MMBC Exclusive | Top 3 Favorite Business Card Designs from Summer 2019

Published September 25, 2019 | Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Top Picks Summer 2019

It’s such a rewarding experience to see our client’s Metal Business Card Designs come to life.

From initial correspondence to the finished product in hand, we love the process and seeing how our products and card designs impact our clients and their success.

That said, every Metal Business Card order is completely unique – there’s no two cards alike. We take special care in creating personalized products that are tailored to YOU.

Our standard pricing includes free etching front and back, unlimited cut outs and one screen printed color, which make the design possibilities endless.

We work hard to earn your business as a customer for life because we truly believe in the impact our products have. Check out our favorite cards from this summer below!

1.    West Coast Customs

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Steve Dik from West Coast Customs is a long-time customer of My Metal Business Card. We love creating Metal Business Cards that compliment the West Coast Customs brand!


  • This is a matte, stainless steel card with two spot colors: black and blue.
  •  The fencing pattern is cut out, which accentuates his signature logo.
    •  Cut outs are included in our pricing!
  • This is a one-sided card with all the contact information on the front including title, cell, and email.  (Though, our pricing includes both sides if requested.)

Take a look at this quick video of Steve’s card:

2. Card Designs to Taco ‘Bout

Taco Bron Metal Business Card Designs

This eye-catching Black Metal Business Card was made for Manny Tejada from Taco Bron.  It’s one of our TOP PICKS because of the bright colors and custom textured pattern on the card’s surface.


  • This is a Black Metal Card with textured finish. 
    • We utilized the chemical etching process to make a slight textured look and feel on the front and back. The black words in the background are actually the card’s matte surface.
  • Manny’s detailed logo was Full Color Printed so we could capture all of the small, vibrant colors on the skull.
  • We used a green PMS 367C spot color for all of the green areas.
  • His social media handles as well as a QR code on the back (not pictured) were laser etched in silver.

This card is stunning and so well put together – definitely a favorite!

 3. Brass for Kass

My Metal Business Card | 

Eric Kass’ Brass Finish Card is another favorite from this summer.  Eric’s cards are custom shaped with our beautiful matte Brass Finish.


  • This is a matte, Brass Finish card with a custom shape, cut outs, black spot color and etching.
    • Did you know? Custom shapes are included in our pricing as long as they’re within business card dimensions!
  • The holes are cut through the card.
  • The content of the card is displayed in several fonts and sizes creating a distinct look.
  • The various words and numbers are etched or etched + filled with black spot color.

 Eric’s Metal Business Cards are simply one-of-a-kind!

We produce and ship thousands of custom Metal Business Card Designs daily, but these few cards stood out to us. We love when our clients elevate their design with of all our production capabilities! 

We hope you enjoyed our favorite card designs so far this year. When you’re ready to get started, contact us at or call us at 714.213.8155 so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards FOR YOU!

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