Published August 28, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Quick Metal Nfc Business Cards

We are thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in our expanding collection of smart metal business cards: QUICK Metal NFC Business Cards!

Melding the lasting impact of a metal card with effortless interaction, a mere tap on our Metal NFC Business Cards seamlessly connects your clients to anything and everything you have to offer. 

And the best part? Your smart metal NFC business cards will be ready to ship in just 5 business days or less. Dive into the future of networking!

Quick Metal Nfc Card


Made from durable .8mm stainless steel and coated in a luxurious matte black finish, our Quick Metal NFC Business Cards are designed to ship QUICK, and offer seamless, smart exchange of information.

Typically, custom metal business cards can take 2-3 weeks to produce (because everything is made-to-order). With Quick Metal NFC Business Cards once you finalize your artwork, we immediately get to work! By integrating precise laser personalization and URL encoding, we bring your vision to life in record time. 

PRO TIP! We know it may be tempting to order just one card to tap tap tap all over the place… But, the truth is quickly tapping your information into someone’s phone won’t make you stand out. 

We want your smart business cards to help you make a lasting impact!  Based on proven success, we highly recommend tapping your card to someone’s phone to share your information electronically, and then physically handing them the card to keep for that extra WOW effect that only the touch of metal delivers. 

This dual-action approach leaves clients highly impressed. Now, you’re not just stored away in their device’s 1000s of contacts—you’re also in their pocket and their good graces. And, chances are they will show your card around to others as well!

Quick Metal Nfc Cards

Why wait for weeks of production? With our Quick Metal NFC Business Cards, they can arrive at your doorstep in just a matter of days. Speed and elegance combined.

Undergoing an advanced laser etching procedure and encoding right here in the USA, our Quick Metal Cards maintain the pinnacle of quality standards. Your orders are in the hands of professionals committed to precision and excellence.

Experience the quality of our lasering technique and state of the art NFC tech – delivering your design and information with sharp and meticulous details.

Metal Nfc Business Card


  • NFC 213 Chip
  • FREE Encoding
  • .8mm Thick Metal
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Fully Etched Front and Partial Back
  • FREE Precision Silver Laser Etching
  • FREE Clear Plastic Sleeves
  • 5 Business Day Production
  • Upgrade To 48hr or 24hr Production

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Fields Communications – it’s a contactless communication technology: an NFC chip on the metal card allows the recipient to just tap the chip with their smartphone (or another device) to instantly open a website URL (e.g., your website, LinkedIn, a landing page…), a phone number, app, or other types of simple data.

Quick Metal Cards Nfc

You will decide the action when you order your custom Quick Metal NFC Business Cards; it will be pre-programmed onto your cards. Think of the NFC chip as a digital QR code that works instantly without needing to open the camera!

Beyond the functional aspect, NFC adds a next-level wow-factor to any metal card. Metal cards stand out, but a metal card with an NFC chip – these cards are impressive.

Nfc Chip Metal Business Card


  1. Simply select a quantity, upload your logo and content, encoding information and follow our Custom Card builder instructions to build your Quick Metal NFC Cards.
  2. Within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) of placing an order, you will receive a digital proof of your new card. Let us know if you have any changes, if not our team will begin producing and encoding your new Quick Metal NFC Cards.
  3. Hand out your new Metal NFC Business Cards and make connecting with clients as easy as one tap away.

The NFC chips embedded in your cards will come encoded for your convenience, but if you need to change the URL or information at any time it is not a problem! We found a great free app for your use called NFC Tools, which is easy-to-use and free on the Apple and Google app stores.


Quick Metal Nfc Business Card
Quick Metal Nfc Cards For Business
Nfc Metal Business Card
Quick Metal Business Nfc Card

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I encode the cards myself? We have a helpful guide to encoding your own NFC cards here.
  2. What if I don’t have artwork? No problem. Let our in-house artwork team design a card for you based on your current logo or input. We know how to make you look good – guaranteed!
  3. How do I send artwork for my order? During the order process, first select your quantity. Next, select if you will supply your own artwork, or have our internal design team work on your layout. Either way, you can upload up to three files by clicking the ‘UPLOAD’ buttons under the Artwork Service step. 
  4. Is there a set-up fee? If you are supplying vector artwork in the correct layout, there are no set-up fees. If you would like us to design your card, we offer an Artwork Service to design your cards.
  5. Can I order for multiple people in a single order? Yes! We call this variable data – it’s applied with a state-of-the-art laser. You may add this to your order in the check-out process. To specify your variable information, simply upload an Excel file along with your artwork, or note that you would like each card numbered 001 – 100, or 1001 – 1100, etc. You may also specify the font for your variable information. Please call us with any questions. PLEASE NOTE that adding variable data to a Quick Metal Business Card order could delay the production by 1-2 days.
  6. Can I order just a few cards? Yes, we can produce any quantity of cards needed – even just one. Our custom quantity options make it easy to order the exact number of cards you need.  Remember though, the impact of these cards is two-fold – in the NFC tapping ability but also if your prospect can KEEP your card.  Without a doubt, they will continue to admire the card and will show other people; you will be top-of-mind. 
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We guarantee your cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back! 

Need metal business cards fast?  ORDER YOUR QUICK METAL NFC BUSINESS CARDS or reach out to us at