Top Five Metal Cards from Winter 2020

Published March 31, 2020
Last updated on May 20, 2021
My Metal Business Card - Top 5 Metal Cards For Winter 2020

What can we say, 2020 has been an interesting and trying year and we are only in March. As the world is in various stages of Quarantine, Social Distancing and recovering from Covid-19, we wanted to pause and provide a moment of inspiration and share some of our favorite cards from the past quarter.

When quarantine is over and life goes back to normal, you will need to stand out and make an unforgettable impression.. and this is where we can help!

1.    Cards Fit for an Ambassador

Black-Metal-Membership-Card-For-Abnormal-Brewing-Company- Ambassador-Program

Every year we work with Abnormal Beer Co. on new membership cards for their Ambassador program and every year we love the new ideas and designs they have in mind! This year’s card is all about the sleek and cool look of black metal mixed with eye catching cutouts.


  • Matte Black Metal Finish (this ultra-impressive look is standard for all black metal cards).
  • Two unique cutouts areas (did you know all cutouts are standard with all metal cards?), including Abnormal’s A logo design and a fun hops cutout on the left side.
  • For a uniqueness you can feel, we added the 20 seen to the right side of the card using our surface etching technique. This allows for you to barely see the design but provides a difference you can feel!
  • Not pictured, but the backside of this card includes each member name and number. Looking for cards with this feature? Just add on Variable Data to any of our cards!

2. Angled to Perfection


Stone Brothers Properties came to us with the request of incorporating both their logo and cutouts into a unique business card guaranteed to stand out. Our talented in-house Design Team worked to create a completely custom layout all inspired from the triangular shape of their logo.


  • For a sophisticated yet rugged look, this card has the add-on Brushed Stainless Steel Finish.
  • When left with a bit of empty space, our designer opted to fill the space with a surface etched pattern. This complementary feature keeps the logo and name as the main focus while maintaining a cohesive look throughout.
  • Stone Brother Properties knew they wanted cutouts, and they were excited when they found out our pricing includes cutouts.
  • We include one color for free with all our cards, but we took it a step further and added in one additional color to really add that extra “POP” to the logo.

This card is stunning and so well put together – definitely a favorite!

 3.A Standing Ovations


For Ovation Coffee and Tea, matte black was the card of choice and they wanted a geometric pattern unlike any other. Since the chosen pattern was so bold, Ovation opted for a subtle black-on-black treatment for their logo.


  • This card features a modern and sleek matte black finish.
  • We can make practically any pattern or shape a cutout; just look at how stunning this pattern is.
  • To allow the logo to stand out we used two processes (helpful hint, neither of these add any additional costs)!
    • We etched the entire square around the logo down, keeping the logo at card surface height.
    • Then we screen printed all card surface areas with a semi-gloss black. This adds that extra shine you see in the photo!

4. One RAD Card


When RAD Dance Company needed a new card, they came to us with a bold and simple logo. We knew this needed to stand out!  Our Rose Gold finish was an obvious choice due to it’s popularity in fashion and life at the moment.


  • Rose Gold is one of the available add on finishes to our Brass Finish Cards. While very similar to Brass in shine and radiance, Rose Gold provides a more calming alternative feel.
  • When you have a strong logo, you need a strong (visibly and durably) color to match. Our Black Spot Color is Pantone Color Matched to perfection and is etched and filled to withstand any element.
  • For added pizzazz, a fun hole pattern was added around the logo in a circular pattern. While you can appreciate the beauty of the entire card, the pattern will always draw your eye back into the logo.

5. The Leader of the Pack


Nothing brings more attention to your logo than the powerful combination of bold, bright colors and a dominant cutout. These cards for The Rhythm of Leadership, prove that you do not have to go over the top to make a big impression. We guarantee with those cutouts, your card (and you) will always be top of mind.


  • To upgrade our already luxurious Stainless Steel, The Rhythm of Leadership opted to add-on our Brushed Finish. This card looks so smooth and is a guaranteed showstopper.
  • Big, bold cutouts are sure to be remembered (hello, paper cards can you do that?) and for that reason we include cutouts for free with all metal cards.
  • Color is everything when it comes to branding. Therefore we take the time to ensure your Pantone Colors are expertly matched to guarantee your cards perfectly fit your brand.

We produce and ship thousands of custom Metal Business Cards daily, but these few cards stood out to us. We love when our clients elevate their design with of all our production capabilities! 

We hope you enjoyed our favorite cards so far this year. When you’re ready to get started, contact us at or call us at 714.213.8155 so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards FOR YOU!


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