Metal Birthday Invitations

Published April 11, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Custom Metal Birthday Invitations

Celebrating another year around the sun? You want to make sure you are ushering in your next year BIGGER and BOLDER than years past, with something that’s speaks true to you?

Here’s where to begin!

Start off your celebration with a bang by opting for a personalized Metal Birthday Invitation that perfectly captures your style and spirit.

With a range of options from lavish to daring, these invitations are the ideal way to convey your excitement and ensure your guests know they are in for an unforgettable party!

Stainless Steel Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Create Lasting Memories

Personalized metal birthday invites will instantly carve out a core memory in your mind and set the tone for your guests to remember your big day for years to come!

High-end custom birthday invitations are a unique and eye-catching way to invite friends and family to your special event. Since these are fabricated from genuine stainless steel, your invitations are highly durable and will withstand the test of time. An invitation and keepsake all in one!

Stainless Steel Metal Invitation

What Kind of Events Are Metal Birthday Invitations Good For?

Each and every celebration is worthy of its own custom metal invitation! Explore some of the amazing Metal Invitations we have created, highlighting these celebratory events:

Journey To Adulthood – Stainless Steel Metal Birthday Invitation

Stainless Steel Metal Birthday Invitation

Celebrating a transition into adulthood is a serious and momentous occasion, deserving of respect and pride. A custom Stainless Steel Metal Invitation is the perfect way to usher your loved one into the next season of life and create a long-lasting keepsake to cherish for years to come!

Custom cut through areas allow us to etch straight through the card, cutting out the line details and the Hebrew for an impressive effect. 

The Wilen family also upgraded from our standard stainless steel to a Brushed Finish, for an additional touch of class. 

Leave the juvenile paper invites in the past and create a truly mature masterpiece of an invitation with us!

Una Gran Fiesta! – White Metal Birthday Invitation

White Metal Birthday Invitation

It’s no secret that Quinceanera’s are a larger-than-life celebration full of glitz and glamour! With each aspect meticulously designed and curated, why would you settle for a run of the mill invitation?

From custom shape to bold spot colors, we can match your dress color or even create your own custom street sign as we did for Madison and her White Metal Invitations.

We want to set the stage for your beautiful transition from girl to woman, knowing that only a show-stopping metal creation can meet those standards.

Sweet As Candy – Black Metal Birthday Invitation 

Black Metal Birthday Invitation 

Themed parties are all the rage, and we want you to kick off your Sweet 16 bigger and bolder than ever! Our in-house design team can use your theme to create a metal invitation no one would dare turn down.

With Keana’s Great Gatsby themed Sweet 16 we went for a sleek Black Metal birthday invitation paying special attention to Art Deco detailing to match her vision.

The yellow spot color works beautifully with the matte Black Metal Invitation, offering a fun yet mature look, perfect for the occasion. 

A work of art in itself, these invitations can be proudly displayed and fawned over endlessly.

Big Bash, Big Invite – Stainless Steel Metal Invitation

Stainless Steel Metal Invitation Mymetalbusinesscard

Growing up is a BIG deal, and the family of Jordan Michael knew no normal paper invitation would be special enough for his big day!

Our Brushed Finish added to a Stainless Steel Metal Invitation is the perfect way to add a splash of style to a formal invite. Creating a clear focal point, we used a black spot color to apply the birthday boy’s name large and in charge towards the top.

With a larger invitation size, we can fit in all the important details for each planned event. 

Made Ore You – Copper Finish Metal Birthday Invitation

Copper Finish Metal Birthday Invitation

We were in it to TWIN it with this request for a twin B’Nai Mitzvah Metal Invitation!

Slightly rustic, a Copper Finish Metal Invitation offers a unique take on our metal finishes, adding an heir of charm. The brushed quality of the copper finish also serves as a deterrent for fingerprints, perfectly for heavily handled items.

Opting for the 6”X6” square, the unique shape is sure to stand out against a standard 4”x6” choice. Custom cut through areas also increases the complexity of the invitation, creating a keepsake your guests will never tire of. 

Dress To Impress – Black Metal Birthday Invitation

Black Metal Birthday Invitation

Create a VIP experience with custom Metal Invitations, complete with individual numbers assigned to each of your guests!

Using variable data, each of these Black Metal Invitations were silver laser etched with a unique serial number personal to the recipient.

Utilizing custom shape and cut through areas, we created an impressive headphone motif with the birthday boy’s initials removed from the center. With custom cut through areas and shaped included with our standard invites, we encourage you to dream big!

Keeping the design edgy, we silver laser etched all the information onto the invite for a cool and futuristic feel.

Ride The Wave – Stainless Steel Metal Birthday Invitation

Stainless Steel Metal Birthday Invitation Mymetalbusinesscard

Surfs up! Wanting to create a totally tubular Metal Invitation for surfer Aaron Benjamin, we used chemical etching to design this one in the silhouette of a barreling wave.

Cool and reflective like the ocean’s surface, the Stainless Steel base is the perfect canvas for the water motif and blue spot color. Making the most of the cut outs, we also cut through motion lines in the wave, border lines throughout, and even the guest of honor’s middle name.

We want to create a birthday invitation that speaks to who you are – Cowabunga!

Justin Time! – Black Metal Birthday Invitation

Black Metal Birthday Invitation Mymetalbusinesscard

Stylized and fun, we create these edgy Black Metal Invitations specifically, to match Justin Lee’s Bar Mitzvah tone.

A Black Metal finish keeps the invitation classy, while allowing us to add some streetwise flair through the distressed font. The layout of the information and format of the text are reminiscent of an old-school concert flyer, complete with after party information.

A white spot color is used for most of the information, while a light blue is used as an accent drawing your eye through the different sections of information.

White in the Heart – White Metal Birthday Invitation

Custom White Metal Birthday Invitation

Elegant and pure, a White Metal Invitation was created to usher birthday girl, Ella Paige into the next stage of womanhood. 

Bright and cheery, the White Metal finish dances with the delicate blue spot color creating a dream-like quality.

Keeping the positive imagery, we cut stylized lines around the name creating the silhouette of a heart. Adding a delicate cutout border to the top of the cards adds a touch of detail, without taking the focus off the body of the invite.

Create a sweet keepsake with your very own Metal Birthday Invitation!

I Want it, I Bat it – Gunmetal Birthday Invitation

Gunmetal Birthday Invitation

This custom Gunmetal birthday invitation for Vicky’s Bat Mitzvah is truly remarkable!

The use of blue and white spot color adds splashes of fun to the design, while the custom cutouts make it stand out as an utterly unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

Using several different fonts keeps the invitation quirky and speaks to the fun-loving nature of the birthday girl.

Why settle for generic paper invitations when you can have a custom-made metal invitation that will impress your guests?

Designed Specifically For YOU!

Each person and event have their own unique style and taste, which should be celebrated. Our metal birthday invitations are fully customizable to match your dream design!

We offer a variety of customization processes from printing, custom cutouts, etching – and you can choose a variety of finishes to match your epic theme.

Invitation design service is also available if you want our in-house professional designers to create you a very special birthday invitation!