Top Beauty Salon, Barber and Hair Stylist Business Cards

Published September 25, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Top Beauty Industry Metal Cards

In the glamorous world of beauty, where creativity and style reign supreme, your business card should be more than just contact information; it should be a work of art!

Welcome to the world of metal business cards designed exclusively for beauty industry professionals. Whether you’re a talented hairstylist, a makeup virtuoso, or an aesthetician with a magic touch, our metal cards are here to set you and your salon apart.

Join us as we explore how these luxurious cards can elevate your brand and inspire you to make a bold statement in the beauty industry. Get ready to shine and leave a lasting impression with metal business cards that capture the essence of your artistry:

10. Raising the BARber – Black Metal Business Cards for Barbers

Black Metal Business Cards For Barbers

Aaron Lindley of V’s Barber Shop knows what it takes to stand out, which is exactly why they commissioned these amazing Black Metal Business Cards!

Dark and dapper, our black metal cards have Aaron looking debonair in all situations. These cards were upgraded to our textured finish to add a tactile experience and reduce the appearance of fingerprints.

A gleaming metallic gold spot color lends itself perfectly to the large vintage inspired logo as well as his contact information, adding to the high-end appeal.

Exclusive to our metal cards, we chemically etched a diamond patterned mesh into the top of the cards, further enhancing the logo.

Stand out as a cut above the rest with a Black Metal Business Card!

9. Goldy Locks – Brass Finish Metal Membership Cards with QR Code for Hairdressers

Brass Finish Metal Membership Cards With Qr Code For Hairdressers

Nikita Hair salons have always been at the forefront of setting trends and providing top-notch service. To elevate their customer experience to a new level, we created these luxurious Brass Metal Membership Cards!

Setting these cards apart is the meticulously crafted textured finish. This unique texture not only adds a layer of elegance but also serves a practical purpose – it prevents fingerprints and smudges, ensuring that these cards always look flawless.

On the back of each card lies a discreet yet powerful feature: a black QR code. This unassuming addition opens the door to modern convenience. Members can simply scan the QR code with their smartphones to access exclusive offers, schedule appointments, and stay updated with the latest trends from Nikita Hair

These cards reflect the brand’s commitment to delivering a seamless blend of classic elegance and modern convenience to their cherished members. Holding one of these cards is not just a membership; it’s an experience that encapsulates Nikita Hair’s commitment to excellence in the world of beauty and style.

8. Pretty in Pink – Rose Gold Metal Business Card for Estheticians

Rose Gold Metal Business Card For Estheticians

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression in the competitive world of beauty and body contouring, Shaped Sacramento knows how to turn heads. To match their cutting-edge services and feminine aesthetic, Shaped Sacramento collaborated with us to create stunning Rose Gold Metal Business Cards that are as glamorous as they are effective.

The rose gold base is accentuated by a delicate pink spot color used for the bouncy cursive logo, making the card feel fun and girly, perfectly mirroring Shaped Sacramento’s brand personality.

Placed in the top right corner, these sparkles provide a playful and enchanting touch that captures the essence of Shaped Sacramento.

These cards aren’t just pretty faces; they are your secret weapon to success!

7. Skin By She, Cards By MMBC – Stainless Steel Metal Membership Cards for Aestheticians

Stainless Steel Metal Membership Cards For Aestheticians

Skin By She, a haven of beauty and wellness, has taken exclusivity to the next level with their new Stainless Steel Membership Cards!

Constructed from premium .5mm stainless steel, these cards will stand the test of time with their durability and timeless elegance. 

Along the top and bottom borders of the cards, precisely etched cutout bars create a visually striking effect. The custom diamond pattern etched through the stainless steel surface adds a layer of depth and sophistication to the cards. 

Using surface etching, each solid diamond reflects light in a unique way, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

For the text, Skin By She chose a classic and contrasting black spot color. This choice not only ensures readability but also creates a striking visual contrast against the silver and stainless steel backdrop.

Beauty isn’t just skin deep; it’s etched in stainless steel!

6. Lashing Out – Rose Gold Metal Business Cards for Estheticians

Rose Gold Metal Business Cards For Estheticians

Eyelash Extensions by Jess took a bold step towards standing out with a custom set of Rose Gold Metal Business Cards!

We cut a circular pattern through a majority of the card surface for a captivating see-through effect. Towards the center of the cutout pattern, their logo takes center stage, inspired by the intricate patterns of a mandala.

Applying the detailed eye in a black spot color emphasizes the focus on the eyes and lashes, perfect for their business!

In the bottom corner of the card, a small solid square notes Jess’s status as a licensed esthetician. Subtle details like this showcase professionalism and expertise in their craft.

The artful interplay of design and materials makes these cards a beauty to behold.

5. Sharp Dressed Man – Stainless Steel Metal Business Card for Barbers

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card For Barbers

Billy Rears is shaving away the competition with a spot in our favorite cards of fall with their show-stopping custom shaped card! Taking the shape of a traditional razor blade, these cards are dangerously cool.

Using surface etching on the outer edges and custom cut through areas we mimicked detail of an actual razorblade. The attention to detail in our designs truly makes it so these cards deliver an unforgettable impression.

Keeping it classy, we used a black spot color for the logo in the center of the cards for a finishing touch.

Cutting-edge style meets sharp professionalism with this razor-sharp Stainless Steel Metal Business Card!

4.  Double Duty, Double Beauty – Stainless Steel and Rose Gold Metal Business Cards for Salon Owners

Stainless Steel And Rose Gold Metal Business Cards For Salon Owners

From the precision of a haircut to the subtlety of a makeup brush, the world of beauty celebrates craftsmanship and artistry. When Xi Beauty approached us to design metal business cards, we knew we had to create something truly extraordinary with not one but TWO different cards! 

We decided the stainless steel and rose gold options created the perfect pair with their complimentary warm and cool tones. Whether you’re a summer or winter, they’ve got the right card for you!

While the cards follow a similar layout, each version has a different lace-like pattern across the top adding that extra layer of thoughtful design.

Screen printed in bold black ink, the Xi Beauty logo stands out on the metallic canvas, commanding attention. With the smallest details sometimes making the biggest impact, we added the lotus dotting the “I” in a soft pink spot color.

Pamper your business like you do your clients with custom metal business cards!

3. Taylor Made – Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Barbers

Brass Finish Metal Business Cards For Barbers

Taylor Cutz wanted to make sure his customers feel like a million bucks! He provides a luxurious VIP service with his haircutting skills and his custom Brass Finish Metal Business Cards.

Our unique brass finish is high end with a touch of vintage appeal, perfect for the old-time barber aesthetic Taylor uses for his image. 

With custom cut through areas included, we cut his stylized name and VIP lettering through the thickness of the card! Additional surface etching was used for a clean border and added detailing.

With a black spot color, we etched and filled his contact information and a vintage barber pole.

Order your own metal business cards and enter a pole new world of opportunity!

2. Fine and Dandy – Copper Finish Metal Business Card for Barbers

Copper Finish Metal Business Card For Barbers

With a name like Dapper Gents, they wouldn’t be caught dead walking around with a lackluster paper card. Fancy with an old-world touch, a Copper Finish Business Card is just the ticket to take you from novice to professional.

Our brushed copper finish adds the perfect edge to any of our cards, elevating its sense of style without compromising the overall design. Choosing to forgo the included spot color lets textural elements of this card do the talking.

Making the most of our chemical etching processes, we surface etched all the text and darkened lines in the barber pole. With a longer exposure process, we etched the see through lines of the barber pole, the straight razor, and the mesh background all the way through the card!

If you haven’t ordered metal cards yet, you moustache yourself…What are you waiting for?

1. Raz-ing the Bar – Black Metal Business Card for Barbers

Black Metal Business Card For Barbers

As owner of barber shop New York Styles, Enrique Rico Munoz knows that to be successful you need quality tools, and you need to stand out! Combining his tools of the trade with custom metal business cards, we created this razor-sharp design GURANTEED to impress.

With custom shape included in our standard pricing, we created these impressive cards in the shape of the same electric razors they use in the shop!

With a Black Metal Business Card at the core, the matte black finish works perfectly as the base of the electric razor.

Rich deep red and gold spot colors were used for the logo, bringing focus to the center of the card.

Don’t cut corners with a boring card! Raze yourself to the top with Black Metal Business Cards!

“I have worked very hard in my career to stand out as being different in what I provide as an artist from others. I try to cater to a high end market. I fell in love with your metal cards years ago and believe they speak to my clientele. When I give a card out I ALWAYS get some wow! response…I really love the “luxury” you bring!” – Shiree I.

Join the ranks of standout estheticians, barbers, and other beauty professionals who have elevated their businesses with metal business cards and continue to radiate excellence in your industry!

At My Metal Business Card, we work hard to ensure your cards will make a huge first impression because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

We guarantee that your metal business cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started with your own business cards, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for you and your business!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My clients were astonished!” – Louis R.

“One of your customers handed me a metal business card and it blew me away. I had to order them for my business.” – Taria S.