Top 10 Business Cards with QR Codes

Published July 21, 2022 | Last updated on July 29, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

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Business cards with QR codes bridge the gap between print and digital media, creating a marketing juggernaut! Combine those elements with a custom designed Metal Business Card, and you are guaranteed success.

We are always looking for new ways to keep you on the cutting edge, and have assembled a list of our Top 10 QR Code Business Cards to share the endless capabilities and opportunities that await you and your own custom set of Metal Business Cards:

10. Square in the Face -Copper Finish QR Code Business Card

Copper Finish Metal Business Card With Qr Code

This Copper Finish Metal Business Card proudly and boldly displays its QR code, inviting those curious to scan!

The simplistic nature of this design, displaying the QR code centered in a black spot color, evokes interest and draws on our natural curiosity. Already intrigued by the different experience a metal business card provides, the limited information only amplifies the effect and will have all clients wanting to scan for more!

The selection of the brushed Copper Finish enhances the stylistic presentation of the card without detracting from the salient orientation of the QR code. When QR codes can hold all of your most important information, sometimes less is more!

9. Construct Conversation

White Metal Business Card With Qr Code

For the Mullis Construction Group cards they decided a White Metal Business Card enhanced with a QR code would be the ideal jumping off point for a card that covers all of the bases.

Maximizing functionality, we used a black spot color to apply the traditional business information, the QR code, AND a ruler to the cards! The addition of an extra spot color in their signature yellow unifies their branding. We created a custom chain link fence cutout pattern with rounded corners to border the card and match the construction elements of their business.   

From minimalist to maximalist a QR code serves every style!

8. Cutting Edge

Gunmetal Business Card With Qr Code

J.C. Platt Builders wanted a sleek, custom card with extra accessibility!

Our Gunmetal Business Cards have the perfect professional yet cutting edge look, merging the corporate and rugged elements of a construction business. Using a surface etching technique to apply the imagery and logos provides a monochromatic feel and allows for extra detail without distraction. Using a silver laser etching technique to apply the QR code lets the raw stainless steel show through, creating an almost highlight effect. The contrast allows the code to be scanned easier, while also drawing attention.

An understated color palette with contrasting POP will keep focus right where you need it!

7. Tag Your Friends

Metal Luggage Tag With Qr Code

GYRO-TRAC took a different approach by choosing a custom Metal Luggage Tag as the vehicle for their QR code! From business cards, to luggage tags, to tumblers – we are happy to apply your QR code anywhere.

Using 3 spot colors across the entire luggage tag utilizes all the available space to apply an awesome graphic. In order to thank their customers, GYRO-TRAC linked their QR code to a landing page on their site, with a custom thank you video for the clients lucky enough to receive one. With My Metal Business Card, you can truly create a business card out of any of our products, especially with the ease of a QR code.

6. Navigate Towards Success

White Metal Business Card Qr Code

Pacific Pearl Capital decided a bright White Metal Card was the best fit for their company’s pearl motif, and an ideal canvas to display their QR code.

We used our Full Color Printing process to fully capture the complexity and depth of their teardrop pearl logo. The additional card information was applied using gray and black spot colors to pop against the stark white of the metal finish. We placed the QR code alongside the printed information so that it could be easily scanned for additional information collection straight to a smart phone!

With all your information printed PLUS a QR code, you are networking to your fullest potential by spreading as much information as possible!

5. Pointing to Success

Stainless Steel Business Card Qr Code

As one of our best sellers, our Stainless Steel Business Cards are the perfect way to show off the truly unique look and feel of a metal card. The raw Stainless Steel brings forth the unique quality of holding a metal card in your hands.

With chemical etching, we applied a custom shape mesh pattern to contour the bold arrow shaped logo. The large logo and black screen printed QR codes balance out the card and make a statement. With no other readable information on this side of the card, the recipient can scan the QR code to be taken directly to the company website.

4. Scan with a Plan

White Metal Card With Qr Code

Showcasing your brand colors is important for consistency, which is why Alignment Healthcare chose a crisp White Metal Card to feature their company hues. We can PMS color match to replicate your company colors and logos, and keep your branding consistent. 

Using our screen-printed colors, we applied the multi-colored logo to the top corner of the card creating visual tension and unique placement. We also used a black spot color to list out all the necessary information, which is enhanced with the addition of a QR code. Having the information easy to read is definitely convenient, but to make it even more efficient one can scan the QR code to be taken directly to the company website in seconds!

3. Triangulate Success

Black Metal Business Card With Qr Code

Opting for our sought-after Black Metal Cards, Unique McKinney was looking to impress their clients with cards both intriguing and modern. Seeking to draw an audience and create interest in the city of McKinney, TX, a QR code is the perfect portal of information. Created to link directly to their website, the QR code allows all the information to be accessible by a quick scan, and leaves room on the card for a cleaner and more aesthetic design. 

To create a unique black on black background pattern, we combined our matte black cards with a black semi-gloss spot color for contrasting finishes that reveal in different lighting. Our silver laser etching creates a crisp QR code and URL for high legibility, with an accent of spot color to match their signature Unique blue.

Open doorways to success with your own QR code!

2. A Rose Coded Card

Rose Gold Finish Metal Card With Qr Code

Being acquainted with the latest trends in design and technology places you in the forefront of competition. NARA-YA wanted to create a card innovative in both technology and style!

Trendy and fashion-forward, our Rose Gold Metal Business Cards are a sure fire way to make an impression with their unique hue. Paired with a bold, black, stylized QR code, these cards are ready to turn heads. Although there are less production processes involved with their design, these cards are anything but simple.

Speak volumes with hardly any words at all with your own custom metal business cards, and QR codes!

1. Working Title

Carbon Fiber Business Card With Qr Code

Looking for a different material to turn some heads? Steve Currington wanted to think outside the box and decided to give a set of Carbon Fiber Cards a try!

With its trademark, woven pattern the genuine Carbon Fiber creates a fantastic background for both screen-printed colors. We used a vibrant green, and clean white spot color to jump off the card for an impressive logo and QR code application. The white spot color for the QR code also creates the largest amount of contrast; ensuring smartphone cameras can read the code successfully. Lightweight yet sturdy, the Carbon Fiber creates a fun new experience for those familiar with our Metal Business Cards.

Constantly looking to grow our selection of finishes and customization options, we want to make sure you are armed and ready with a card that is perfect for your branding, and consistent with modern technology.