We understand switching from paper to metal business cards can be a big decision, so here are a handful of reasons why the masses are upgrading to metal business cards!

  1. No One Throws Them Away – Perhaps one of the biggest differences between metal and paper business cards is the fact that when you hand someone a metal card, they WILL NOT dare throw them away. After all, when you hand someone a business card, the last thing you want is for your card to end up in the trash, or tossed in a drawer with a number of other basic cards. Handout business cards you are proud of.
  2. Offering the Means to Standout – As a brand promise, we will provide metal business cards that will offer an instant and unforgettable impression! You only have a few moments to set yourself aside from the competition, and metal business cards will do just that. Metal business cards will be the perfect conversation starter!
  3. Add-Ons – As the largest metal card company, we have an obligation to our clients to offer the largest array of add-ons out there. This ranges from color printing capabilities, to magnetic stripes to QR codes and RFID. We are continuously testing out new add-ons for metal.  If you have any questions regarding our capabilities, please reach out to us at 714.213.8155 or
  4. Die Cutting – When ordering from a paper or plastic printer, you have certain die-cut parameters to order from. At My Metal Business Card, we include all custom die cutting as a part of our standard business card pricing – just another amazing thing about metal business cards. This includes custom cutout shapes, logos, names, etc.
  5. Design Customization – We have an in-house design team that thrives on designing the most innovative business cards in the world. Our design services are available for all products on our site and any artwork inspiration and designs are welcome. All creativity is encouraged!

Now that you have a better idea of what metal business cards can offer you, please feel to reach out with any additional questions!  You can give us a call at 714.213.8155 or send an email to  We look forward to providing you one-of-a-kind metal business cards!

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