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Are other metal thicknesses available?

Yes! We offer a complete line of .3, .5, .8, 1, and 1.5mm thick stainless steel, plus additional finishes including brass, copper and cards made of aluminum. Call or write today for a quote on these custom thicknesses and finishes.

How Can I Place a Re-Order?

The fastest way to place a re-order is by logging into My Account! You'll find the option to either Re-Order With Changes or Re-Order No Changes.

If you choose Re-Order No Changes, your order will go straight into production without having to approve a new proof.

If you choose Re-Order With Changes, you will be taken back to the card builder screen where you can list any changes you would like made. Please note, this DOES NOT mean you have to build the entire card from scratch, you only have to list your desired revisions. Once you are finished you can click Update Cart and proceed through the checkout process. Once the order is placed the design team will use the notes you've provided to put together a revised proof for your review and approval.

Can you travel through airport security with these cards?

Yes. There has never been an issue traveling with metal business cards, and you will remove them from your pocket like all other items, while passing through the security checkpoint.

Do you have a wholesale / reseller program?

Yes we do!

Our Wholesale program was designed to offer your clients our high quality, custom made metal products, all for wholesale pricing. This program includes:

• Easy online ordering

• Attractive wholesale pricing

• Dedicated premier support

• Digital Proofing Process

Sign-up, get approved and make more sales!

Why are metal cards more expensive than paper cards?

Metal business cards are a completely different manufacturing process than printing. Your cards are made from 100% genuine Stainless Steel .5mm thick, and chemically-etched with your custom artwork.

For this process, we must:

(A) produce custom artwork for you,

(B) create a custom ‘film-tool’ to make your cards,

(C) prep the stainless steel sheets for etching,

(D) etch your cards in a series of acid-based solutions,

(E) add-on features require additional card processes, and finally,

(F) individually inspect and prepare each card for delivery.

Initially, Metal Business Cards may be more expensive than paper cards, but the return on investment for handing someone a Metal Business Card is so much more than a paper card.

It’s 100% guaranteed that you can hand out thousands of paper cards over the course of your career and never receive the same reaction that you would from handing out Metal Business Cards. See our customer reviews and testimonials for what other customers have said!

In fact, many of our clients have told us that their My Metal Business Card alone is what landed their largest revenue business clients! This is a quality over quantity situation.

Regardless of closing the deal or not, your Metal Business Cards will strike up conversation and the prospect will end up keeping your business card, often for years in his or her wallet. People just don’t throw away metal like they would with a paper card.

Not only will they will hold onto your card, but they’ll probably even show it to others because it’s so unique and eye-catching. Here at My Metal Business Card, we offer the high quality, customized Metal Business Cards you need to instantly stand out and make that lasting impression. Showing that you care enough to represent yourself with a quality product will result in your clients having the reassurance that you will invest in them as well.

Simply put, paper cards waste of money because people don’t keep them – they don’t stand out, and they don’t make the impact you need to make valuable connections.

If clients don’t keep your card, they won’t remember you.

Standing out in business is the biggest priority and will give you an edge over your competition. Don’t make the mistake of handing out flimsy, cheap, paper cards that do no justice for you as a professional. Invest in Metal Business Cards today, you won’t regret it, and over the years, so will your budget.

For more information or questions, please call us at 714.213.8155 or email We’d love to hear from you!

Can you ship samples internationally?

Yes, we can! Please note that we can only ship samples free of charge in the US, however. To order international samples, please send us a message with your requested sample products and shipping address, and we will confirm the shipping cost.

Can you help me choose the right cards for my needs?

Sure! Please use our Metal Cards Quiz to find just the right metal business cards for your situation.

Also feel free to call us for a FREE consultation: (714) 213.8155

Can I get a custom quote?

Absolutely! For custom quote and consultation, please call us at 714.213.8155 or email

Why should I order from you?

We’re glad you asked! Our team is dedicated to offering you the highest quality metal business cards at a reasonable price, and ensuring that every aspect of your experience is above expectations. We’ve spent years continually refining our processes and pricing.

My Metal Business Card is the world leader in metal business cards: we have been in business for 8+ years and shipped over 10 Millions cards (and counting!) globally.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to work with many international corporations, famous organizations, tech companies, universities and celebrities. Join our family of clients and experience the My Metal Business Card difference!


Quality artwork, quick turn-around, personal attention, and market impact are just a few of the quality features you’ll experience with us.

Product Quality:

• Durable 304 Stainless Steel

• .5mm Thick Metal*

• Precision Chemical Etching (-/+.001″)

• Precision Laser Etching (-/+.001″)

• Precision Screen Printing

• Customized Artwork Graphics

• Pantone® Color Matching

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Here's what our customer Britton B. recently said:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "After researching metal business cards and overall quality, dependability, customer service, and overall reviews, I decided to place an order with My Metal Business Card. I love the customer service. You can not find that in many companies nowadays."

For any of our competitors, look for legitimate reviews from a credible website, you might not find…any. Here is what our customers are saying on a trusted 3rd party review site: Read Our Reviews

Can I request free samples?

Yes, simply visit our Samples Request Page and complete the Free Samples form – we will send you generic samples to feel our quality and options.

Please note that we can only ship samples free of charge in the US – we are happy to ship samples internationally as well, please contact us for the estimated shipping cost.

If you’re looking for a few samples of YOUR design, we can do that too! Give us a call (714) 213-8155.