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Last updated on November 19, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Top Custom Vip Passes For Events

For your next special occasion or exclusive event, order our unique and completely customized metal custom VIP event passes!

Also known as custom VIP Event Badges, Conference Badges, Backstage Passes and Access Passes, these are the perfect additions to help launch your event with massive success!

Perfect for concert tours, high-class events, business mixers and more, our Metal VIP Passes are crafted to withstand the test of time and are virtually impossible to replicate. 

Stainless Steel Vip Pass

With a myriad of customization options, you can tailor each pass to perfectly reflect your event’s unique style. Add names or member numbers for an extra layer of exclusivity and security, ensuring your event remains a truly VIP experience.

Metal VIP Passes are not just for the event… they make the perfect keepsake! Your guests will surely keep their Metal VIP badge long after the event is finished. The best part? Your event will always be remembered… and shared!

Let’s check out your options…

Here are a few examples of epic custom VIP passes we have produced over the years:

Black Metal Vip Pass

These Metal VIP Passes created for the Pacific NW Reptile & Exotic Animal Show feature our ever-popular matte black finish! Luxurious and dark, this finish is a befitting upgrade for those looking to deliver a professional and classy appearance.

Laser etching was used for the logo and text for a bright and crisp silver.

We chose a semi-gloss black as their included spot color, creating a subtle and sultry contrast of the sunburst shape behind the logo.

Stainless Steel Vip Pass Mirror Finish

Highly reflective and reminiscent of chrome, we used our mirror finish for the Secret Headquarters VIP access passes!

The chrome-like nature of the mirror finish offers a futuristic appearance when paired with the Star Wards inspired font used for the event title.

Keeping with a cool color palette a true-blue spot color was used for the event title and event year.

To maximize the wow factor, we cut through the letters VIP along with a mesh pattern through the passes.

Brass Finish Vip Pass

In search of a truly luxurious feel, we created a Metal VIP Pass complete with textured brass finish for MetroHealth’s annual gala.

All our textured finishes offer a feel and appearance close to sandblasted glass. The perfect way to add visual interest without having to add additional colors.

Taking advantage of custom cut through areas, we cut the VIP letters through the pass along with the bottom corner for a fun see through effect.

White Metal Vip Pass

Maxwell Leadership is known for “leading with significance” which makes sense why they chose a white metal finish Metal VIP Pass to lead off their annual conference!

Bright and clean, the white metal finish is a beautiful canvas for any graphic and sure to stand out with its crisp appearance.

Upgrading to two spot colors, we matched their signature purple for the logo and text, while adding a complementary blue color down at the bottom for the type of pass.

Explore our full range of metal finishes on our Metal VIP Passes page!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, we’ve got a couple extra add-on features to share that will help customize your Metal VIP Passes to their maximum potential:

Extra color

If your design requires several colors, any number can be added! We can even match Pantone colors to ensure accuracy. Just provide us with your Pantone color number, and we’re good to go!

 In addition to screen printed colors, we can also print images in full color onto the metal surface – a first in our industry!

Stainless Steel Vip Pass Brushed Finish

Wanting to keep their branding on point for their event, MxU upgraded to two spot colors to match their signature black and yellow logo!

Variable data

Personalize each Metal Badge with a name, number, or any specific information with our Variable Data add-on. Simply include the variable information in an Excel file with your order. Variable data can be silver laser etched or color printed to best suit your vision!

Black Metal Vip Pass Custom Cutouts

It only makes sense for a band voted, “Best British Metal Band” to have tour passes made of metal! With variable data the whole team behind the band Sulpher is ready to rock with custom badges personalized with their position such as “BAND” or “ROADIE,” and with their individual names on the back.

Custon VIP Lanyards

How are your guests going to wear these awesome Metal VIP Passes? Add on some premium black lanyards with a clip perfectly sized to the pass’s cutout hole.

Stainless Steel Vip Pass Custom Shape

We love creating custom Metal VIP Passes for all Cirrus Aircraft’s shows! To make sure they are always prepared for any event, they never forget to upgrade with a full set of premium lanyards.

Need more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite Metal VIP Passes…

Black Metal Vip Pass Custom Shape

Each year McLaurin Farms hosts their terrifying Woods of Terror haunt event! For their die-hard scare fans, they offer a custom Metal VIP Pass with their all-access package.

Dark and professional, the black metal finish is the perfect option for an exclusive yet terrifying event!

Crafted from a .5mm stainless steel base, the passes are sturdy enough to withstand all obstacles encountered in the Woods of Terror.

Bright and a little bloody, a vibrant red spot color is used for the event name for a dreadful touch.

With precision laser etching, the McLaurin Farms logo and detailed skeleton image were etched right into the black finish.

Brass Finish Custom Shape Vip Pass

Create a medal worth working for with Metal VIP Passes! The WISCO CHASE event decided to go for the gold with a matte brass finish, perfect for their first-place runners.

Included with the standard pricing, we created a custom shape for these passes, which hugs the outline of the logo for a truly unique silhouette.

Choosing to go without a spot color, we used different etching techniques to bring out the features. Surface etching was used for the borders around the logos, and the large “GOLD” text for a tone-on-tone effect.

Etching all the way through the metal we cut through the event name, and added a cutout mesh pattern in the logo to differentiate areas that would normally be assorted colors.

Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Vip Pass

25 years of excellence deserves an excellent way to commemorate the event! That’s where we stepped in with Metal VIP Passes for the National Business Officer’s 25th anniversary celebration.

A step up from our natural stainless steel, we raked a brushed finish across the surface of the passes which adds another level of design, while also detracting from the appearance of fingerprints.

Using chemical etching we cut out areas of their logo that would normally be white, creating a fun illusion!

Red and blue spot colors were used to keep their branding consistent, matching their company colors.

Custom Cutout Black Metal Vip Pass

At 2.75 x 4.5” our Metal VIP Passes are large enough to hold all your important event information, without being cumbersome to wear!

Popular with our VIP Pass customers, we cut out the VIP letters to highlight this area of the design. We also cut through a shattered glass pattern, perfect for an event dealing with car window modifications and repairs.

Vibrant red and yellow spot colors were also used to bring the logo of their biggest sponsor Autobahn to life!

Brass Finish Metal Vip Pass

The KFA Real Estate Club strives to set the gold standard in their market! With shiny brass finish Metal VIP Passes, each of their members will feel important and aligned with their goal.

Like a luminous gold bar, the shiny brass finish is the perfect attention grabber when worn at an event. The finish itself is so prominent you don’t even need additional colors to turn heads.

A classic black spot color is used for the information to ensure readability, while the KFA is cut out for a dramatic effect.

Rounding out the design, we etched a rounded mesh pattern at the bottom of the passes. 

Stainless Steel Vip Pass Spot Colors

Heavy metal meets Metal VIP Passes with the stainless steel passed for the Hannibal Rock after party event!

Wanting to use the look of the raw stainless steel for their graphics, we screen printed across the stop of the pass in black and used negative space for their design.

A second red spot color was used for a pop of color, adding depth to the design.

Brass Finish Vip Pass Custom Cutouts

Indiana University Health Foundation wanted to make sure the VIP attendees of their REV fundraising event were treated like royalty. With the matte brass Metal VIP Passes their VIP guests were dripping with gilded swag!

Keeping a clean, monochromatic look, only etching processes were used in the creation of these passes. Surface etching was used for the line work, content, and event title for the brighter brass look.

We etched all the way through the passes using a mesh pattern, silhouetting the VIP letters for a sheer screen effect.

Custom Cutout Stainless Steel Vip Pass

Being inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame is no small feat! With stainless steel Metal VIP Passes the event was celebrated in style, and with respect.

Using their signature blue, we used crisp screen-printing to display their logo proudly on the front.

For a custom touch we etched the year of the event through the top of the passes, along with a star pattern at the bottom to mirror the design elements in their logo.

White Metal Vip Pass Custom Cutout

Hamvention 2022 cuts right to the chase with custom cut through areas! These Metal VIP Passes in our white metal finish let their cutouts do the talking.

Unique to metal cards, we always encourage taking advantage of detailed cut through areas. With chemical etching we cut a mesh pattern and bold logo all the way through the passes.

The event’s name was then screen printed in a modest silver at the bottom to leave the spotlight on the impressive cutouts.

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘The Hunger’ Tour Metal VIP Access Pass

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Black Metal Vip Access Pass For Anthony Bourdain The Hunger Tour

When Innovation Arts & Entertainment contacted My Metal Business Card to produce metal VIP passes for the Anthony Bourdain ‘The Hunger’ tour, we were thrilled! Anthony Bourdain was a world-renowned American chef, author, and multiple Emmy-winning TV personality who at the time was about to tour North America. The Hunger tour offered fans the opportunity to watch Anthony Bourdain live on stage, hear about his new cookbook, and enjoy the show as Anthony captured the audience with his funny, down-to-earth personality.

The Hunger Tour black metal VIP passes, designed by Bob Fingerman, were a premium for Gold Circle ticket buyers only, which granted an exclusive after-show meet and greet reception. My Metal Business Card produced the Anthony Bourdain tour VIP access passes in matte, black metal with silver laser etching and complete cut out areas which gave the passes a sleek VIP feel with a crisp detailed design. It was our goal to make sure the quality of their metal VIP passes matched the refined and stylish brand that Innovation Arts & Entertainment represents – the passes were a success!

Guns N’ Roses Not In This Lifetime… Tour All Access Pass

My Metal Business Card | Black Metal Vip Pass For Guns N Roses With Spot Coloring 24950

When you want to treat special fans and high ticket customers and create a magical touch that will be talked about and shared with friends and followers, there’s no other choice than a Metal VIP Badge. My Metal Business Card produced high quality Black Metal VIP All Access Pass for wildly successful concert tour Not In This Lifetime… by hard rock band Guns N’ Roses.

VIP All Access Pass for Red Bull Air Race

My Metal Business Card | Metal Vip Pass With Cutouts And Black Screen Printing For Red Bull 21357

Home to Europe’s premier horseracing event near London, UK, Ascot was the location for Red Bull’s Air Race event. Ascot’s horseracing course, idyllic portrait of traditional British sporting heritage, dates back to the 1700s. My Metal Business Card created a unique, customized All Access VIP Pass for this special flying event.

Stainless Steel Menu, Bottle Tickets, and Complimentary Drink Passes

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Bar Menu For Love Nightclub New York With Cutouts And Black Spot Color 20345

We can do much more beyond just VIP badges to make your event truly special (and talk of Instagram). Love Nightclub from New York is a perfect example of brand consistency and creativity over numerous products. Love contacted us looking for a custom-sized stainless steel menu, bottle tickets, and complimentary drink passes. We were extremely excited about the project and dove right in…

We designed a custom menu made from 304 Stainless Steel that features 10% etching with a black spot color and chemically cut-through LOVE logo. The bottle tickets and drink passes utilized similar processes, but took on a chemically die-cut champagne bottle and a rectangular shape. These tickets and passes had the LOVE logo etched 10% into the surface and the content etched and filled in with a black spot color.

Metal Invitations

My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Invitation 23075 2

Actually, there’s no need to wait for your event to experience the magic… Set the stage and raise expectations for your event starting by sending out a Metal Invitation!

Next, let’s check out YOUR options…

Our Metal VIP Pass Features

Our fully custom metal VIP Passes feature:

  • Durable .5mm stainless steel – chosen for its ideal weight and durability. The passes are rigid, yet not too thick, and feel luxurious in hand.
  • Standard dimensions are 2.75 x 4.5”
  • FREE custom shape if needed, so long as they fall within our standard dimensions
  • Rounded corners – for style and safety
  • Unlimited cut-through areas
  • Surface etching – front and back!
  • One FREE screen printed color, which can be used on both sides!

Custom VIP Pass Finishes

Our standard VIP pass is stainless steel, which is somewhat reflective and very smooth. Want that extra flare? Customize your Metal VIP passes with a unique finish:

  • Brushed Finish – Brushed finish takes the standard, matte stainless steel card up a notch. This add-on provides a horizontal grain to the front and back of the pass, which yields a sophisticated look that also protects against finger prints.
  • Textured Finish – Looking for something unique? This finish offers a subtle textured feel, which adds a tactile experience to the already visually stunning Metal VIP Pass.
  • Chrome Finish – This polished mirror like finish makes the stainless steel highly reflective like chrome. Chrome finish makes the VIP Pass instantly stand out!

Our Metal VIP passes are also available in Black Metal, Copper Finish or Brass Finish! Upgrade from our standard stainless steel finish and allow us tailor your Metal VIP Pass or Event Badge to match YOUR brand.

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Anime Expo 2017 Vip Premier Fan Pass Convention


VIP Badge Add-ons

  • Extra color – If your design requires several colors, any number can be added! We can even match Pantone colors to ensure accuracy. In addition to screen printed colors, we can also print images in full color onto the metal surface – a first in our industry!

My Metal Business Card | Metal Vip Pass With Red Screen Printing And Cutout Logo 20918

  • Variable data – Personalize each Metal VIP Badge with a name, number, or both with our Variable Data add-on. Simply include the variable information in an Excel file with your order. We also offer other variable add-ons including barcodes and QR codes.

My Metal Business Card | Metal Vip Access Pass With Cutout And Blue Spot Color 452959

  • Adhesive backing – Stick your Metal VIP Pass on any flat surface with our durable adhesive backing.
  • Magnetic backing – Add a magnet to the back of your pass to place on a metal surface like a refrigerator or filing cabinet.

Free Samples

We know seeing is believing which is why we offer free generic samples to our clients. This way, you can get a better idea of what our Metal VIP Passes look like in physical form – you’ll see the quality speaks for itself! Visit and complete the short Samples Request form. We’ll process and ship your samples via USPS Mail within 24 hours!

Ready to go?

The first step is placing an order!

Ordering Made Easy 1-2-3


Our custom VIP passes are crafted from genuine stainless steel, which is mildly reflective and very smooth. Looking to kick it up a notch? You can upgrade your Metal VIP passes with our variety of unique finishes such as Black Metal, Brass, Copper, Rose Gold, and many more for a total of 18 different options!

Pick your quantity and place your order through our secure check-out. During check-out, upload any artwork and notes for us i.e. drawings, logos, etc.


In 24 hours or less, you will receive a digital proof made by one of our professional designers. Simply let us know if you have any changes – we’ll work back and forth with you! Once you’re completely satisfied, confirm your artwork for production.


After confirming your artwork, your Metal VIP Pass will be produced in our state-of-the-art facility. Allow roughly 2-3 production weeks while we create your custom Metal Pass!

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Vip Pass Custom Shape Custom Cutout Surface Etching Spot Color Racecar Driver

Order Your Metal VIP Passes Now and Experience the Difference

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