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Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Square Metal Card 20 Percent Off

JUST ANNOUNCED – our newest product now offered is Square Metal Cards!

Our Square Metal Business Cards are just that – SQUARE and metal! These new cards deliver our brand promise to give you the means to instantly stand out and leave an unforgettable impression. Square Metal Business Cards are one-of-a-kind because of their distinct shape and size. Plus, they’re made of stainless steel so they’re durable and made to last!

Our Square Metal Cards are perfect if you have a square or circular logo. These are arguably our most attention grabbing cards because of their smaller, custom dimensions compared to regular rectangular business cards.

Check out this video for more details!

As with all of our products, our Square Metal Cards are completely custom made-to-order. Both sides of the card are included as well as any surface etching, any cut outs and one screen printed color. With our customization capabilities, the possibilities are limitless with your card’s design.

My Metal Business Card | Sggqqpdhrpvaukiutdn6Jouvef7Zopiev9A7Azkfg L82Rzaqvntrjt8Vlyl5Zs4Utuwndmlxx7Dlgqo9V0A1Tbclvcqh4Mrigpprs6Ylldifwdd9Yjnfem Zffmgh 8Sfp T1Hq

Whether you’re a current or potential customer, these Square Metal Cards are sure to impress. If you’re looking for professional, eye-catching, and unique Metal Business Cards, order our Square Metal Cards today – sometimes it’s OK to be square! 

My Metal Business Card | Kao4P176Ukle6M3S2Vj18 Keqhiq5Zt 61Iksmn G9S7L6B8Nz67Ki9Vk5Bqbvawim5Xozsk4Bk7V2N5Unfoczjwguqo0Ewgyk8Naqlnlhoa98 Nvgvetewa0Ywzvcj 6Fd76Uch


My Metal Business Card | Dd5Nz3Em46 Phckwljg Googkajelzmjbvakjvpxb32Ced81Efth8Phb8Jhkm Rgdosgknvgegd4Uyhwlgel4Fxfsf9Ovmi6Icrnitlywy9Coa1K Lzm57Cwimov 9Ggfe 7Djhd
  • 2.12 X 2.12” Dimensions
  • .5mm Stainless Steel (500 microns)
  • FREE Custom Shape
  • FREE (1) Screen Printed Color (Front & Back)
  • FREE Surface Etching (Front & Back)
  • FREE Cut-Through Areas (Front & Back)


Stainless Steel – Our standard finish is matte, which is very smooth and somewhat reflective.

My Metal Business Card | 
My Metal Business Card | Fen O5Dt1Aaggxraut25

Black Metal – Black metal finish adds a matte, black coating to your Square Metal Cards for a luxurious and sleek look.

My Metal Business Card | F271Qamm6Ngqqtl8Ehlatmgrwzdbieliucz4Trg1Ruy7He2Zhkl9 U9B0Ygcwjlo6Mu3C 27V Wog8Kh2Fzepanyz5Z 86Io19Fqu6Oex0G5Lixm2F5Fjyve17Xmwmz Auspv Qy
My Metal Business Card | Pfdl 2Opxfnbpuvgtwi2Abytihtc2Skfhdrzas908Lczvpbmtbx03Mgrncyetewnpd7H2 Mwir

Copper Finish – Copper finish has a rustic and earthy appeal similar to the color of a penny.

My Metal Business Card | Ymih9Ngaxehtotvlqtj2 Yaufvu7Rn68Vq8Tcwlbj28Enccmwlmoosw9E Sbrmomamwniyofnvpnn1Oaxqdgriwcelgn Lgemngh5Jlmvf0C9Q1Ph Ewab7L1Xjemintywbpz 4J
My Metal Business Card | S0Kprk7Kcn1Tn38Ihqxqozegc9Cxlvdfn Hzgalngs1Vzcotdtj2Z Sap3Awe38C1Zl8Jtjxyox Kjey2Ler98Yadyufsrm Irhv5Fctuebg1N Bmyu6Fdidy1Kleabjuouyr3Dd

Brass Finish – Brass finish is similar to a gold color and is sure to stand out.

My Metal Business Card | E0Skzpfkmq Oedzlju7Xiv7Ub57Bqk2Vg Dk3L Lw0Nputlj2Gq5M1D
My Metal Business Card | Wvmistvjstajoymtyyvorpy3Emdsd44U 7Rjncjsgokh3Nr1V6Mx3Zfqlworso95Fbh4N4Qbmazyl2Opc 6Bbgjxon7Tdsgwx2K6Vlfpyvwu Vrgez

Rose Gold Finish – Rose Gold yields a light rose tint to your Square Metal Cards that’s both elegant and attractive.


White Metal – White metal finish is recommended for a clean, modern look.

My Metal Business Card | Pltscgsomzascqjn4
My Metal Business Card | 


Extra color – If your design requires several colors, any number can be added! We can even match Pantone colors to ensure accuracy.

My Metal Business Card | 5Bjrkzkgf4H1Rib37Kbh97Trgd2Jjxcrypvhualcltfzoiplkm8O02Iqh8Lojhoqbkkc7Byaa2Zoenijbfo9Oatf1Hmmvvdeicetuw 4Wsqlchy5Qghe3Ujuetbc5Bm0Kqbhb22F

Full Color Printing – In addition to screen printed colors, we can also print images in full color onto the card surface – a first in our industry! 

Variable data – Personalize each card with a name, number, or both with our Variable Data add-on. Simply provide the variable information in an Excel file with your order. We also offer other variable add-ons including barcodes and QR codes.

My Metal Business Card | 8Pcm Ijoz Ewplh5Hczz6Wppogbro0Pkbyierk6Wlrtglqlpwo 2Sokx8Irkegqrf8Wtnkor59Txltamqbut8Qipy509Ycq3Tpuxdwvjpczmexc1Ck4Fekqzckpv7Ubc4Opth T

Adhesive backing – Stick your card on any flat surface with our durable adhesive backing.

Magnetic backing – Add a magnet to the back of your cards to place on a metal surface like a refrigerator or filing cabinet.

My Metal Business Card | Yc3Cbgvwzkk Gea86Gzi2Mvtyybew8Vmour Bnrgu7E Xx6U5Lcfl9Thu Zzr1C4X6Uvmej8Xennis5Alvsn7Id1Nbklracnwr6Iwwm3Feody4Bnyuys3Nhbjzes8Y B2Gejyvz

We know seeing is believing, which is why we offer free generic samples to our clients. Allow us to send you a sample so you can get a better idea of what our Square Metal Cards look like in physical form – you’ll see the quality speaks for itself!

Visit https://mymetalbusinesscard.com/request-free-samples/ and complete the short Samples Request form. We’ll process and ship your samples via USPS Mail within 24 hours!


Step 1: Simply visit our site at https://mymetalbusinesscard.com/product/metal-business-cards/square-metal-cards/  and pick your quantity. Upload any artwork and notes, choose any add-ons and checkout.

  and pick your quantity. Upload any artwork and notes, choose any add-ons and checkout.

Step 2: In 24 hours or less, you will receive a digital proof made by one of our professional designers. Send us any changes or feedback. Once you’re completely satisfied, confirm your artwork for production.

Step 3: After confirmation, allow roughly 2-3 production weeks while we create your custom Square Metal Business Cards in our state-of-the-art facility.

Step 4: Your order will ship from La Habra, CA after careful inspection. All US orders ship FedEx Ground for just $10!

My Metal Business Card | Uo0Cfsrrz Y3Syyjwukkowvilrmwsyzvd1N Ujc679Yrxahdw Unsmon Vua0Pz 9 Dpqyvxj Auaolh7Lr
My Metal Business Card | Rxmu66Qdueeyqnalcwlegpvlbuameqijawbrbljxsdfhfnh6Z5Ivp4V 97Ucdz Xbarpimpfz6Memtui4Vz5Mqd Dv2W0Criyi7 Ilb8Sxb3Z8Alvf5Lj Ubh1E1Ssfuovawfzvw

Order your Square Metal Business Cards now and experience the difference! 

My Metal Business Card is the world leader in Metal Business Cards because of our service, price, speed and 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our #1 goal is to make you instantly stand out and leave a memorable impression.

Contact us today at 714.213.8155 or email Sales@mymetalbusinesscard.com to get started.

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