Metal Business Cards That Turn Heads!

Published June 27, 2012
Metal Cards By Noel Palevin

My Metal Business Card was founded to produce high quality business cards that capture attention.  We do our part to ensure our stainless steel business cards are of the highest quality, but often the biggest eye-catching feature comes from the design.

Noel Pelavin, a professional photographer and creative mind, came to us with a unique idea for a slender card design.  With a little collaboration, Noel’s card took shape.  Complete with his initials, a ‘renew’ symbol and it’s slender design, this metal card instantly became a design of its own.

Etched in stainless steel, these cards have been a big hit for Noel and can be seen on many creative business card websites along with image results for Google.  Let us take your next business card project to the next level!