Top 10 Most Popular Metal Business Card Designs

Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Business Card For Realtor Sold Cutout 452467

Over the years we’ve produced thousands of designs on millions of metal business cards.  Of that massive quantity, a few cards have remained favorites of our clients and staff.   Here are the top 10 most popular metal business card designs and the reasons why.

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Business Card For Realtor Sold Cutout 452467

1. This simple design is often requested by our Realtor’s looking to make an impact with potential sellers and buyers. The cut-through ‘SOLD’ is powerful and attention-drawing; this design elegantly states one simple thing – this realtor can SELL.  This card features instant visual appeal, a relevant message that sticks, and contact information.

My Metal Business Card | Black Metal Membership Card With Variable Data 452769

2. The famous American Express Black Card is known for its luxury and exclusivity – this is the same impression that many customers want for their business cards. Our Artwork Team enjoys creating similar variations of this design on our matte black metal cards. The crisp, silver laser-etched content gives the look of the black Amex card which instantly stands out as exclusive and VIP.

My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Business Card For Realtor 452967

3. Sometimes less is more when it comes to cut out areas. This design is sleek yet professional, and leaves plenty of room on the front and back for content.

My Metal Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Business Card With Custom Cutout 453619

4. There is something about the organic hole pattern on this card that really creates a mood and captures attention in a subtle, yet sophisticated manner.

My Metal Business Card | Black Metal Vip Card With Black Spot Color For Hulu 23533

5. Are you a Hulu VIP?  If you are, you might have this ultra-sleek gloss black on matte black card.  On this simple design, the word ‘Hulu’ is etched 10% into the surface prior to black anodizing.  After that process, the word and diagonal lines were screen printed with a gloss black ink.  Lastly, the word VIP was silver laser etched into the card surface, exposing the stainless steel below.

My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Business Card For Football Coach 20851

6. With the Vanderbilt University logo etched into the card, this brass finish design captures attention and makes an instant impression.

My Metal Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Business Card With Custom Shape 21610 1

7. Talk about perfect execution!  Copper Barrel produces superlative spirits, and this card exactly captures their copper (finish) and barrel (shape) identity.  Always a client favorite!

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Metal Business Card With Cutout Honeycomb Pattern With Red 22490

8. Not all hole patterns are circles!  Oracle made a bold statement with these cards that feature a honey-comb shaped hole pattern.  Add the gloss red and black printing and you’ve got yourself a card that garners much deserved attention.

My Metal Business Card | Black Metal Business Card With Cutout Logo And Red Spot Color 452662

9. The key to a great card is being able to capture your brand within the card design.  As you an see, Mike Tyson’s metal business card incorporates his facial tattoo directly into the cut-through design.  Combine that with the gloss red screen print and silver laser etch for his name and wow, you’ve got a winning design for a winning fighter!

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Business Card For Steve Wozniak 22253

10. Steve Wozniak helped Steve Jobs start Apple – his story is nothing short of amazing.  And, ‘The Woz’ helped popular metal business cards years ago with his simplistic design for  Over the years, this card has made appearances all over the internet, from massively-long Reddit threads to other popular awesome business card countdowns.


These ten designs have inspired many clients when designing metal business cards that appeal to their own personal style. We invite you to take a look around our portfolio section for additional inspiration.

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