Luxury Metal Business Card Design Inspiration: Fall 2022

Last updated on September 21, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

Luxury Metal Business Card Design Inspiration Fall

Bringing client ideas and dreams to reality is a privilege and one of the greatest aspects of working here at My Metal Business Card!

From your first brainstorm to the completed project in hand, we are excited by every step of the journey. We are constantly working towards providing cards that will positively impact people and drive you towards success.

Each business has it’s own story to tell and a unique brand aesthetic which is why at My Metal Business Card each order is completely custom created – you will never find a duplicate design! We take special care in creating personalized products that are tailored to YOU.

Check out our favorite and impactful cards for this fall below!

1. Out of this SWIRL’d – Black Finish Metal NFC Business Card

Black Metal Nfc Business Card

Hypnotist extraordinaire Corrie J wanted a truly spellbinding card to deliver to his clients! The Metal NFC Business Card is the perfect choice, when the chips are scanned they take the client directly to Corrie’s website – just like magic!


  • Draped in mystery our matte black finish the perfect mix of professional and provocative.
  • Combining the embedded NFC sticker and QR code create a wealth of knowledge stored in a petite 3.5” x 2” package.
  • A mystical metallic gold spot color is used from his name and title.
  • Crisp silver laser etching spells out additional details and a petite QR code.
  • The large spiral is cut out, reminiscent of class hypnotist imagery.
    • Cut outs are included in our pricing!

2. Make A Rio GRANDE Entrance! – Black Metal Business Card

Black Metal Business Card

This eye-catching Black Metal Business Card was created especially for Rio Grande Steel.  This card earned a spot in our favorites of Fall because of the awesome use of patterns seen in etching and cutout form.


  • This is a Black Metal Card with a specially created tread plate pattern. 
    • We utilized the chemical etching process to apply a textured border to the bottom of the card, and cater to metalworking imagery that ties into their steel business.
  • The bold star logo and name was applied using vibrant blue and white spot colors, demanding its own attention against the matte black card finish.
  • Chemical etching was also used to cut all the way through the top section of the cards creating a mesh pattern.
    • Custom cut through areas are included in our standard pricing!

This card is bound to STEEL the show!

3. Cause An UpROAR! – White Metal Business Card

Matte White Metal Business Card

This matte White Metal Business Card for APEX is a mane attraction at any event! Lets sink our claws into the various reasons these cards are king.


  • This is a matte, White Metal card with a custom cut outs, and blue and metallic gold spot colors.
    • Did you know? We offer both gold and silver metallic spot colors!
  • The hypnotic cutout pattern draws your eye throughout the card and is a unique element included with metal cards.
  • The bold logo stands loud and proud taking up one whole side of the card.

The APEX metal cards are a predator amongst paper cards, devouring the competition!

4. Razor Sharp – Stainless Steel Metal Business Card

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card

Billy Rears is shaving away the competition with a spot in our favorite cards of fall with their show-stopping custom shaped card! Taking the shape of a traditional straight razor, these cards are dangerously cool.


  • This is a Stainless Steel metal card with custom cutouts, and black spot color for the logo.
    • All of our cards come with one color included in our pricing so feel free to pick whichever color best fits your branding! 
  • The cut through areas allow you to see through the card, mimicking the same cutouts a razor blade would have!
  • The main logo is featured on the front, while the important contact info is displayed on the backside of the card.

Billy Rears is looking SHARP with these cards in tow!

5. Rose Gold Glamour – Rose Gold Metal Business Card

Rose Gold Metal Business Card

Cheyenne Adams is bringing the romance with these truly enchanting business cards. We definitely swooned while creating this design that is pouring with retro style!


  • A natural Rose Gold Metal Business Card
    • Fun fact: All of our metal cards start with a base of our Stainless Steel!
  • A classic black spot color is used for the gorgeous illustration, perfectly standing out from the delicate background. 
  • Different sized custom cutout circles are used to created various patterns that pay homage to retro-futuristic stylings.
  • This card features her name on the front in a feminine script, while the important contact information is inscribed on the back side.

We are singing this cards praises as a top hit for the fall!

6. Farm Fresh Designs


We know, when you think of farmers, you don’t necessarily think of fresh and bold business cards, and definitely not luxury metal cards at that! Now, after creating these awesome Black Metal Business Cards, we can’t help but think farming as a whole, could use a makeover!

Why we love this card: The custom shape, subtle use of cutouts and the fact that the Angel City Farmers logo is front and center in it all.

Having a bold logo can be a blessing or a curse, but we always make sure to turn it into a blessing and work out a design that is guaranteed to make you stand out…plus we know your clients will remember your cards (and more importantly YOU) for years to come.

7. A Vision of Luxury Metal Design

White Metal Business Card With Custom Cutout And Spot Color For Accountant

With a title like “Visionary Accountant and Author,” you know you need cards that make an impression (and make other authors JEALOUS).

For this White Metal Business Card, the first step was finding a pattern and color scheme that worked for Tatiana Tsoir. The rest of the design followed for a simple yet memorable design.

Why we love this card: The use of colors, patterns and cutouts and how they are combined to create a luxury metal card that flows perfectly. Not only is there breathing room for all of the information, but there is also a large amount of room for the logo on the front of the card.

8. Design That Packs a CRUNCH

Crunch Top Trainer Metal Business Card

When you are a top trainer, you need a card that shows potential clients you pack a punch (or a crunch) into workouts.

From a custom fence inspired cutout to a big bold logo and multiple colors, this card packs a big impact in a small package.

Why we love this luxury metal card: Our original thought was to have the card in the shape of the logo… Definitely would have been cool, but instead we decided to have it look like it is almost breaking through the fence cutout background.

Plus, we kept Crunch Fitness’s brand colors bold and vibrant by using Pantone Solid Coated Colors. All around, this is one cool card, sure to get noticed.

9. Designs to Make You Feel Alive

Alive Design Copper Business Card

A simple and clean logo paired with an intricate (and completely custom) cutout pattern, is a surefire way to make it into our top list of cards.

When you have a strong and clean logo like Alive Design, you need a card that will allow your logo to stand on its own, but also you obviously want something unique! Choosing to upgrade to a luxury metal, like our copper finish cards was also a great choice for ALive Design!

Why we love this card: We love turning an organic pattern, like this lace, into a metal cutout, creating a sweet juxtaposition against the rugged Copper Finish Business Card.

So, naturally this card is fun to look at and hold for clients, with cards like this, the natural reaction is usually along the lines of “WOW…so it really is metal!”

10. Luxury Metal | Patterned to Perfection

The Wheel Agency Stainless Steel Business Card

You don’t have to go over the top to make a big impression with your cards, especially when you use such a premium finish like Stainless Steel.

When it comes to wheels on a car, patterns are everywhere you look. From the tire tread to the geometric patterns within the rims, you see patterns, so we knew just what to do for The Wheel Agency.

We started off with a pattern that is indented into the card surface for a subtle pattern you can REALLY feel, giving a luxury metal look and feel!

The Wheel Agency has a great logo to start with, so naturally that became front and center and the geometric shapes naturally began to flow around it.

Why we love this card: Trust us, we LOVE a good cutout, but this Stainless Steel Card proves you can make just as big of an impact without cutting parts of the card away.

We produce and ship thousands of custom Metal Business Card Designs daily, but these few cards stood out to us. We love when our clients elevate their design with of all our production capabilities! 

We want to make sure you are armed with the tools to build a completely individual design, which is why our standard pricing includes free etching front and back, unlimited cutouts and one screen-printed color, making design possibilities endless. We work hard to earn your business as a customer for life because we truly believe in the impact our products have.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite card designs from Fall 2022! When you’re ready to get started, contact us at or call us at 714.213.8155 so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards FOR YOU!

Our Stainless Steel Starter Pack and Executive Black Metal Pack are great ways to start – both include unique made-for-you-only luxury metal card design by our professional in-house team, and a free US shipping for one low price.

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