Magnetic Stripe Encoding – Now Available

Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Metal Business Cards With Magnetic Stripe Encoding

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! Encoding services can now be purchased as an add-on option for only $.25 per card. The requirements are simple – just provide a Microsoft Excel file with your desired serial number to store information on the stripe.

Magnetic Stripe FAQ:

  • Do I need HiCo or LoCo magnetic stripes?
    • This information can be acquired from your POS system provider. All orders will receive LoCo unless otherwise requested.
  • Where can I create the serial numbers?
    • Your POS system can create specific or sequential number to your preference.
  • How do I submit what I need encoded onto the magnetic stripes?
    • Simply send us a Microsoft Excel file with your serial numbers during your order process.
  • Do I have to encode my magnetic stripes through My Metal Business Card?
    • No, this is an extra add-on option at your discretion. All stripes come blank unless otherwise noted.
  • How can I add encoding services if I’m placing my order online?
    • On the order checkout page, simply note that you are interested in our encoding services in the Order Notes section; and a Sales Representative will update your order.

Magnetic stripes can be ordered with any metal business card order with a HiCo or LoCo options. Hi-Co stripes are generally utilized with cards requiring long-term use, while LoCo is commonly used with gift cards, loyalty programs, and membership cards.

For more information on adding magnetic stripes or encoding for your metal card order, contact us directly at 714.213.8155 or