Most Popular Metal Business Card Designs of 2018

Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

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As the world’s leading supplier of metal business cards, we’ve seen trends come-and-go and we know the most popular metal business card designs of 2018.

Our in-house design team has an appreciation for the current aesthetics – what’s popular and why.

We’ve tallied the requests and the results are in!  Drum roll please!

Here are the most popular metal business card designs of 2018!


Time and time again, this card design stands-out as our number one most requested metal business card design.

The impact of a metal card is impossible to miss. But, combine the inherent attention of metal AND cut-out a word that summarizes your business…  Safe-to-say,  you have a winning combination that will get you noticed.  Leave an instant and unforgettable impression?  YES!

This card design falls under our normal Stainless Steel Card pricing which includes cut-through areas and a screen printed color.

The Most Popular Metal Business Card Design Of 2018

POPULAR METAL BUSINESS CARD #2. Matte Black Metal Luxury 

Nothing say luxury like a Black Metal Card.

This card is bold, but simple.  In this case, sometimes less is more.

This Black Metal Business Card features the hulu logo etched-down into the surface then filled with gloss black.  The small diagonal black stripes are screen printed on the card surface and finally we used a precision laser to etch the word ‘VIP’ in silver.  For an added touch, this card features CR80 dimensions – the same as a credit card (but different than normal business cards that are 3.5 X 2 inches).

Hulu Black Metal Business Card Most Requested Metal Business Card Of 2018

POPULAR METAL BUSINESS CARD #3.  Dazzling Bitcoin Metal Business Cards

If there was a list of polarizing topics in 2018, Bitcoin would rank near the top!

Bitcoin brought the idea of digital currency to the masses, and much like the Gold Rush in 1849, plenty of other businesses sprang up to support the topic.

We received plenty of requests for Bitcoin-related metal business cards. This photo shows one very popular design that features our precision cut-through areas plus a screen ‘Bitcoin’ logo in the card center. Furthermore, this card features our impressive gold brass finish and crisp black screen printing.  Read more about our Brass Finish Business Cards.

Popular Bitcoin Metal Business Card Highly Requested In 2018


This year saw the introduction of many organic patterns and simple logos in both industrial and graphic design.  Don’t worry, not everything hipster is bad!

This Copper Finish Business Card is both intricate and simple.  In fact, this card only features cut-through areas done by our state-of-the-art chemical etching process.  After the etching was completed, we applied a special copper finish treatment to this stainless steel business card.  The organic nature of this designs lends itself to the organizations name and feel.


POPULAR METAL BUSINESS CARD #5. Classic and Trustworthy

This Stainless Steel Card features an added brushed finish and black screen printing.  Perhaps the most eye-catching part of this design is the ‘g’ logo of the clients last name, tastefully etched into the right side of the card with a popular hole pattern.

This card is popular because it catches the eye, has the logo prominent, balanced and simple.



That’s one word to sum-up this luxurious card design!

Here we have a Brass Finish Card with black screen printing applied to the surface.  The gold lettering is just the card surface showing through areas where black is not printed.  The affect makes the lettering pop; the bright gold finish shows through with clarity.



The beauty of metal business cards is often found in see-through areas on a card. In this case, Oracle used a hexagon cut-through pattern to make their design pop.

This Stainless Steel Card is popular among clients because it’s easy to envision your logo in the horizontal space. And, with bold hexagon-shaped cut-outs, you can bet any logo will pop with this design.  As we like to say: Start a conversation, without saying a word.



American Express popularized their ‘Black AMEX’ which is reserved for big spenders.  Their design had an intricate silver bolder on a matte black credit card.

This card takes design elements from the Black AMEX credit card.

Notice the silver border and lettering – these elements were achieved with our precision laser-etching process that cuts the black surface away to expose the stainless steel card beneath.  Additionally, you can see orange and gloss black – these elements were screen printed, by hand, onto the card surface.

This Black Metal Card is a jaw-dropper with lots of detail.


POPULAR METAL BUSINESS CARD #9.  Rustic Welding meets Rustic Card

Combine your brand with a medium that matches, and you’ve got yourselves a show stopper!

This Copper Finish Card is the perfect aesthetic for our friends at Rustic Welding.

And, with cut-through areas with welding character capture the mood of this company and all it has to offer.  This card instantly brands Rustic Welding as professional and trustworthy.



This Black Metal Card says so much with such a simple design.

From the neatly spaced perimeter holes to the gloss black and white logo, this card makes a bold statement.


These are the most requested business card designs of 2018.  Ready for more?  Visit our Portfolio.

In every case, a card design is only limited by imagination.

Each card we create is ultimately designed and produced for you – whatever your needs, we will produce a design and card to match.  We want you to look and feel good!

If you have questions about any of the cards on our site, please give us a call at 714-213-8155 or email We’re here to earn your business and give you the means to instantly stand out and leave a memorable impression.