10 Inspiring Custom Bookmarks for Authors

Last updated on September 22, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

Custom Bookmarks For Authors - Book-Marketing_Personalized Metal- Bookmarks_My Metal Business Card

Having your own custom bookmarks is a creative way of marketing your books, but it’s also invaluable marketing tool for yourself as an author. 

Our metal bookmarks make it easy and cost effective to advertise your brand in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd when dealing with book distributors and partners.

If you’re looking to step up your book and personal marketing game, we can help. We enjoy designing and creating stunning custom metal bookmarks to help inspire your readers and elevate your brand!  

Here’s our list of top 10 favorite custom metal bookmarks for those looking to INSPIRE.

10. Fit For a King

Black Custom Metal Bookmark My Metal Business Card

Co-author Bryce O’Connor, knew he needed a seriously cool bookmark to pair with the limited-edition release of his dark fantasy novel. Dark and brooding like the stories he spins, the only option for this custom metal bookmark was our stunning Matte Black Finish. 

Paired with silver laser etching for contrast and custom cut through areas, the design worked to compliment and highlight the stylized appearance of the striking book title. 

9. Telling A Story Without Saying a Word

Metal Bookmark Stainless Steel Finish My Metal Business Card

With an evocative title like Daddy, Tell Me A Story you want a custom metal bookmark that elicits the same narrative and feel, drawing in new readers just as the story itself does. Tasked with this mission, we worked to create an expressive bookmark ready to tell a story all on its own!

For this Stainless Steel Bookmark, we drew inspiration straight from the source utilizing imagery from the book cover. We used a warm yellow spot color, creating a focal point drawing eyes towards the center of the information. The colors, and custom cutout patterns are combined to create a Metal Bookmark that flows effortlessly, and complements the elements of the cover art. 

8. Formula for Success

Black Metal Bookmark My Metal Business Card

The Lucky Formula by Mark Lachance, is all about stacking the odds in your favor and cashing in on success, so he knows what he’s doing by ordering these custom Metal Bookmarks! 

Utilizing custom shape, we creatively cutout the signature four leaf clover and used green and white spot colors to match the one shown on the book cover, and to pop out from the top of an actual book. This bookmark finds the perfect balance of creative design, and simplified professionalism to appeal to all readers and goal getters alike. 

Clear text in a clean white spot color, with a bold shape creates a silhouette that will guarantee your bookmarks stand apart from the rest, and channel success!

7. Like Poetry… For the Eyes

Custom Stainless Steel Bookmark My Metal Business Card

What better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Month than with a set of custom Metal Bookmarks? The Academy of American Poets wanted a special way to celebrate their special occasion, and absolutely nailed it with these timeless Stainless Steel Metal Bookmarks.

The signature blue of the AAP logo and silver laser etching pair beautifully with the Stainless Steel, creating a clean and serene design. With a custom cut out logo also working as a page marker, their members get to take home a custom keepsake that is both sentimental AND functional!

6. Quoth the Raven, Forever WHOA!

Black Metal Bookmark Etched My Metal Business Card

For a genre like Epic Fantasy, it is only fitting to order a custom set of EPIC Black Metal Bookmarks! When it comes to releasing a true literary work of art, why not hand out a truly artistic Metal Bookmark to not only compliment but highlight the contents within.

These Black Metal Bookmarks feature author Ellie Raine’s standout raven mascot in our crisp silver laser etching. The combination of a custom cutout pattern to hug the shape of the raven provides a unique and fantastical touch that also lends itself to the filigree in the NecroSeam logo.

5. Kicking Sales into High GEAR!

Stainless Steel Custom Bookmark My Metal Business Card

Need a new strategy to get sales moving? Why not try out a set of custom Metal Bookmarks?

Informational and functional, Metal Bookmarks are the perfect combination for getting your branding out there and assuring that it’s held on to. 

These Stainless Steel Metal Bookmarks utilize a custom cutout of the ASP (Automated Sales Process) to work as a page marker and keep these main points as the focus of the piece! With a single classic black spot color, the information is clear and easily communicated. Following the main ASP points, our Metal Bookmarks also work as a GREAT first impression, will engage and educate your audience, and will ensure follow-up communication. 

4. A Star in the Night Sky

Custom Cutout Metal Bookmark My Metal Business Card

When esteemed author Holly Black, came to us for Metal Bookmarks, we knew we had to rise to the challenge! Ready to impress #1 New York Times bestselling author, we were armed and ready to provide a design that spoke to the mysterious flavor of her books, but also the widespread taste of such a broad audience.

For The Book of Night, we went classy yet bold with our Black Metal Bookmarks and opted for an exceptional custom cutout of the moon, radiating light beams and twinkling stars for an air of mysticism. To unite the entire bookmark, delicate silver laser etching was used to represent the title and author on opposite ends.

This bookmark delivers whimsy and class all while using features included with our standard Black Metal Bookmarks!

3. Let’s Get Kraken!

My Metal Business Card | Aws98106 Stainless Steel Metal Bookmark Custom Cutout Spot Color High School

Things are looking a little fishy at Miskatonic High School, and it was up to us to create the perfect Metal Bookmark!

With a crazy plot of Lovecraftian monsters and high school drama, graphic novel Miskatonic High was looking for a piece to balance both elements. We conquered this goal pairing the high school’s emblem with a custom cutout tentacle page marker, fit for teens and creatures alike. The black spot color gives the card a classic textbook effect that is subtle and allows the cutouts to take center stage. 

Overall, this Metal Bookmark CERTAINLY tells a story all on its own – guaranteed to make an instant impression!

2. Guns Blazing – These Bookmarks Show No Mercy

2 Color Metal Bookmark My Metal Business Card

We love building relationships with our clients and working with them on multiple projects to help evolve and fine tune their style! Stemming from The Book of Night, we worked with Holly Black again on another adventure, with a whole new twist. 

Continuing with the theme of a Matte Black Metal Bookmark, we turned it up a notch with a custom cutout fitting of an assassin, perfect for the book’s lead character. Paired with a vibrant purple spot color to tie in the cover art, this seemingly straightforward design stands out with its powerful imagery. 

1. All The Glitters Is Gold (or Brass)

Brass Finish Metal Bookmark My Metal Business Card

Standing at our number one spot, the Brass Finish Bookmarks for Gilded by Marissa Meyer, are literally dripping with opulence!

Appropriate to the title, it only seemed right to start these Metal Bookmarks off with our Brass Metal Finish. The elaborate custom cutouts, cohesive with the cover art, work with the blood red spot color title to add intrigue drawing the audience to want to know MORE.

Chemical etching allows us to create more intricate patterns than you could with a laser, allowing for such small details to be brought to life!

“My clients love the metal bookmarks. They’re high quality and look and feel great. But the fact that I can add variable data and put each of my clients’ name on each one makes each bookmark I send them not only a fun piece but a connection they have to my company. The loyalty it creates has been exceptional. I’ll be back to make more!” – Michael S.

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My Metal Business Card | Aws145818 Stainless Steel Business Card With Custom Lock Pick Cutouts Unique Card For Lock Smith
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To stand out from the crowd as an author, consider also our custom metal business cards that we can design to uniquely match your brand and style.

“As the author about to head into book-tour/conference season, I needed business cards that would stand out. I ordered paper cards, but that was not enough—not for the high-profile authors, editors, agents, and screenwriters/producers I’ll be meeting in the next few months. Since the book is a spy/thief story, I went looking for a card a spy or thief would use. I found a photo of a lock pick card from your previous customer, and I was sold.“

My Metal Business Card customer

In case you’re wondering if our lock pick card really works (spoiler: yes… :))

Here’s another interactive business card example – a model plane your recipient can build DIY style… 🤓