Metal Business Card Dimensions Simplified + 2 Major Card Sizes Explianed

Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

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How are CR80 and regular metal business card dimensions different?

Everyone is familiar with the average business card – it’s rectangular, printed and cut from paper stock.  In the USA and Canada, most business cards are made of paper, measuring 3.5 x 2 inches. These dimensions are standard for business cards.

At My Metal Business Card, we specialize in replacing the common paper business card with high-grade, 304 Stainless Steel Cards.

Generally, we produce Metal Business Cards in the same dimensions as the paper ones; however, we also offer credit card metal business card dimensions at no additional cost. 

We’re very familiar with credit card specifications and keep up-to-date with all of the industry’s business card styles and trends, especially being the leader in custom metal business card dimensions. You may not know that credit cards have very specific, standardized characteristics, also referred to as ‘CR80’.

So what’s the difference? In a nutshell, the CR80 credit card size is slightly taller in height and shorter in width than our standard metal business card dimensions.


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Regular Business Card Features

There is no official international Business Card size; however, 3.5 x 2” is used in both the US and Canada. Although other countries’ business card sizes may vary, most are within half an inch to these dimensions.

Standard Business Card size is 3 ½ x 2”

  • 3.5 inches wide (88.9mm)
  •  2 inches tall (50.8mm)

CR80 Card Features

The International Organization for Standardization developed international standards for the sizes of cards used for identification and for monetary processing devices and systems around the world. 

The four different sizes include ID-000 (25mm x 15mm), ID-1 (85.60 mm x 53.98 mm), ID-2 (105mm x 74mm) and ID-3 (125mm x 88mm). ID-1 is the most common credit card size, also referred to specifically as CR80.

CR80 Cards are 3.375 x 2.125”

  • 3.37 inches wide (85.6mm)
  • 2.125 inches tall (53.98mm)

FUN FACT: Wallet slots are made to fit CR80 dimensions. This is why business cards don’t slide into the slots as easily as credit cards – but, they still fit.

It’s important to note the standard thickness of a CR80 plastic card is .76mm. Our Metal Business Cards are .5mm thick, which is slightly thinner than a credit card but sturdier because they’re metal. We also offer .76mm CR80 Metal Business Cards – feel free to call or email us for a custom quote!

Here are some examples with CR80 Metal Business Card Dimensions we’ve produced:


We can do CR80 size Business Cards for no additional cost!

My Metal Business Card offers all of the above options and more, so look no further! Our pricing includes the following features:

  •  Standard Business Card Dimensions (3 ½ x 2”)
    • CR80 or Credit Card Dimensions available upon request (3.375 x 2.125”)
  • .5mm Stainless Steel (500 microns)
  • Free Custom Card Shape
  • Unlimited Cutouts
  • Free surface etching (front & back)
  • One screen printed color (front & back)

Whether you’re looking for CR80 or regular-sized Metal Business Cards, we’ve got you covered.


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My Metal Business Card is the world leader in Metal Business Cards because of our service, price, speed and 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our #1 goal is to make you instantly stand out and leave a memorable impression. That being said, if you’re interested in CR80 Metal Business Cards, we’d love to chat with you! Contact us at 714.213.8155 or email to get started.