Amazing Metal Business Card Designs: Winter 2021

Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card


Our team is excited to share another round of our favorite metal business card designs!

All of these designs went through our proofing process, during which the client received a photo-realistic rendering of the card design. Then, with their approval, the cards were manufactured to standards only offered by our years of experience.

Enjoy some of our recent selected pieces for your inspiration, and consider how a metal card might help YOU stand out among your competitors to make you more successful.

We also can’t help but share some comments we’ve received recently from our customers about their metal card orders (thank you, keep ’em coming! 😃  ):

“This is my second order. Worth every penny for these products. These cards are a show stopper.”

“People really dig my new metal business cards! Slap a magnet on the back and you have a great refrigerator or toolbox reminder for your clients.”

“They’ll never forget your card. Instant great impression to anyone you hand your business card to.”

1. Creating Energy through Synergy


Our Metal Business Cards have more standard features than any others out there, take this stunning Matte Black Metal Business Card for Synergy Marketing Services for example. All of our cards come with the option to add any cutouts you can dream of – for FREE! We also provide Pantone Color Matching to ensure your brand colors are perfectly and professionally matched.

Why we love this business card design: The logo element was used as a cut-through in the card design and the geometric etched pattern helps further convey the triangular and angled design of their logo.

2. The SOUNDZ of Metal


The only sound you might hear from this card is the ‘cling’ it makes if you throw it down on a surface – and because metal is so unique and stands out, you can rest assured anyone you hand one to will take a minute to feel the cold hard strength of the stainless steel material.

Why we love this card: Stainless Steel is the most popular finish of Metal Cards we offer, and this card for Strange Soundz Radio is the perfect example why. When you pair completely custom cutouts with the bold black and blue colors against the cool and refined Stainless Steel finish, you are left with WOW factor.

3. Business Card Design fit for a (Greek) God


It’s probably no surprise that Copper Finish is our go-to for a rustic and rugged look, making it the ideal finish for anyone in electrical and plumbing.  The fact that Copper is a mainstay in both electrical and plumbing work is a huge bonus, and a good way to stand out from any competition you may encounter.

Why we love this business card design: A strong logo needs a card that can work with the logo to make an impact, not take away from the logo itself. From the use of bold geometric cutouts and thoughtful surface etching, the logo and card content is front and center.

4. Cards to Feed Your Mojo


Business Cards often are looked at as a boring must have that ends up in the trash. So we always wonder, why would you ever create a boring business card design?!

Custom Cards are what we thrive on, so it should be no surprise that we work with every industry you can imagine. These Stainless Steel Business Cards are clearly FAR from boring, and make quite the impression whenever they are handed out, just the effect that MoJo Vending was after.

Why we love this business card design: The oh so familiar look of a vending machine is sure to put a smile on your face as soon as this card hits your fingertips. This card utilizes surface etching and vibrant Pantone yellow spot color to really catch your eye.

5. VIPs Only From This Point Forward


When you want your VIPs to stand out, you need to go big! Let’s be real, chances are your VIPs have multiple membership cards. So how do you make your card stand out, and make your members feel extra special?

Well…we don’t have all the answers, but we can tell you, the chance that they have a REAL METAL membership card in their wallet is slim to none. Our Brass Finish Cards are metal all the way through…unlike other cards that look metal and fall apart over time. We know our Metal Cards make a HUGE impact with every interaction.

Why we love this business card design: We knew having the logo as a cutout was a must for our client, but the fact that we turned their logo into a pattern for the rest of the card was a huge bonus for them. To achieve this look, we used cutouts, one color and surface etching to create an impact at a great price point, as these features are all included in the price of the card. Big impacts, don’t need to cost more, we promise!

My Metal Business Card is the world leader in metal business cards, producing and shipping thousands of custom business card designs daily. Our passion and a core strength is utilizing our in-house design team to elevate our clients design by way of our unique production capabilities. In other words, it’s our goal to make you more successful with a stunning metal business card. 

We hope you enjoyed our favorite cards so far this year. When you’re ready to start conversations with your own unique cards, contact our friendly sales team at or call us at 714.213.8155 so we can help design the Metal Business Cards of your dreams!

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