Top 10 Creative Metal Attorney Business Cards

Published September 11, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Creative Metal Attorney Business Cards

If you’re looking for unique attorney business cards, and want more clients and word-of-mouth referrals for your law firm, welcome! 

We have listed our Top Metal Attorney Business Cards in this article for your inspiration.

Metal business cards are the perfect tool to grow your law practice:

  • STAND OUT in extremely competitive markets with immediate legitimacy
  • Make a lasting impression on potential clients
  • Get more referrals by showcasing your expertise and professionalism.

Our team at My Metal Business Card are the experts at designing and creating custom metal business cards for Lawyers and Attorneys – we have worked with law firms and legal professionals across the country as well as internationally.

If you’re an attorney who’s looking to STAND OUT, our custom metal business cards are a great way to market yourself confidently and successfully.

10. Anani Your Business – Black Metal Business Cards for Attorneys

Black Metal Business Cards For Attorneys

Tarig Anani of Anani Law Firm knows that practicing in business law requires a metal card that means BUSINESS! When he walks in with a custom Black Metal Business Card no one dares question his authority.

Dark and serious, our matte black cards are the perfect choice for those wanting to exude professionalism and gravitas.

Striking on its own, we used a luxurious gold spot color for his contact information, further adding to the high end appeal.

Exclusive to our metal cards, we used chemical etching to cut negative space through the card leaving a standout silhouette of the name of his law firm. Additional cutouts were used as a decorative band across the card.

Stand firm in your convictions with a custom Black Metal Business Card!

9. Kick Brass, Take Names – Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Attorneys

Brass Finish Metal Business Cards For Attorneys

Uniformity amongst your team is paramount when striving to deliver a professional approach. Working with the team at Your Insurance Attorney, we created a card design that perfectly represents their business which could easily be reordered for each new member of their team.

Offering a luxe first impression, the Brass Finish Metal Business Cards are a popular option for those looking to attract attention. Paired with a classic black spot color, you’ve got yourself a timeless combination.

Using that black spot color, we added the company name and subtle version of the logo on the back of the cards. On the front of the cards, we reversed the printing, using the negative space of the brass finish to fill in all the information.

Creating visual interest in their design, we enlarged the signature logo of their CEO and oriented it partially off the card edge. This tension in design creates interest and energy in the layout, without the use of additional processes like cut through areas.

Get aHEAD of the competition with Brass Finish Metal Business Cards!

8. Law and Order (Some Metal Cards) – Gunmetal Business Cards for Attorneys with QR Code

Gunmetal Business Cards For Attorneys With Qr Code

Always thinking ahead on how to improve, Jumana M. Ali knew a set of futuristic inspired Gunmetal Business Cards would launch them towards a path of success!

The slate inspired tone of our brushed gunmetal finish is a great way to stick with a neutral base while adding a unique spin. Paired with black and neon green spot colors, these cards emit an ultramodern style.

Keeping on theme, we added custom QR codes to their cards making the transfer of their contact information seamless and efficient! Now when they hand out their card, the client will have their contact stored along with an impressive physical reminder to keep them at the forefront of their thoughts.

7. Glago Getter – Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Attorneys

Brass Finish Metal Business Cards For Attorney

Inspired by his compassion for victims of serious injury, Attorney Jatavian L. Williams needed a card that represented his true dedication to his craft.

A Brass Finish Metal Business Card upgraded with our shiny finish option make sure Mr. Williams cards shine bright and represent the gold standard he holds himself to!

Using a dark blue spot color to match the firm’s signature colors of blue and gold, we screen printed across the surface of the card. Using negative space in the screen printing, we let the brass shine through for the text and logo.

A delicate mesh cutout pattern was also added to the top and bottom edges of the card for extra detail without taking it over the top.

Become a true go getter and hand out your own Brass Finish Metal Business Cards!

6. Minor Law, Major Business– Rose Gold Metal Business Cards for Attorneys

Rose Gold Metal Business Cards For Attorneys

At Minor Law Offices they consider all their clients VIP, so no regular paper card is going to make the cut! Our Rose Gold Metal Business Cards are both luxurious and on trend, offering a true VIP experience.

Starting out, just the rose gold finish itself is enough to turn heads! Letting the finish do the talking, we used our classic black spot color for a simple and bold etching of their logo.

Enhancing the experience of a metal card, we cut a mesh pattern bar across the upper half of the card, creating a decorative band on both sides of the logo.

Knowing that little details matter, we surface etched a delicate border around the outside of the cards for one last special touch. 

5. Crack A Case and A Cold One – Stainless Steel Metal Bottle Opener Cards for Attorneys

Stainless Steel Metal Bottle Opener Cards For Attorneys

Attorney Max J. Koeck knew he needed a truly unique business card to help him stand out against the mundane landscape of the legal industry. Not one to back down from a challenge, we delivered a cutting-edge stainless steel Metal Bottle Opener Business Card!

The stunning look of our brushed stainless steel delivers a hard-hitting result! Using a classic black spot keeps the card looking cohesive, without taking away from the jaw-dropping crossed dagger logo that is literally cut through the card. 

Combining style and functionality, the Metal Bottle Opener Business Cards allow you to crack open and cold one, while cracking cases!

4.  – White Metal Business Cards for Attorneys

White Metal Business Cards For Attorneys

Ervin G. Tinaj, Attorney at Law, reached out to us in search of a pristine Metal Business Card to put his career over the edge. A clean and sleek White Metal Business Card brings true class to an edgy metal business card!

Wanting a solid card, we used surface etching to etch a custom background pattern of their logo, without cutting any areas through the card. This creates a unique textural element that acts as an illusion in different light.

Using a deeper red as their one spot color adds a unique touch with enough contrast to help the logo stand out. The bright white and crisp black pairing shine bright without the use of true colors. 

It should be illegal to hand out cards this stunning!

3. A Cut (out) Above The Rest – Brass Finish Business Cards for Attorneys

Brass Finish Business Cards For Attorneys

We produced these shiny, textured Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Attorney Jeff Vandrew.

The reflective nature of the border draws attention and compliments the logo cut out in the middle. Jeff’s contact information is screen printed in black, which stands out on the card’s textured surface.

Brass Finish most resembles GOLD giving the business card its own first-class personality!

2. The Card That Speaks To Everyone – Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for Attorneys

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards For Attorneys

Maria-Vittoria, Attorney and Counselor at Carminati Law, chose Stainless Steel finish for her Metal Business Cards.

We cut through the spacing around the letters of her company creating a unique inverted cut out. Her company’s slogan “We speak your language” is surface-etched. This adds a subtle contrast to her contact information, which was etched and filled with black spot color. 

This card is sleek and one-of-a-kind with its custom cut outs!

1. Fight For Your Right – Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Attorneys

Brass Finish Metal Business Card For Attorneys

Joseph, who is a Senior Attorney for Stephen Bowling & Associates, is a loyal customer of ours. His Metal Business Cards are brushed, Brass Finish with surface etching, cut outs and black spot color.

The back of Joseph’s cards has a list of rights and recommendations – this is a great way to attract new clientele and maximize blank space on his Brass Finish Metal Business Card!

Join the league of standout attorneys who have already upgraded their business with metal business cards and stay “litigold” in the courtroom!

At My Metal Business Card, we work hard to ensure your cards will make a huge first impression because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

We guarantee that your metal business cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started with your own business cards, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for you and your business!

“I just received my cards WOW website does them no justice. These cards are the best!”

– Ed C.

“I charge a premium for my service. When I first meet a client I want to make the BEST first impression they are getting quality.”

“I would highly recommend My Metal Business Cards! We have been buying our cards from them for about 5 years because it is such an amazing tool for our reps. They immediately help us separate ourselves from the competition, and screams class to the client.”

– Jame H