Why Metal Business Cards Cost Less than Paper

Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Why Metal Business Cards Cost Less Than Paper Business Cards

All companies budget for day-to-day necessities to run their business successfully and make profit. Businesses spend money on a regular basis for simple items like paper, pens, and ink cartridges to computer software, catered lunch meetings, and travel. With any purchase, a cheaper product can lower expenses and ‘get the job done’; however, cheap doesn’t always translate as an investment. Small and large businesses spent a great deal of money and effort to advertise through the normal avenues such as digital, television, radio print – why should a business card be any different? Metal Business Cards cost more, but they do a better job at their sole purpose – giving you an unforgettable impression.

Considering the long term investment, Metal Business Cards cost less than paper because they stand out. It’s that simple.

Paper business cards typically cost less than $0.20 each, even with thicker paper stock. The reality is paper business cards can look and feel cheap, but even if they don’t, there are so many handed out by so many, they’ve become normal. To elicit a reaction, you’ve got to stand out – be different. Initially, Metal Business Cards may be more expensive than paper cards, but the return on investment for handing someone a Metal Business Card is so much more than a paper card. It’s 100% guaranteed that you can hand out thousands of paper cards over the course of your career and never receive the same reaction that you would from handing out Metal Business Cards. In fact, many of our clients have told us that their My Metal Business Card alone is what landed their largest revenue business clients! This is a quality over quantity situation.

Regardless of closing the deal or not, your Metal Business Cards will strike up conversation and the prospect will end up keeping your business card, often for years in his or her wallet. People just don’t throw away metal like they would with a paper card. Not only will they will hold onto your card, but they’ll probably even show it to others because it’s so unique and eye-catching. Here at My Metal Business Card, we offer the high quality, customized Metal Business Cards you need to instantly stand out and make that lasting impression. Showing that you care enough to represent yourself with a quality product will result in your clients having the reassurance that you will invest in them as well.

Simply put, paper cards waste of money because people don’t keep them – they don’t stand out, and they don’t make the impact you need to make valuable connections. If clients don’t keep your card, they won’t remember you. Standing out in business is the biggest priority and will give you an edge over your competition. Don’t make the mistake of handing out flimsy, cheap, paper cards that do no justice for you as a professional. Invest in Metal Business Cards today, you won’t regret it, and over the years, so will your budget.

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