How to Make Metal Business Cards

Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

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The manufacturing process for Metal Business Cards is complex and intricate. It’s a process we’ve worked hard to master over the last decade.

The process to make Metal Business Cards is a very different process than that of paper, plastic, or wood business cards.

Check out this quick video on how we make Metal Business Cards!

Let’s take an in depth tour of How to Make Metal Business Cards!

Steps In How We Make Metal Business Cards


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The fun starts with the Artwork!

We have a talented and knowledgeable in-house graphic design team who ready-to-assist with your design.

Once the type of Metal Business Card and quantity are selected, we offer two Artwork options.

  • Option 1.  Purchase our Artwork Service or a package with Artwork Service included.

Going this route, the client will upload their logo or any other files (i.e. drawings, logos, etc.) they want included in the design of their custom cards.

My Metal Business Card | 
  • Option 2:  Bypass our Artwork Service by providing vector artwork with all fonts outlined.

The complete artwork layout must be provided in a vector format

File types accepted are .ai, .eps, .cdr, .pdf, .dxf, and .dwg.

Artwork Guidelines are available at

Any design ideas or notes can be typed in the ‘Artwork Comments’ box while placing your order.

In just a few hours, we’ll email a digital proof made by one of our professional designers.

We work one proof at a time, back-and-forth with our clients. Once they’re completely satisfied and confirm the artwork, the order is sent to production in our state-of-the-art facility.

If you have questions about our process and guidelines, or would like feedback on your design, feel free to email

We love to discuss new projects!

Chemical Etching

Once the artwork files are sent to production, they’re printed in extremely fine resolution and then applied to metal sheets – much the same way a photograph is developed by exposure and a chemical bath. 

Chemical Etching is the main method used to cut and etch when we make metal business cards.

The metal sheets are placed onto an etcher where acid is sprayed in a precise and controlled manner on the top and the bottom of the metal sheets.  Any areas without artwork exposure will etch away.  

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When etched 50% from both sides, the card shape and any other cutout areas are completely cut through the metal.

Chemical etching can also create partial engraving into the card’s surface. For any etched content, the chemicals etch approximately 10% into the card creating a slight indentation you can see and feel!

50% etching can also be requested for an even deeper look, like these cards below.

My Metal Business Card | Sz4X4Ol

During the chemical etching process, we also have the ability to apply our add-on Textured Finish to specific areas when we make Metal Business Cards. 

My Metal Business Card | Textured Stainless Steel Metal Business Card Blue Spot Color Custom Cutout Logo 27419

Precision and efficiency are essential to provide the highest quality metal business cards in the world. This is why we use chemical etching for the production of most of our orders.  

Did you think metal business cards were laser cut?  Most aren’t, but here’s a Blog Post explaining when they are:

Screen Printing

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Sometimes the best way to make a metal business card POP is to add some color!

Once the Metal Business Cards are chemically etched, any cards with color are then individually screen printed by hand.

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We match the solid-coated PMS color that was noted on the digital proof and screen print either onto the card’s surface or into specific etched areas on the card (whichever the design calls for).

Our clients LOVE that they can have the color on their cards etched and then filled with color because it’s not only durable and long lasting but also eye-catching!

LASER Etching

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Laser is another method we use for etching when we make Metal Business Cards.

Specifically, we laser etch on black metal business cards. During this process, a lower wattage laser hits the metal card surface which etches in light silver but does not create depth.  

The silver you see is actually the stainless steel showing through!

The laser essentially burns-off the surface coating to expose the Stainless Steel underneath. A great example of this is our QUICK METAL CARDS!

Any variable data (i.e. different names or numbers on each card) are laser etched as well. This allows for fast and efficient personalization – perfect for membership cards.

Lasers are also used for cutting cards that are 1mm+ thick. Chemical etching doesn’t lend itself well to thicknesses beyond 1mm, so we laser cut these cards instead.

There are numerous, intricate steps involved when we make Metal Business Cards but we have covered the four main processes here.

After we Make Metal Business Cards

Once the cards have finished all areas of production, the Metal Business Cards are individually inspected through Quality Control and shipped with care from our facility near Los Angeles, California.

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We Make Metal Business Cards for your needs, as our specialty – we also sincerely enjoy doing what we do!

But why do we do it?

Our goal remains to give you the means to make an unforgettable impression and keep our customers for life. That said, we’re constantly pushing the industry boundaries to better serve our growing number of clients.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at 714.213.8155.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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