Top Sports Business Cards for Pros

Last updated on May 16, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Top 15 Sports Metal Cards

In the competitive world of sports and athletics, standing out from the crowd can be the difference between success and obscurity. As an athlete, coach, or sports industry professional, making a lasting impression is key to achieving your goals.

Get an edge over the competition using traditional paper business cards and make a bold statement with an impressive metal business card that your contacts won’t trash!

Read on to discover why metal business cards are a game-changer for sports professionals, and get inspired by our impressive collection of Top Sports Metal Business Cards that showcase style, resilience, strength, and professionalism:

15.  We Came To Win – Black Metal Sports Membership Card

Black Metal Memebership Card

The National Football League Players Association values its members and needed a special Metal Membership Card to help reflect that. The sleek matte finish of our Black Metal Membership Cards delivers that perfect dose of sophistication!

Complete with screen printed variable data, each card is fully personalized with the individual’s name, member number, date of enrollment, and expiration. Adding extra features enhances the value of the cards to your client and lets them know they matter.

Using white for their spot color keeps the card clean and neutral, appealing to the various different members of their organization. 

Offer a VIP experience to your members with a custom Metal Membership Card!

“The reaction I receive when I hand out my cards is always WOW. I want them to remember meeting me, and they do.“ – My Metal Business Card Customer

14. Eagle Eye – Custom Shape Sports Business Cards

Black Metal Card Custom Shape

When Southern Miss Football first contacted us about doing a custom Metal Business Card, they wanted their card shaped like their precious Golden Eagle and mascot, Seymour d’Campus! 

Up for the challenge, our designers recommended a Black Metal Business Card and matched their school colors with the correct Pantone shades for production. The final shape measured out at a custom 3.37” x 1.81”. For extra durability, all yellow areas were etched first and filled with a semi-gloss spot color. 

Southern Miss has since become a loyal client of My Metal Business Card, and we look forward to working with them every season. S-OU-THERN – Southern Mississippi – USM!

13. Out of the Park – Laser-Etched Gunmetal Business Card for Sports

Black Metal Business Card

Join the big leagues with your very own Gunmetal Business Card!

Matt Krebs, Executive Director at Foundry Baseball, came to us wanting a Metal Business Card that was striking and professional. With a blend of rugged sophistication, our brushed Gunmetal finish truly knocks it out of the park!

With chemical etching we cut a mesh pattern through the top of the cards, the negative space in the logo letters, and the word baseball straight through the cards. A red spot color and silver laser etching are used for the remaining content and to create the player’s silhouette in the logo using negative space.

Your first impression will be a real home run with a custom Metal Business Card!

12. B-U-tiful! – Brass Finish Metal Business Card for Sports

Brass Finish Metal Business Card

For the team behind Baylor Football, our Brass Finish Metal Business Card was the PERFECT match for their schools “University Gold,” symbolizing excellence!

We carefully placed tie-bars to be able to etch out around the university’s iconic brand mark, almost appearing to float within the cards. 

Using our Pantone color matching we were able to match their Baylor Green with Pantone. A secondary spot color in metallic gold was used, further emphasizing the BAYLOR name and the richness of the cards.

Go for the gold with a custom Brass Finish Metal Business Card!

11. Yale Out Loud – Stainless Steel Football Coach Business Card

Stainless Steel Business Card

Tony Reno, Head Coach of Football at Yale University needed a no-nonsense card for his prestigious leadership position! As one of our best sellers, our Stainless Steel Business Cards are the perfect way to show off the tough and authentic essence of a metal card.

As the star of the show, we displayed the Yale Bulldogs logo boldly in the top center of the card and etched out around the outside for a standout affect.

We used the Yale Blue for their included spot color for the logo, and as a bar across the card to add contrast, helping the name and title information stand out. Surface etching was used for the additional contact information for a clean and understated look.

These Stainless Steel Business Cards guarantee to bow, wow, WOW!

10. Take The W – Stainless Steel Metal Luggage Tag for Sports Team

Aluminum Luggage Tag

University of Washington Football took an alternative approach choosing a custom Metal Luggage Tag for their team members! From business cards to luggage tags, to tumblers – we can create custom branded products for any occasion.

They chose purple Pantone 2685C as their included spot color, to match their traditional school branding. Screen printing this color across the surface of the tags we added a diagonal color block, the W logo, and a topographic map design.

With My Metal Business Card, we can help you create a remarkable conversation piece with any of our products!

9. You Mess with the Bull, You Get the Horns – Custom Shape Metal Business Card for Football Coach

Stainless Steel Metal Card

Head Football Coach Steve Sarkisian wanted a custom Metal Business Card that fully represented the school spirit of the Texas Longhorns!

Ready for anything, our designers took the request seriously and created a custom shape card in the actual shape of their Texas Longhorn logo. With custom shape included in our standard pricing, we can create any card you envision.

Using two spot colors we screen printed the entire back of the cards in their signature burnt orange and applied the text information in crisp white.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with the University of Texas on several projects now and are overjoyed to bring happiness to their staff through our custom Metal Business Cards. Yea Longhorns! Fight! Fight! Fight!

8. A Vol New World – Black Metal VIP Passes for Football Team

Black Metal Vip Pass

Show your exclusive status with a custom Metal VIP Pass!

The staff and football team at the University of Tennessee order a set of custom Black Metal VIP Passes to wear for their special event and show the importance of being a “VOL FOR LIFE”! 

A truly impressive piece, we cut through various areas of the metal to create design that would let you see through the metal and that would be lighter to hang around the neck. The natural matte black finish lets any colors worn behind it stand out and create an impressive visual display.

One of our most popular design choices, and perfect for any event, we silver laser etched the text information and outline the VFL for a clean and classic look. 

True VIPs know that metal is the only way to go!

7. Comb On Over – Black Metal Football Business Card

Custom Shape Black Metal Business Card

A Black Metal Business Card is already sure to turn heads, but with a custom shape you’ll also be dropping jaws!

For the football staff at Georgia Tech, we really leaned into their Yellow Jackets mascot theme with hexagons, reminiscent of traditional yellow jacket nests. Creating a real conversation piece, we decided to forgo a traditional card shape to create a custom hexagon shaped card.

Keeping on theme we screen printed the matte black card with a semi-gloss honeycomb pattern for a subtle background detail that shifts in different lighting. A second metallic gold spot color was used for the trademark GT to match one of their official school colors.

Cards this cool are sure to create a buzz on campus!

6. Nothing Amateur About It – Stainless Steel Metal Sports Business Card

Stainless Steel Business Card Surface Etching

Not wanting to be mistaken as inadequate, we created a slam dunk set of Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for the US Amateur Basketball team!

Using a combination of blue and red spot colors and light surface etching, we created a patriotic color palette perfect for the US team. The raw stainless steel background acts as the court floor and the perfect canvas for the detailed design. 

Lines cut through most of the card to resemble a basketball court floor, leading into surfaced etched lines on the right side. Leaving part of the card solid allows adequate space on the back of the card for important contact information. 

Look like a real baller with a custom set of Metal Business Cards!

5. State Your Name – Black Metal Sports Business Card

Black Metall Business Card Oragne Spot Color

The football coaches at the University of Tennessee wanted there to be NO confusion as to where they hail from when handing out their cards. It is a hard message to miss when your business card is custom shaped in the form of the literal state you’re representing!

Unique yet perfect for the layout, we used chemical etching to produce a Metal Business Card in the shape of Tennessee! Already a statement piece, we screen printed one-half of the entire Black Metal card orange to match their signature color.

Silver laser etching was used for the majority of the text on both sides of the cards to keep the information durable and the design cohesive. 

You’ve never TennesSEEN a card like THIS before!

4. Party Like A Hawk Star – Stainless Steel Metal Dog Tag for Sports Team

Stainless Steel Dog Tag

A custom Metal Dog Tag is the perfect way to honor your team with a piece that is subtle, wearable, and meaningful!

Wanting to stray away from a huge gaudy medallion, the A Hawks team enlisted us to create a metal piece to award their members which could be sported casually. High quality and custom created, we personalized the Metal Dog Tags with each individual’s name and award with our Variable Data option. 

A blue spot color was used for the NE-10 and hawk image for a little pop of color, while keeping it mellow enough to vibe with anyone’s style.

A Metal Dog Tag this amazing would make NE-1 jealous!

3. Face to Face – Black Metal VIP Pass for Esports Arena

Black Metal Vip Pass Custom Cutout

Our Black Metal VIP Passes were a unique and impressive token to celebrate the opening of the Las Vegas ESPORTS ARENA!

Using a surface etching technique, we applied circuit board imagery up the sides creating a design that lent itself perfectly to the event’s theme. Keeping with the digital motif, we cut through additional circuit board imagery and mesh cell type pattern. 

Red, blue, and white spot colors were used for the logo and the text, helping draw attention. Using Color Variable Data, the member’s status was printed on each pass in the solid area at the bottom.

Start your event the right way with a Metal VIP Pass!

2. A Real Go Gator – Stainless Steel Business Card for Sports

Stainless Steel Metal Card With Custom Shape

The Florida Gators wanted to think outside the box (literally) and had us create a custom shape rounded card to display their mascot, Albert Gator!

Taking a more unique approach, we etched the card out hugging the gator’s shape, leaving a distinctive silhouette that rises around the eyes and nose.

Using 3 spot colors across the card, we achieved a crisp and clean finish to match their logo exactly. Instead of using a fourth spot color in white for the eyes and teeth, we let the stainless steel finish shine through in those areas, letting the raw material stand out. 

These Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards will take a BITE out of the competition!

1. Everything’s Bigger In Texas – Black Metal VIP Pass for Sports

Metal Vip Pass

The University of Texas takes their recruiting very seriously, so it is no surprise that they reached back out to us to design the Metal VIP Passes for their official visit!

Instead of creating another card in the shape of their logo, we decided to etch one in the shape of Texas itself. Complete with a notch at the top to wear with a lanyard, these were nothing to mess with. 

The Texas silhouette in the matte black finish is a statement piece, but when combined with bold orange and white spot colors, they are something to marvel over.

These custom Metal VIP Passes are sure to usher in a whole new class of Longhorns!

Join the ranks of elite athletes and sports professionals who have already made the switch to metal sports business cards and take your game to the next level!

At My Metal Business Card we work hard to earn your business as a customer for life because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

We guarantee that your metal business cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started with your own sports business cards, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for you and your business!

“Your stunning metal cards changed my perception of what business cards could be.” – Richard C.

“My Metal Business Cards change the narrative at any high level entertainment meetings with other execs. The look and response is consistently the same: ‘Wow, what a great business card!’” – My Metal Business Card Customer

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