Making an Impact – A Customer Testimonial

Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Customer Testamonial

If you’re exploring our website for the first time, we understand you might be hesitant about investing in metal business cards. Metal business cards WILL get you noticed, but don’t take our word for it – the following is from Jason Bermingham, a valued client of ours from Sao Paulo, Brazil:

My wife and I work as voice-over artists at our own recording studio in São Paulo, Brazil. In early 2016 we decided to print new business cards — and we wanted to make something unique. After all, what’s the point of investing in a business card if clients are simply going to toss it in a drawer?

We brainstormed branding ideas and finally came up with a concept we believed would work: a metal business card that would serve as a functional pop filter. Professionals in the recording industry work with pop filters wherever they go (they are those round screens that sit in front of microphones, preventing bursts of air from ruining a recording). Most pop filters are made of fabric, but the best are made of metal.

A Google search took me to My Metal Business Cards and I placed a long-distance phone call to Artwork Director Charles Tran. He patiently worked with me through the many proofs that were required to develop the card I wanted. Charles and I exchanged pictures of pop filters, traded ideas regarding fonts and colors, and in the end we arrived at a simple and elegant retro design.

The unique pop filter business cards MMBC developed for us come in two colors and are held inside black sleeves. My wife and I even include a rubber band so clients can put the card to use in their studios or on the road. The cards also work surprising well for recording voice messages on cell phones — eliminating the distracting popping sound caused by the speaker’s breath hitting the device’s microphone.

I want to personally thank Charles and Ashlyn for their outstanding customer service, especially considering we live overseas. The card we produced together has become a novelty item at the studios that hire us in Brazil. Many clients have taken the time to call and thank us for “the gift”. My wife and I set out to create a card that wouldn’t sit in our client’s drawers. With the guidance of My Metal Business Cards we ended up with so much more: a limited edition collector’s item that our clients actually desire.

Jason Bermingham and Simone Kliass – São Paulo, Brazil

Simply put, we love our clients, and we believe in positively influencing the lives of others. Metal business cards are a unique and powerful tool that will help you establish trust and create a lasting impression with potential clients. Let us create the perfect business card for you! Send us an email at or give us a call at 714.213.8155.