Magnetic Stripes on Metal Business Cards

Last updated on June 23, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Magnetic Stripe

Offer your clients the highest quality metal gift cards, metal membership cards and even metal hotel key cards.  Magnetic stripes are a great idea to encode any of your metal business cards with cardholder information and special perks. If you are ordering from our website, these stripes can be added to any metal business card order with a click of the “Add-On” button. Magstripe’s are not only for metal gift cards, but they are perfect for metal access badges and metal hotel room cards.

If you are thinking about planning an event or giving your members a special membership card, look no further… Our magnetic stripes offer great versatility and security for your next metal business card order!

For more information on magnetic stripe’s, metal gift cards and metal membership cards, please contact us at or by phone at 714.213.8155