Cheap Metal Business Cards

Do cheap metal business cards even exist?  Probably, but beware!  Let us explain…

We’re frequently asked why our normal production takes two -to-three weeks.  The answer is simple: metal business cards are inherently more expensive than paper due to their complicated production processes.

To produce even a single metal business card, there are a number of processes that must take place.  Unlike paper business cards, we cannot simply print on a sheet of metal and then cut out the cards.

At My Metal Business Card, we offer honest and fair pricing – this aligns with our core value of the same principle.

Our pricing is based on the production processes utilized to produce custom cards for you.  The process list includes (but is not limited to):

  • Cutting sheets of 304 stainless steel
  • Cleaning sheets of 304 stainless steel
  • Printing top and bottom film-tools for chemical etching
  • Exposing the films to treated sheets of metal
  • Chemically etching sheets of steel to produce the metal cards
  • Cleaning and inspecting each metal card
  • Producing unique screens for the screen printing of each color
  • Screen print each color, by hand, for each side of the card
  • Additional processes including laser etching and additional surface finishes

And this is just a small taste of the steps required in our production standards.  As you can see, the process is extensive, to say the least!

If you come across ‘cheap metal business cards’, be aware that you might not receive the same quality processes that have made My Metal Business Card the world leader in metal card production.  We’re trusted by brands large and small because of our refined manufacturing processes.

Four negative points about cheap metal business cards:

  1. They’re stamped vs. chemically etched – Stamped cards are often slightly warped due to the pressure and heat generated when stamping steel or aluminum. All of our cards are etched from sheets of metal. Chemically etching cards allows for custom cut-out areas and custom shapes.
  2. They use a low-grade metal – Often, cheap metal business cards are made from a more porous metal that is lighter in weight and less durable. All of our cards are etched from 304 stainless steel because this material is durable and feels great in your hand – it’s cold and hard as a metal card should be.
  3. Their printing is actually a sticker! – We’ve come across competitors who will print your artwork onto a clear film, then adhere that film to the card surface.  The result, a printed surface that will peel-up over time.  And, this doesn’t allow for any relief (depth) with the printing.  Our cards are screen-printed, individually and by hand, for maximum quality.
  4. Missing the important ‘wow’ factor – Due to the lighter weight, stamped material and the peel-and-stick printing, cheap metal business card knock-offs don’t offer the same feeling you get when someone hands you a custom-etched, heavy metal business card. There is an emotional connection to our cards because their weight and cold-to-the-touch feel.

We’re not saying our cards are expensive…

In fact, quiet the opposite!  We regularly review our competition to ensure our pricing is the lowest based on value and quality.  Remember, often a lower price will mean you’re comparing apples to oranges – that is, low quality ‘cheap’ metal business cards to high-quality, luxurious made-to-order cards.

If you have any doubts about the pricing and quality at My Metal Business Card, please feel free to discuss any questions you might have with one of our friendly team members.  We want to earn your business!

The My Metal Business Card brand focuses on a set of Core Values you can read here.  We’re honest and fair about our pricing – no kidding!

The purpose of this article is to simply say that if you find cheap metal cards that seem too good to be true, they likely are!  Be careful!


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