Real Estate Agent Business Card Requirements

Published April 13, 2022 | Last updated on April 19, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

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Real estate business cards are still very much in demand, despite us being in a more digital world. They are portable, inexpensive and contain all the information your potential buyer or seller will need. 

Which brings us to a crucial question about your business card – what are the requirements you need to consider getting a business card that knocks the socks off your clients?

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Real Estate Agent Business Card Requirements

Here are the real estate business card requirements:

  • The information on your business card needs to be clearly laid out and readable for everyone. Avoid the fancy fonts; don’t make the content too small in size; white space is good and helps the details to stand out more clearly, and ensures the card is scannable. Keep the design clean and simple; a busy business card is soon forgotten.
  • Make sure your business card branding is consistent with your corporate fonts and colors, and don’t forget your logo!
  • Add all contact methods, such as office and cell phone numbers, business email, website and social media channels.
  • Choose quality over quantity and cost for business cards that stand out. Be brave and use different materials or why not opt for a bespoke shape, like a house? At My Metal Business Card, we provide high quality, laser-engraved metal business cards that are sure to leave a lasting impression with your clients!
  • Use both sides of the business card and add your real estate license number along with the logo, such as REALTOR®. You can also add the logo of any associations you belong to.
  • A hotly debated issue is do you add your face onto the business card. Some agents will tell you yes; it speaks trust, integrity and puts a face to a name. Others will tell you it’s unprofessional and unnecessary. It really depends on the area you work in and whether your brand is you personally, or your business.

Real Estate Agent Business Card Examples and Ideas

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My Metal Business Card | Aws94643 Stainless Steel Business Card Full Color Print Realty
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Real estate is a very competitive industry so anything a real estate agent can do to put themselves into the forefront of buyers and sellers minds is a benefit.

One way of doing this is with a stand-out, impressive, well-designed real estate agent business card that speaks trust, honesty and success. 

What Our Business Card Customers Say

“I am a real estate broker in New York City. There are 32,000 of us. I provide each person I work for with the highest level of service possible. Business cards are the first impression/message the person receives. I chose My Metal Business Card to reflect the high level personalized service I provide for my clients and customers.”

“I got metal business cards, and people were blown away…I have NEVER had a business card make such an impact before…people value it, they keep it, they show others.”

“I bought metal business cards as I’m all about details and being different than my competitors in my field, I know the value of first impressions”

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“This is hands down, and oddly, probably one of the best purchases we have ever made. These cards set a standard of excellence when we hand them out. The reactions we get from potential clients are well beyond what we were hoping for. Seriously, people are beyond impressed.”

“My metal business cards are show stoppers! Everyone who receives one comments about how unique my card is and how they will save it. Several times I’ve run into people I have met at networking events years ago and they mention my metal card and how they still have it. It’s one of the best marketing decisions I ever made! The whole team at My Metal Business Card provide outstanding customer service too. I highly recommend this company!”

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“You only get one first impression with new clients, better make it count! I always get a positive and excited reaction from my clients when I hand them one of these awesome cards! Ill never go back to a paper business card!”

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We know the importance of standing out.

My Metal Business Card has helped realtors across the country to get more clients, maintain a VERY healthy pipeline of leads and referrals with custom metal business cards.

When there are hundreds of others vying for the attention of your same client, you need to be noticeable. Differentiate yourself from the competition with metal business cards.

Our metal business cards are guaranteed to spark curiosity and initiate conversations – and will always keep you top of mind with your potential clients.

Are you ready to take your real estate professional brand and business to the next level?

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