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Last updated on July 29, 2021

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Contrary to popular belief, not all Metal Business Cards are laser cut Metal Business Cards. (This is a common misconception.)

In fact, most of our Metal Business Cards are cut with chemicals rather than a laser.

Depending on the thickness of the card, we use either chemicals or lasers to cut your Metal Business Cards. Our precision chemical and laser etching is -/+.001”.

Let’s talk about the differences of why we choose chemical etch business cards or laser cut metal business cards.

 Chemical Etching Metal Business Cards

The primary method we use for cutting Metal Business Cards is chemical etching.

How does it work?

After your artwork is transferred to custom film tools, the metal sheets are prepared and placed on an etcher where a series of chemicals and acids hit the top and the bottom of the metal sheets.

When etched 50% from both sides, the card shape and any other cutout areas are completely cut through the metal.

Chemical etching is a fast, precise and efficient method for cutting and etching metal.

Check out a more in depth video here!

When is it used?

Chemical etching is used for any product .8mm or thinner.

Chemical etching doesn’t lend itself well to thicknesses beyond 1mm. During the chemical etching process, the acid essentially cuts down while also cutting sideways. That said, a thicker card would require the chemicals to etch into the metal longer, which can compromise the accuracy of the cut.

Other Capabilities With Chemical Etching 

Chemical etching can also create partial engraving into the card’s surface. For any etched content, the chemicals can etch approximately 10% into the card creating a slight indentation you can see and feel!

Chemical etching also yields a textured look and feel when applied to a pattern or the content on a Metal Business Card.

In addition, this process enables content on the cards to be etched and filled with a screen printed color, which is eye-catching, durable, and long-lasting!

Laser Cut Metal Business Cards

Laser cut metal business cards are another method we use when cutting Metal Business Cards.

How does it work?

After your artwork is transferred to custom film tools, the metal sheets are prepared and placed under our high-powered Fiber Lasers. The lasers are directed at the areas of the metal to be cut through. The lasers then burn through the metal surface creating a very precise, 90-degree clean cut.

When is it used?

Laser cutting is utilized for any product 1mm or thicker.

Any Metal Business Cards that are thicker than .8mm are laser cut, including our METAL BOTTLE OPENERS, which are 1.5mm thick. 

Other Capabilities With Lasers 

Any etched content on a 1mm+ thick card is done with a laser as well. During this process, a lower wattage laser nearly grazes the surface of the metal which etches in light silver but does not create depth. A great example of this is our QUICK METAL CARDS!

Laser Cut Metal Business Cards With Custom Laser Etching Design
My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Quick Metal Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards Traingle Design Cutouts

We also use lasers for etching variable data. For example, each card has a different name, number, member since date, etc. Our lasers read the variable data from an Excel sheet which is quick, efficient, and requires minimal set up. 

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Quick Black Metal Membership Man Card For Mens Salons

When it comes down to the final product, we make sure the right processes are used to give you the best-looking chemical etched or laser cut Metal Business Cards around!

Regardless of which way your cards are cut, we stand by our quality with satisfaction GUARANTEED.

If you have any questions about these processes or if you’re ready to get started with an order of laser cut metal business cards, we’re here to help. Contact us at or call 714.213.8155 today!

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