned out amazing. Everyone I show is impressed by them and would never guess that I am new to the business!”
–Sara Gorman

The Bomb

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“I love unique cards. This is by far the bomb.”
–Todd LaBerge

Keep scrolling to see 10 cards for realtors who stand out!

1. A Picture Worth 1,000 Words – Metal Business Cards for Realtors


The classic ‘realtor business card with a photo’ is a sure-fire way to have clients remember who you are.

Alexander came to us with a special request to have his photo printed on his Metal Business Cards the same way they were on his old paper cards. Our answer? YES!

We offer Full Color Printing as an add-on in which we can print your photo onto the metal card’s surface using the CMYK printing technique.

Alexander’s real estate agent business card features black and blue spot color for his logo and contact information and Full Color Printing for his headshot photo.

WOW your clients not only with a Metal Business Card, but one with a photo of yourself. You’ll always be remembered.

2. A Design You’re SOLD On – Metal Business Cards for Realtors

Plainly said, the ‘SOLD’ card is one of our favorites! It’s a highly requested cut out that our real estate agent’s LOVE.

For obvious reasons, the ‘SOLD’ cut-out is a great eye-catching feature and conversation starter.

It can complement any realty company’s logo making it arguably one of the best business cards for realtors.

3.    Quick Cards, Fast Sale – Metal Business Cards for Realtors

On a tight timeline? Custom Metal Business Cards are available in as little as a few days with our Quick Metal Business Cards for Realtors!

KC of Keller Williams of Beverly Hills chose our Stainless Steel Quick Metal Cards so they could have them in their hands FAST. This card features our ‘Business’ card style and silver laser etching – there are eight card styles to choose from!

Another Quick Metal Card option is our newest GOLD Finish! Robert from Prodigy Realty chose our Gold Quick Metal Cards in the ‘SOLD’ base design. His silver logo is the Stainless Steel Card surface and the content on his card has been printed in black. Our SOLD design is a popular choice among realtors, as seen also in Black Metal for Byron J. Hudtloff of Platinum Real Estate Group.

These cards stand out with the same quality as our standard Metal Business Cards for Realtors, but they’re produced quicker – perfect for a Realtor looking to close a sale! 

4.    A Modern Card for The Modern World – Metal Business Cards for Realtors


Matt from Briggs American Properties knew that he wanted a modern and sleek look for his Metal Business Card.

This card is Stainless Steel with one color, black. The rest of the content on the card is just surfaced etched, which appears light silver with a slight indentation you can feel. Our creative designer used cut outs for the Mountains in the logos to add another WOW effect to Matt’s cards.

We LOVE maximizing our client’s company brand with our production options!

5.    Killer Cards for Keller Williams – Metal Business Cards for Realtors


Harvey wanted a Black Metal Card to accentuate his Keller Williams logo.

This Black Metal Card has silver laser etching and red spot color. We also added the KW logo on the bottom right side of the card, which was chemically etched down prior to coating the card black. This design feature allows the KW logo to be slightly indented but still matte black like the card’s surface – a sure conversation starter!

All of these features are FREE with standard Black Metal Card pricing, including the mesh cut out pattern at the top and bottom of the card.

6.    Flip This House – Metal Business Cards for Realtors


Custom shapes are no problem for My Metal Business Card!

This client wanted their realtor business card to STAND OUT with a custom shape and bright colors. We PMS color matched the green and orange of Flipping NJ’s company’s logo to ensure branding consistency. The Metal Business Card was custom cut in a square and ‘flipped’ on its side as a diamond shape.

Their card is both eye-catching and unique.

7.    Guaranteed to Impress – Metal Business Cards for Realtors

My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Business Card For Realtor 452967

The classic look of Ireland Group’s Brass Finish Metal Business Card is always a popular request.

Jason’s card is shiny, Brass Finish with black spot color. The content of the card is actually the shiny, Brass finish card surface – most of the card’s face is black screen print!

This Metal Business Card design leaves a lasting impression every time.

8.    Shine above the competition – Metal Business Cards for Realtors


This chrome finish, Stainless Steel card was custom made for Luxe Realty.

Realtors can stand out by adding our shiny, chrome finish to a Stainless Steel Card, which makes the card surface highly reflective like a mirror.

The shiny, chrome finish add-on takes our Metal Business Cards to another level!

Luxe Realty’s Metal Business Cards for Realtors design exudes that executive, sleek, luxurious look that sets their brand apart.

9. The Gold Standard of Realtor Cards – Metal Business Cards for Realtors

My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Business Card With Cutout Logo 455661

Harvin & Associates opted for shiny, Brass Finish Metal Business Cards.

Their design features surface etching for the world map and dark navy blue spot color for their content for high contrast on the Brass Finish. Similar to the Ireland Group’s card, this Metal Business Card has holes cut through at the top and bottom border. Brass Finish cards remind us of GOLD, which automatically makes us think “high-end.”

This Metal Business Card pairs nicely with the Harvin & Associates International Realty brand!

10. From House to Home – Metal Business Cards for Realtors

When people think realty, houses are usually what come to mind. Thus, these custom shaped house Metal Business Cards are ideal for making an instant impression.

Cindy’s Berkshire Hathaway realtor card is Stainless Steel with surface etching and purple for an added POP of color.

The other custom shaped Stainless Steel card features cut outs for the windows, black spot color and surface etching for the small details.

These intricate and detailed house-shaped Metal Business Cards for Realtors are sure to impress!

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