My Metal Business Card Year In Review + Exciting 2022 Sneak-Peeks

Published December 28, 2021

Author: caitlen

My Metal Business Card 2021 Year In Review

As we finish off a record year at My Metal Business Card, we wanted to reflect on all that has been accomplished to help YOU with the ultimate Metal Business Card experience.

2021 In Review:

In June, we celebrated 10 Years of My Metal Business Card! In one short decade, MMBC has spread more than 14 MILLION positive impacts through over 14 Million pieces sold. (You can read more from Founder Craig Martyn here. )

This is just one of the ways that we believe in our WHY, of making products that positively impact people. Through our dedicated and disciplined approach, we have made great strides in providing YOU the best possible product in an easy to order process.

Here is a recap of just a few MAJOR updates that happened in 2021:

  • All-New MMBC Site! This wasn’t just a new face, but a whole new experience for our clients – completely re-designed from the ground up and based on your feedback. From easy reorders, to an all new My Account section, we wanted to focus on making it easier to order and reorder your favorite cards.
Stainless Steel Business Card - My Metal Business Card - Anim
  • Introduced Revolutionary Metal NFC Business Cards Our Metal NFC Business Cards combine the unforgettable first impression of a metal card with a simple call-to-action: Tapping a Metal NFC Business Card makes it really easy for your client to learn more about what you offer. READ MORE
My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Nfc Business Card Scanning To Open A Url On Iphone Tap
  • New Metal Tumbler Styles! Including the instant favorite 20 oz Metal Travel Mug and the party ready Slim Metal Beverage Holder. Both of these new additions join the growing lineup of tumbler sizes and are available in 16+ colors. Like all tumblers, they come etched with your logo or information.
  • Promotional Products in 10+ Colors We expanded our line of personalized promotional products to include a growing number of colors to better match your branding. READ MORE
My Metal Business Card | 2021 07 07 Introducing Colored Promotional Products
  • New Silicone Coasters Looking for a unique coaster option for your home or boardroom that not everyone has? Look no further than our NEW personalized Silicone Coasters!
  • Connecting on More Platforms We joined in on one of 2021’s most used apps, and found not only do we enjoy sharing, but you enjoy watching what we make here. Take a look and give us a follow 😉
  • 24 Hour Metal Business Cards An Industry EXCLUSIVE, designed from our Quick Metal Cards line, the 24 Hour Metal Business Cards feature stunning black metal cards with the same fine quality as our regular business cards – just without the custom cut-through areas. READ MORE
24 Hour Metal Buisness Cards Quick Black Metal Cards 24 Hour Production

Looking Forward to 2022 and Beyond

Our team is hard at work to provide more industry firsts, improve current features and further simplify the order and reorder processes. All this, while maintaining quality to provide you with custom Metal Business Cards and Promotional Products guaranteed to make an impact (for you)!

We don’t want to spoil anything but rest assured we have listened to your suggestions and requests, and we can’t wait to show you what we accomplished by working together. In 2022, you’ll see additional improvements and new ways that My Metal Business Card can help you stand out.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022! From the entire MMBC Family to yours.

We’re driven by your success, so if we can help elevate your 2022, please let us know.

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Reflecting on Over 10 Years of My Metal Business Card

While we are excited about 2022, and all of the new features we have in the works, we also know it is important to look back at all we have accomplished in the years leading up. Join us in celebrating the history of new product and feature launches dating back to 2015.

2020 Year In Review

This year is finally coming to an end – perhaps not soon enough for some of us. 

We hope the impact of Covid-19 on you and your loved ones was minimal and that 2021 can give us all a sense of positive energy.

Despite it all, here at My Metal Business Card we’re still laser-focused on our WHY: Producing products that have a positive impact.

This coming year will see considerable investment into our internal processes, state-of-the-art manufacturing and an all-new website (more on that, below), all to benefit you with better service, faster turnaround times and a growing number of products that make you stand-out.

We’re driven by your success, so if we can help elevate your 2021, please let us know.

Thank you for your continued and loyal support – it’s incredible to see we’ve topped 2,500+ 5-Star Reviews and counting!  Cheers to you and all the best in 2021!

2020 brought many new announcements and releases.  Here’s a quick recap:

  • NEW Quick Executive Metal Business Card Pack The Quick Executive Pack offers the fastest, and most affordable, way to to get our eye-catching black metal business cards in your hands in 5 business days or less!
  • Introduced 4 New Tumbler Styles We added Insulated Metal Beverage Holders, 16 oz Metal Pint Tumblers, 20 oz Silicone Grip Metal Tumblers and 32 oz Metal Water Bottles to our growing line of etched-to-order Metal Tumblers.
  • Introduced The Defender Wallets We launched an instant hit – slim RFID-blocking wallets, made from either matte black metal or genuine carbon fiber. Choose from the matte black metal or carbon fiber versions.
  • Behind the scenes at My Metal Business Card…In what might be the perfect ending to this weird year, we were hit with some wild weather, at least by Southern California standards. On Monday, December 28, our office was caught in a quick hail storm that made us – if even for a few minutes – feel like we were in the mountains, drinking hot cocoa and waiting to hit the slopes.  Only, there was just hot coffee and no slopes (with snow, anyway)… but it was fun, while it lasted.
My Metal Business Card Office

Our team has been working hard on a mega-project that will yield a level of service, convenience, and ease this industry has yet to see.

Our all-new website, coming early 2021, will make it easy to navigate products, review your digital proofs, track your order through production, make re-orders simple and so much more.

The new site has been re-imagined and designed from the ground-up, based on our near-decades long experience and a lot – and we mean a LOT – of user data and reviews.

We’re excited to show you the updates in store!

2019 Year In Review

We had a great 2019 with considerable growth – all thanks to your support and feedback!

In 2019, we once again produced tons (literally) of metal business cards for clients worldwide. We especially enjoyed a few fun projects like selecting Our Three Favorite Cards of Summer 2019, explaining How We Pick Chemical Etching or Laser Cutting to make your cards, and many more that are featured in our growing Blog.

We’re so thankful that our family of clients is growing with over 10 million cards sold!  And we’re at nearly 2,000, 5-Star Reviews!

2019 brought many new announcements and releases.  Here’s a quick recap:

  • Introduced Metal Bookmarks In early 2019, we announced the introduction of Custom Metal Bookmarks – a product from your feedback. These metal bookmarks are made just for you! Within dimensions of 1.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall, each metal bookmark is chemically-etched from .5mm stainless steel.
  • Introduced 4 New Tumbler Styles: We added 16 oz Wine Tumblers, 20 oz Leatherette Tumblers, 10 oz Polar Camel Tumblers, and 15 oz Polar Camel Mugs to our growing line of etched-to-order Metal Tumblers.
  • Introduced GOLD Color Quick Metal Cards: Our line of Quick Metal Cards has grown! We now offer Stainless Steel, Black Metal and now our shimmering GOLD finish! Order today and your cards could ship in as few as 24 hours!
  • Introduced Square Metal Business Cards Our latest Square Metal Cards come from client requests and the idea that not everything fits in a rectangular card design.  These cards, available in all finishes, have been an instant hit!
  • Introduced New Leatherette Portfolios Our new Leatherette Portfolios are a great asset for anyone that has in-person meetings, or just wants to look and feel confident while taking notes. Read more here.

We sincerely hope you had a great 2019.  From the My Metal Business Card family to yours, we’re wishing you a warm and bright 2020!

If we can help you stand out in 2020 and beyond, please let us know – we’re here to help!

2018 Year In Review

We had a great 2018 with tremendous growth – all thanks to your feedback!

In 2018, we once again produced tons (literally) of metal business cards for clients worldwide. We especially enjoyed a few fun projects like the popular Bitcoin Metal Business Cards and many more that are featured in our growing Portfolio. We’re so thankful that our family of clients is growing with millions-and-millions of metal cards sold!

2018 brought many announcements and new releases.  Enjoy our 2018 Year in Review!

  • In early 2018, we announced the launch of – a sister site to My Metal Business Card. We now offer a full line of wood business cards and other wood products like Wood Invitations and Wood Tags. As with all of our products, every wood order is completely custom-made when you order!  We did our homework to ensure we’re offering you the highest quality wood cards possible.
  • We’re now producing an entire line of etched-to-order Metal Tumblers. Our Metal Tumblers feature double-wall insulated technology.  That means the cups will not ‘sweat’ when it’s hot outside, and they’ll hold ice up to 24 hours! These metal tumblers have been a huge hit with our customers AND they ship within 3-4 days of artwork confirmation!
  • Our Quick Metal Cards line has grown! These quick-ship cards now come in Stainless Steel or Black Metal Bottle Openers! The Quick Metal Bottle Openers feature extremely durable 1.5mm thick stainless steel and precision laser etching. All available in 5 Business Days or Less!
  • Our latest White Metal Business Cards come from years of customer requests, and perfecting our internal processes for this semi-gloss finish.
  • Early in 2018, My Metal Business Card was featured in the Wall Street Journal!  The article was about how business cards are changing, and of course the author included metal business cards and a few quick quotes .  Read more here.
  • We got a new home! Probably one of our most exciting achievements for 2018, was moving into our new facility in La Habra – located in sunny, Southern California.  We spent months building the internal space to incorporate our in-house service and design teams, as well as manufacturing for many of our processes.  On any given day, our new home is buzzing with activity and alive servicing your orders!

2017 Year In Review

It’s been an incredible 2017 for My Metal Business Card – all thanks to you!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with tons of new clients as well as loyal customers. We especially enjoyed a few fun projects including Metal Business Cards for Budweiser, the Anime Expo Metal Premier Fan Pass and Metal Bookmarks for Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret. We’re happy to say our large family of clientele has increased exponentially with millions of cards sold!

  • Earlier this year, USA Today featured My Metal Business Card in an article about small business expansion!  We were recognized for investing in new laser equipment that will expedite in-house production in the USA. We also invested in custom-built software that will assist in customer service automation and accuracy.  Read more!
  • My Plastic Business Card: In early 2017 we announced the launch of We now offer a full line of plastic business cards and other plastic products like event badges, luggage tags, and door hangers. As with all of our products, every plastic order is completely custom-made. We believe in providing you with all the perks the plastic industry has to offer.
  • In June, My Metal Business Card celebrated our 6th Anniversary. Since our beginning in early 2011, it has been our mission to offer innovative and cost-effective, personal and business branding solutions with unique metal business cards. Recently, our product line has been expanded to include Promotional Products!
  • Personalized Gifts In addition to new Promotional Products, we now offer fully customizable Gift Products and Gift Sets to help with your shopping this holiday season (perfect for both personal and corporate gifting needs)!

2016 Year In Review

It has been an incredible year for My Metal Business Card – all thanks to you! With 2016 quickly coming to an end, we would like to take a moment to review the new products and offerings released this past year. You’ve asked, and we’ve listened!

We’ve expanded our product line to offer more innovative ways in which you can advertise and promote your business including: Metal Keychains, Metal Menus, Metal Holiday Cards and Ornaments. With business needs and marketing techniques ever changing, My Metal Business Card is consistently innovating our products to better suite you! It has been our pleasure to work with brand new and returning clients alike, this year. A few favorite projects we produced were the Kraken Rum League of Darkness Metal Membership Card and Anthony Bourdain’s ‘The Hunger’ Tour Metal VIP Access Pass.

In June, we celebrated our company’s 5 Year Anniversary with a huge sale and had several other specials and holiday sales throughout the year as well. As Metal Business Cards and other metal products continue to become more sought-after, our large family of clientele has grown exponentially with millions of cards sold!

We launched several new products, processes, and add-ons in 2016:

  • Our Frequent Buyer Program was established – This program was created to show our gratitude to returning customers. For every 200 metal business cards purchased, we will give you 20 cards free – applicable on orders up to 5,000 cards. READ MORE
  • Metal Thank You Cards – Next time someone close to you deserves a special note, consider Metal Thank You Cards! Hand-write a message onto your customized, stainless steel, Thank you Card using a felt tip marker for a modern twist on a timeless gesture. READ MORE
  • Metal Coasters – Personalized with your company logo, these sleek and stylish Metal Coasters will add a touch of class to your home or office. READ MORE
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding – Encoding services can now be purchased as an add-on option for only $.25 per card. Just provide a Microsoft Excel file with your desired serial number to store information on the stripe. READ MORE
  • Rose Gold Finish – Our brand new rose gold add-on offers a light rose tint to your brass finish cards for an elegant and attractive product that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. READ MORE
  • Clear Coat for Metal Business Cards with less fingerprints – Due to the slightly porous nature of 304 stainless steel, oils and scratches can appear under heavy usage – until now! With this invisible, clear coat finish, smudges and fingerprints are easy to wipe off. READ MORE
  • De-bossed Look on Black Metal Business Cards – A growing trend on our Black Metal Business Cards is utilizing the processes of 10% chemical etching, PRIOR to anodizing the card black. This method adds visual depth to the Black Metal Cards, which typically only undergoes silver laser etching or screen printing. READ MORE

2015 Year In Review

From introducing new products to launching a brand-new website, it’s been an incredible year for us here at My Metal Business Card. With 2015 quickly coming to a close, we would like to take a moment to review the new offerings released this past year:

  • Friend Referral Program – When your friend places an order and mentions your referral, he/she will receive an instant 10% discount, as will you on your next order! READ MORE
  • Variable QR/Bar Code Printing – Individualized QR/Bar Codes can now be added to your order! This feature is perfect for membership cards, gift cards and all access passes. READ MORE
  • Full Color Printing – This process uses the CMYK color model to print an image onto your metal business cards. Unlike our standard Pantone spot color, full color printing is perfect for full color photos, gradients, and shadows. READ MORE
  • Check out the new – Our new site was created to make your purchasing experience easier while presenting a modern feel with even MORE ADD-ONS. READ MORE
  • Metal Holiday Photo Cards – These metal holiday cards are completely customizable, allowing you to choose your favorite family photo and personalized greeting. READ MORE
  • Carbon Fiber Business Cards – Made from 100% genuine Carbon Fiber, these unique business cards feature a durable matte finish and three dimensional pattern. READ MORE
  • Black Metal Cards: Brushed Gunmetal Finish The new Gunmetal Finish can be added to your Black Card order, giving an elegant dark gray, brushed finish. READ MORE

We sincerely hope 2015 was memorable for you, your colleagues and loved ones.  From the My Metal Business Card family to yours, cheers to a warm and bright 2016.  We look forward to working with you in the years to come and appreciate your unwavering support!