The Really Big Mistake 99% of Us Make on Business Cards

Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc The Really Big Mistake 99 Percent Of Us Make On Business Cards

Picture this: You have just finished a business meeting with a potential client. The discussion was a success and you’re feeling very confident in closing this deal. You stand up to shake his or her hand, reach into your wallet for your business card… This is the make or break moment! This is your final chance to make a lasting impression on a promising client.

The really big mistake 99% of us will make is to hand out a boring paper business card.

Let’s face it – paper cards can look and feel cheap. If you’ve seen one paper card, then you’ve seen them all. When you hand a paper card to someone, they will glance at it briefly, probably thank you and shove it into their pocket. When they get home, the paper card will likely be tossed in the trash or get lost in the bottom of a purse.

Now imagine how much more confident you will feel handing a client your customized metal business card with unique cut outs, crisp etching and vibrant color. Once you see the reaction from handing out your metal cards you’ll realize the following:

Metal Business Cards are a great investment in your business. When we get ready for a meeting or lunch date with a potential client, we dress well, our hair is combed, clothes are ironed and briefcase is prepped with any materials we may need. Handing someone a paper business card could easily be compared to showing up to that meeting in flip flops. Don’t make the big mistake of under-representing yourself and the quality of your business. Invest in metal business cards because they’re worth the lasting impression – all for less than the price of a small latte.

People don’t throw away metal business cards. Regardless if you end up closing the deal, the prospect will keep your business card. They will hold onto your card and even show it to others because it’s that unique and eye-catching. The reality is paper cards are much less expensive than metal business cards, but considering the bigger picture, paper cards are a waste of money because people don’t keep them – they don’t stand out. If clients don’t keep your card, they won’t remember you – communication will be lost therefore ending the likelihood of a business connection.

It’s time to ditch paper cards. Metal business cards give you the means to instantly stand out without saying a word. See what our valued clients have said about their experience with switching over to metal cards from My Metal Business Card:

“My cards came out wonderful! Everyone I have given one to gets really excited about them and then there is always an additional 5 minute conversation about where I got them. I think I need my card and a card for you guys to give out with mine to save on some time. Your customer service is also outstanding from the little I interacted with them. I got a set of coasters in addition to my cards and they are also cool. ” Brewer | TX, United States

“I would like to tell all people who are starting out or currently working for a business that requires you to have business cards. Spend the extra money and get metal cards. You will be amazed at the first impression you leave when you hand your potential customer your card.” Gary B | CA, United States

“Long before I had started my business, I knew I wanted high quality marketing to make my business stand apart from others. I was very lucky to find My Metal Business Card, and requested a sample. I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail. I held onto that sample card for roughly 2 years before officially starting my business, and placing an order. Their customer service and product quality are excellent. The team was very quick to answer any questions I had, as well as provide proofs within 1 business day. Everyone that I have handed a card to is blown away by the presentation of these cards. They have definitely gained a customer for life.” Rob A | TX, United States

“The card is very impressive and does exactly what I wanted it to do for my clients… Impress. Anyone can say they are CEO or President of their company these days but still be perceived as though they are running their business out of their garage because that title really has no clout in today’s age of online and home businesses. But hand them a metal card… it gives you immediate legitimacy, which is good in my profession because I’m competing with a host of other vendors who offer my same service, but My Metal Business Card brings me to the top of the list. Thank you!” Simon Will E | NV, United States

Everyone knows in the business world, nothing is more important than being remembered and standing out among your competition. Don’t make the mistake of handing out flimsy, cheap, paper cards that do no justice for you as a professional. Invest in metal business cards today, you won’t regret it.

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