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Published October 19, 2016 | Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Need Cards In A Hurry

It’s one week before your upcoming convention, and you just realized you’re out of business cards! This event is important to your company; it’s imperative you make an unforgettable impression to the attendees. Your first thought may be to go online and reorder paper cards, but paper cards are boring and aren’t going to make the impact you need. My Metal Business Card has the perfect solution: Quick Metal Cards!

As the industry leaders in metal business cards, we have developed several innovative products that cater to our clients’ ever-evolving marketing needs. Time and again clients contact My Metal Business Card for metal business cards in a rush. By purchasing our Quick Metal Cards, you’ll receive unique metal business cards guaranteed to ship within 5 business days or less, after your artwork confirmation!

What is the difference?

Quick Metal Cards are manufactured from the same high-quality stainless steel as our standard metal business cards. Available in stainless steel or black metal, all content and design aspects are lasered onto the card surface to ensure quick production turnaround. Unlike our standard metal business cards, Quick Metal cards are precut from sheets of metal; they do not have any cut outs and generally no color to guarantee quick-turnaround. Nevertheless, limited processes don’t necessarily mean limited design. All Quick Metal cards are made to order and come with the following quality features: 3.5 x 2 inch dimensions, .5mm thick Stainless Steel (500 microns) and free laser etching on both sides.

Ordering Quick Metal Cards is easy!

Step 1: Place an order of up to 500 Quick Metal Cards through our website at https://mymetalbusinesscard.com/product/quick-metal-cards/ or feel free to call us at 714-213-8155.

Step 2: Your order will be made priority and put to the front of processing. Within a few hours of submitting the order, Quick Metal clients receive a digital jpeg proof for their feedback and final approval.

Step 3: Once approved, the order is sent to production and will be ready-to-ship within five business days or less – guaranteed!

Additional features available with Quick Metal orders:

  • Add Artwork Service – Working within a tight deadline can be frustrating. Allow us to alleviate the pressure of design, with our $60 Artwork Service handled by our staff of highly skilled, in-house graphic designers.
  • Add spot color** – As mentioned prior, spot colors are not typical with Quick Metal Cards; however, we can add color for an additional $.25 per color, per card. Spot colors are screen printed onto the Quick Metal Card’s surface.
  • Add variable data – For an extra $.50 each, personalize the cards with a name or number as a unique and memorable way to recognize your most valued clients.
  • Split the quantity – Need to divide an order between colleagues? No problem! Let us know how many cards are needed for each person when placing your order. We just ask for a minimum of at least 50 cards per name.
  • Rushed delivery available – Orders are typically shipped via FedEx Ground; however overnight delivery and other expedited shipping options can be provided upon request.

**Note: this add-on may result in an extra day or two to the production turnaround as screen printing color requires more steps in manufacturing.

Need metal business cards in a rush? Order your custom, Quick Metal business today! Contact us directly at 714.213.8155 or sales@test.mymetalbusinesscard.com to place your order now.