Our New Friend Referral Program – Refer New Customers And Earn Rewards

Published August 24, 2022 | Last updated on September 22, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

2022 My Metal Business Card Friend-Referral-Program

Those who have ever handed out a metal business card of their own know the instant reaction of sheer amazement you receive…

And more often than not, we hear from clients that these contacts they impress then want to get metal cards of their own…

Great news!

We now have a solution that allows you to benefit from referring those same awe-struck individuals to My Metal Business Card!

You and ALL of your connections can take advantage of our new and improved My Metal Business Card Referral Program.

Here’s a quick look into how this program works: When your friend or business contact places an order for their first set of Metal Business Cards, they will receive an instant 15% discount, which automatically grants you 15% referral reward that you can use towards your next orders.

It’s the best of both worlds!

Earn Rewards in 4 Easy Steps

Getting started with the program is super easy – When your referral is ready to get started with their own set of Metal Cards:

My Metal Business Card Referral Program - Infographic
  1. Sign up to our referral program to get your unique referral link.
  2. Send your link to your friends, colleagues, family, clients, or anyone special. NEW: You can also enter your contact’s email address into your Referral Dashboard – this way your friend doesn’t need to use your referral link.
  3. When they visit My Metal Business Card through your link and place their first order, they will instantly receive 15% off the order.
  4. Once the order has been processed and approved, you receive a 15% reward credit to your My Metal Business Card account for referring such an awesome new client to us.
  5. Repeat!

Remember, friends don’t let friends hand out paper business cards. And while we keep receiving comments that many of you wouldn’t want your competitors using metal cards – at least this way you could easily benefit from their orders! 😇


What is the referral reward?

For every first purchase of a new customer made through your unique referral link, you will receive My Metal Business Card store credit which you are able to use towards any future orders from My Metal Business Card.

Your reward is 15% of the total purchase price of the referred order, less any applicable taxes and shipping.

How and when will I get the referral reward?

The referral bonuses for eligible purchases are approved and credited 45 days after the order is placed, provided that the order has been approved by the customer, and has not been refunded or cancelled.

You will be notified via email when the reward credit has been added to your My Metal Business Card account.

What purchases are eligible for a referral reward?

The first purchase made by the person whom you referred, who has accessed our website using your unique referral link to place their order.

The person can’t be an existing customer of My Metal Business Card, or someone who has received cards from My Metal Business Card before (having their name on the cards or other products).

The reward is calculated from the total purchase price less any applicable taxes and shipping. Eligible purchases have no minimum price. This offer cannot be applied to previous orders. The discount offer cannot be combined with other promotions or Special Offer packages – otherwise all our categories such as cards, gift items, promotional products are eligible.

The discount offer is valid for all My Metal Business Card products other than the Special Offer packages.

Offer not valid for brokers. Offer valid on online orders up to 5,000 pieces. Offer and program terms are subject to change at any time.

Where can I get the referral link?

Sign up to our referral program (all customers are provided with the signup link – contact us if you haven’t received it).

By signing up you will enter our referral program and you will receive notifications regarding the status of your referrals via email.

How many referrals can I make?

As many as you want! You will be rewarded for every purchase meeting the criteria set forth in our Terms of Use.

Also please note that our policy strictly forbids spamming and similar excessive messaging via email, forums and any such media. You may only send your referral link to persons who you have a personal or existing business relationship with, or have their prior permission to message them.

Pasting the coupon code publicly to 3rd party websites is not allowed, nor using the link in any search ads or pay per click ads or similar.

Any usage of your affiliate link that violates the rules set forth here, and/or spam laws and other regulations, or generally accepted business principles, will lead to termination of the affiliate account and voiding any and all referral rewards on the account.

Where can I find information about my referrals?

You can find your referral status and stats on your Referral Dashboard.

How can I use my referral reward?

When placing your order online, add to the order notes that you would like to use your store credit. Place your order normally, and we will then refund you the amount of credit used.

More Questions? / Further Information

For more information about the affiliate program, please contact us as office@mymetalbusinesscard.com