15 Amazing Metal Business Cards for Women Who Stand Out

Published March 7, 2022 | Last updated on September 22, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Unique Metal Business Cards For Women Who Stand Out 1

NEWSFLASH! Metal Business Cards are NOT just for men. We LOVE designing and creating custom Metal Business Cards for women! We have compiled our favorite top 15 Metal Business Cards for WOMEN WHO STAND OUT.

If you’re a businesswoman (or man) who’s looking to make an impact, our custom Metal Business Cards are a great way to confidently and successfully market yourself. After viewing our top 15 Business Cards for Women list, we are confident you will feel inspired and ready to design your dream cards!

Check out what Christina and Kayla said about their cards:


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0  Overall Satisfaction Rating

“My metal business cards/bottle openers are beautiful and I am getting lots of compliments on them. Thank you!”

Kayla C. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0  Overall Satisfaction Rating

“I tell everyone about these cards and everyone is blown away by the quality. It leaves a professional impression and most people have never seen one.”

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15. Cards that will literally get you SPOTTED!

My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Business Card With Custom Leopard Print Cutout Pattern For Designer

When Sherri came to us with a revision to her previous cards, we knew these would hit the SPOT! Sherri’s last order had a simple mesh pattern, but she wanted a fun but sophisticated animal print so that is exactly what we did!

When it comes to Metal Business Cards, you can’t go wrong with Brushed Brass Finish Cards, they are luxury and sophistication all in one! (It should be no surprise that this finish will show up a few times on our top Business Cards for Women list) Our Brass Cards always pair well with Black print for an easy to read card no matter the lighting.

14. Like sipping top shelf whisky, these cards are NEAT!

My Metal Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Business Card With Custom Cutouts Surface Etching 558767 1

True to their vision, Whisky Chicks knew they needed a card that would invoke the “badass” energy of a confident woman in the fine spirits industry. It’s safe to say these Brushed Copper Finish Cards really hit the mark!

With a large and in charge custom cut out logo, they leave no questions as to who they are, and will leave a long lasting impression amongst their prestigious club members – as well as a spot on our Top Business Cards for Women list!  

Reminiscent of traditional copper whisky stills, these cards are MADE for their branding and will surely drive new in new member sign ups!

13. Classic yet Cutting-Edge, these cards are DRIVING sales!

My Metal Business Card | Rose Gold Metal Business Card Surface Etching Black Spot Color Rb 1

Monica, owner and president of Royal Boss Chauffeurs, chose our trendsetting Rose Gold Finish for her cards!

Showing her dedication to luxury and elegance, her choice of custom filigree surface etching paired with a standout black spot color, adds a note of opulence and professionalism.

Delicate yet strong, finding the perfect balance of design can take your branding to the next level!

12. A Vision of Luxury Metal Design

My Metal Business Card | White Metal Business Card Custom Cutout Spot Color Tatiana

With a title like “Visionary Accountant and Author,” you know you need cards that make an impression (and make other authors JEALOUS). So, we set out to work with Tatiana to create a one-of-a-kind card that wins a spot on our Top Business Cards for Women list!

For this White Metal Business Card, the first step was finding a pattern and color scheme that worked for Tatiana Tsoir. The rest of the design followed for a simple yet memorable design. The use of colors, patterns and cutouts and how they are combined to create a luxury metal card that flows perfectly. Not only is there breathing room for all of the information, but there is also a large amount of room for the logo on the front of the card.

11. Business Cards for Women – Your Signature Look!

My Metal Business Card | Copper Finish Card With Feminine Style Cutout Design And Signature

These Copper Finish Cards make a splash on our Business Cards for Women list for two simple, but MAJOR reasons:

  1. We love a good pattern, and these cards for Michelle use two patterns for a geometric yet feminine look we can’t get enought of.
  2. Signatures ROCK! Seriously, if you are looking for a personal touch on your cards, we urge you to follow Michelle’s lead and add your signature to your cards!

10. The Cat’s Meow


Cassidy from Bad Cat Digital Marketing opted for our traditional Stainless Steel Business Card. She utilized cut outs for the cat logo and black spot color for the rest of the content.

There’s no better way to stand out than by making your fierce logo the main focus of your Metal Business Card. The cut outs really bring her cat logo ‘to life’! Cassidy is sure to stand out in the marketing industry with this sleek and eye-catching Metal Business Card and makes a feisty first pick for our Business Cards for Women list.  

9. Picture This


This Copper Finish Metal Business Card was custom made for Lexi Perry. We love the way the white spot color highlights Lexi’s beautiful and unique calligraphy-inspired logo. We added white spot color to make her name look artistically painted on the card. Custom circular cutouts align the right and left sides, which draw the eyes inward to her logo.

This custom Metal Business Cards for women list entry shows insane attention to detail – just like Lexi’s Photography business!

8. A Card That Sells


We produced this White Metal Business Card for Maryann with Century21. The White Metal finish makes a clean, confident statement. The word ‘SOLD’ and the house silhouette in her company’s logo is completely cut through the left side of the card – remember, any cut outs are FREE with our standard pricing!

This is the perfect Metal Business Card for a successful, female realtor to hand to her clients.

7. Five Stars


Black Metal is arguably our most executive-looking card style. The elegant, matte finish of our Black Metal makes any card design stand out and leave a lasting impression.

April’s card is very simple, yet it gives a WOW impact at first glance. The number ‘5’ is cut through the card making it that much more unique, and April’s name is screen printed in bright blue adding a noticeable pop of color.  

6. What Glitters Is Gold


Lynette opted for our Brass Finish Card to accentuate her Bitcoin logo. This finish is the closest we have to a real gold color, which makes it the perfect choice for a Finance Mentor.

The horizontal lines are completely cut through which complements the details of the Bitcoin in the center of the card. Lynette’s name is prominently contrasted in black spot color at the top. Brass Finish yields a look that says, “Here I am!” which is exactly why it stands out so well.

5. Fit For A Queen


We produced this brushed, Stainless Steel card for Carmen of CC Fitness. Carmen’s Metal Business Card is unique for a number of reasons. This first being she added brushed finish.

The best way to add more character to our standard Stainless Steel cards is to go with brushed finish. This gives the card another dimension of sophistication. Next, Carmen utilized cutouts for the word ‘Fitness’ as well as the swirly border at the top and bottom of her card. She also added her signature and title in etching which is subtle yet eye-catching.

We love this card because it looks both feminine and strong!

4. No Place Like Home


Cindy Williams wanted Stainless Steel Cards that would match the branding of her company but still wanted a unique touch. We designed Cindy’s card in the shape of a house to show her clients she understands what home buying is all about and allow her Metal Business Cards to stand out.

The windows of the house are cut through. The purple matches the branding and adds color to the card. All other content was surface etched; the etching appears light silver with a slight indentation you can feel.

3. A Card That Pops


Simone Kliass is a professional voiceover actor who wanted her Metal Business Card to make a statement about her talent.

Our pricing includes any custom shape within business card dimensions so we designed her Metal Business Card in the shape of a pop filter. Simone’s cards have cut outs in the microphone and stars as well as green and white screen printed spot color. We are always striving to create custom Metal Business Cards that are unique and tailor-made to fit each client’s style.

Anyone who receives Simone’s Black Metal Business Card will see that she takes care in how she markets herself – this card on our top business cards for women is a true stunner!

2. A Diamond Is Forever


Mardo of Mardo Fine Jewelry Inc. wanted a custom shaped Black Metal Business Card with her company name cut out. We laser etched the content on the card which appears silver and nicely contrasted on the black matte card surface. Mardo’s company name is the featured focal point on the card, which was the goal of this design.

These classy and elegant Black Metal Business Cards flawlessly represent the Mardo Fine Jewelry brand in a solid place on our Top Business Cards for Women list.

1. The Perfect Card For A (Wonder) Woman

Brass-Finish-Metal-Movie-Ticket-With-Textured-Finish-Wonder-Woman-Regal-27703 Business Cards For Women

When Regal Cinema contacted My Metal Business Card about making Ultimate Ticket Cards for their upcoming release of WONDER WOMAN, we were absolutely thrilled!

They wanted a unique Metal Card that would stand out so we created these Brass Finish Cards that have both matte and textured finishes. The infamous ‘W’ has custom cut outs making the card look that much more exquisite. We knew this card deserved a spot on our top business cards for women list for sure!

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