Top 10 Fine Jewelry Business Cards

Published March 2, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Top 10 Fine Jewelry Business Cards

Luxury is an experience that speaks to the senses, evoking emotions and memories that last a lifetime. In the world of fine jewelry, luxury is a tangible expression of craftsmanship, creativity, and quality.

What better way to embody this luxury than with a metal business card?

Metal business cards for fine jewelers are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Made from high-quality Stainless Steel, these cards are not only a statement of style, but also a symbol of your commitment to excellence.

From their heft and durability to their eye-catching designs and intricate details, metal business cards set you apart from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

So, whether you are a seasoned jewelry designer or a new artisan, it’s time to elevate your brand and invest in the ultimate symbol of luxury – a metal business card.

Delve into the opulence of our Top 10 Fine Jewelry Business Cards:

10. Truly Timeless – Stainless Steel Business Card for Fine Jewelers

Stainless Steel Business Card Brushed Finish

Specializing in luxury golf putters, Willis Putters wanted a hand crafted authenticity card to pair with their hand-crafted putters. 

As the perfect complement to their silver toned putter, our Stainless Steel Metal Cards radiate the same metal finesse. Keeping it simple with a personal touch, we used a classic black spot color to apply the logo as well as information lines to be hand filled out at a later date.

Easy to write on, our Stainless Steel Cards are the perfect slate for these handwritten and hand signed authenticity cards to be presented by the owners of the company. 

9. Fine Design – Black Metal Fine Jewelry Business Card

Black Metall Business Card

Mardo of Mardo Fine Jewelry Inc. wanted a custom shaped Black Metal Business Card with her company name cut out. We laser etched the content on the card which appears silver and nicely contrasted on the black matte card surface. Mardo’s company name is the featured focal point on the card, which was the goal of this design.

These classy and elegant Black Metal Business Cards flawlessly represent the Mardo Fine Jewelry brand in a solid place on our Top Business Cards for Women list.

8. Diamond in the Rough – Black Metal Business Cards for Fine Jewelers

Black Metal Business Card Silver Laser Etching

The team at ARIA GEMS wanted to convey their commitment to luxury and high-class gems, and their Black Metal Business Card rises to the occasion!

As a favorite choice for high-end clientele, the matte texture of our Black Metal Business Cards serves a heavy dose of sophistication and class. When used in conjunction with a semi-gloss black spot color, we can add a subtle image to the cards – such as a blown up round cut gem. To add more intricate detailing, we used silver laser etching to add an overhead view of the gem cut highlighting its delicate pattern.

Create your own hidden gem with a custom Black Metal Business Card today!

7. Watch and Learn – Stainless Steel Metal Business Card for Luxury Watch Retailer

Stainless Steel Business Card Custom Cutout

As a leading luxury watch retailer, Timepiece Trading LLC needed a card that lived up to the quality of their artisanal timepieces. They knew they could count on us to deliver a custom card design to help them stand out!

A classic choice, our Stainless Steel Business Cards lent themselves beautifully as a base to the watch design. Using chemical etching, we cut all the way through the cards to pop the three watch silhouettes from the background. Using a shallower surface etch we intricately carved out the details of the separate watch models, down to the seconds marks. Keeping the design timeless, we also surface etched the business name and contact details, leaving a more tone on tone effect without color.

With custom Stainless Steel Business Cards it is their time to shine!

6. Proclaim to Fame – Brass Finish Metal Certificate of Authenticity

Brass Finish Business Card

Nick Miller from Proclamation Jewelry believes that anything is possible if you believe, and we believe everybody deserves the perfect metal business card! Teaming up to make dreams come true, we created this one of a kind Brass Finish Certificate of Authenticity with every detail meticulously crafted to their needs.

Our Brass Finish Metal Business Cards offer an opulent feel, a flawless combination when used to represent the high-quality gold jewelry they offer. Using a black spot color across the card, we allowed the brass finish to show through in the text and to create an ornate filigree pattern across the front. For added contrast, a silver spot color was screen printed onto the black, filling the negative space with custom graphics.

These cards clearly speak to the quality of the jewelry they provide and will leave their clients feeling like royalty!

5. Carat and Share It – Intricate Jewelry Business Card

Brass Finish Metal Business Card

Let the light shine in with an elaborate cutout pattern and a Brass Finish Metal Business Card!

Working in fine jewelry, Christopher Nolan needed a card as intricate as the cut of his gems. Using chemical etching, we cut a geometric pattern through most of the card for a show-stopping effect. We left a thick band through the center for his information and signature, which was reversed out in a complementary blue spot color.

Upscale consumers are drawn to exceptional quality and detailing, which is why each of our cards is carefully designed to match your aesthetic.

4. Love It or Lucid – Black Metal Business Cards for Fine Jewelers

Black Metal Business Card Surface Etching

A fantastic way to add style to a card without detracting from the content is through a textured pattern! 

Wanting to maximize design and keep the focus on the LUCID Diamond Co. logo, we used surface etching to deboss a diamond pattern into the Black Metal Business Cards. Surface etching allows us to recess areas of the card, in any pattern or image, prior to the coating process, resulting in an understated image effect to add design depth to the cards.

For an added wow factor, we cut the diamond shaped C of Lucid through the card. Keeping the card monochromatic we used a white spot color for all the screen printed information.

Be a cut above the rest with your own custom Black Metal Business Card!

3. Watch and Learn – Carbon Fiber Business Cards for Fine Jewelers

Carbon Fiber Business Card

A material used in their trade, Giovanni Petruzziello, Owner of The Watch Trader, opted for our uniquely impressive Carbon Fiber Business Cards!

With a sleek, contemporary look the woven pattern of our genuine carbon fiber is both professional and eye-catching. We used their signature white and gold colors to print their name and business information, while letting the material itself do the talking. Our carbon fiber cards are also amazing in that they can be produced in 5 business days (or less)! There is no need to sacrifice time OR quality for one of these amazing cards.

Five-times stronger than steel and ultra-lightweight, you are sure to turn heads with a custom Carbon Fiber Business Card

2. One In A Million – Copper Finish Business Cards for Fine Jewelers

Copper Finish Metal Business Card

One Off Timepieces needed a one-off metal card design to help them stand out. Our rustic yet modern Copper Finish Metal Business Cards add a finesse to any set of cards!

Cutting through a custom honeycomb pattern, we left a panel in the center for the company name and logo. A black spot color is used for the contact details, while a fiery red color is used for the stylized title and accent icons.

This card is sure to come up in conversation time and time again!

1. Exalt the Vault – Black Metal Business Cards for Fine Jewelers

Black Metal Business Card Custom Cutout

When you’re a true master of your industry, you need a serious set of cards that mean business! Our artwork team designed these cutting-edge Black Metal Cards for The Marin Vault with that exact purpose.

One of our most popular choices, our Black Metal Business Cards are sleek, professional, and striking. Using only various etching techniques we added dimensions to the card with a custom cutout band in a maze-like pattern. Silver laser etching was also used to blast through the matte black finish, revealing the raw stainless steel underneath in the text and base of the logo. A cool blue spot color works with the silver laser etching to bring the cool-toned logo to life. 

Get started today and let us create a timeless Black Metal Business Card for you! 

As a professional in the fine jewelry industry, stand out with a business card that shines as brilliantly as a diamond! With their striking appearance and high-quality materials, metal business cards will leave a one-of-a-kind impression on your clients that will be as lasting as a timeless piece of jewelry, sure to be shared with friends & family and beyond.

We want to make sure you walk away with a unique card design, which is why our standard pricing includes free etching front and back, unlimited cutouts and one screen-printed color, making design possibilities endless. We work hard to earn your business as a customer for life because we truly believe in the impact our products have. 

We guarantee that your cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for you and your business!