Metal Business Cards with Less Fingerprints

Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc 0316 Clear Coat Finish

We’re proud to announce an all-new add-on for our stainless steel metal business cards – Clear Coating!  Now you can easily clean your card to shine like new – even under heavy usage!

Presentation is everything, and metal business cards are designed to impress.  While fingerprints depend on the type of handling and each person’s finger oil, they can detract from the impact when handed to potential clients. Based on your feedback, we’ve developed a post-production process to seal the surface of your stainless steel metal business cards.

Due to the slightly porous nature of 304 stainless steel, oils and scratches can appear under heavy usage – until now.  The new Clear Coat process is added after all chemical etching, screen printing, or other processes have been completed.  This new add-on feature is the final step in producing the world’s finest metal business cards.  Smudges or fingerprint?  Now they’re easy to wipe off with the invisible, clear coat finish.

This process comes FREE on our Copper Finish and Brass Finish Business Cards.  For Stainless Steel or Black Cards, the finish can be added for $.25 per card.  This process is highly recommended in situations where cards will have extreme usage, such as Metal VIP Passes or Metal Membership Cards. In addition to preventing most fingerprints, the Clear Coat Finish will add a smooth, cool-feeling finish to your cards.

Forget boring paper business cards and now forget heavy fingerprints.  Add the new Clear Coat to your next order – only from

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