Top Cards of Spring 2023

Published May 9, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Top Cards Of Spring 2023

As the season of renewal and growth, spring brings forth a fresh wave of creativity and inspiration in the world of card design. From bold and colorful illustrations to intricate and imaginative patterns, we are here to inspire you with truly remarkable designs that emerged this season.

We’ll showcase some of our favorite cards from spring and explore what makes them stand out.

From classic franchises to up-and-coming creators, there’s something for everyone in the world of card design. Get ready to spring into action, and join us on this journey through the top card designs of spring 2023:

5.  Play To Win – Brass Finish Metal Business Card

Brass Finish Business Card

Offering a curated collection of unique playing cards, it only made sense for the team at Art of Play to have equally as stunning Brass Finish Metal Business Cards to represent them!

With a more minimalist approach in terms of design, these cards make a statement with our impressive matte brass finish. Choosing to forgo a spot color, we surfaced etched the business name into the card for a clean monochromatic theme. Using the same process, we added the small spade to the logo for that extra attention to detail.

Using chemical etching, we also cut the intricate logo and corners details all the way through the card for an eye-catching feature. 

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4. A Work of Cart – Black Metal Business Card and Black Metal Dog Tags

Black Metal Business Card Dog Tag

Golf Cart Warehouse went above and beyond, ordering a custom set of Black Metal Business Cards and Black Metal Dog Tags to accompany their prestigious collection of vehicles! Keeping their branding uniform and professional, we created a design perfectly formatted and sized for both items.

Nothing says high end quite like our matte black finish. Using our surface etching technique, we were able to etch the chain link pattern into the stainless steel prior to coating, which results in the subtle light reflecting texture.

Silver laser etching is used for the GCW circle logo, website, and to pop certain details out from the golf cart image. In addition, they selected their distinctive blue hue as the spot color, which complements the other cool tones seamlessly.

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3. A Site To See – Stainless Steel Metal Business Card

Stainless Steel Business Card

Create a window to success with a Stainless Steel Metal Business Card!

Shannon Sloan, the owner of On Site Window Screening, recently approached us with a challenge: to create a metal business card that would capture the essence of her brand and leave a lasting impression on her clients.

With chemical etching, we cut out an optically impressive mesh pattern surrounding the logo and information. The various types of line work throughout the cut through patterns and screen-printed color effectively draws your eyes around the card for maximum impact. 

Adding a secondary spot color, we were able to perfectly match her company’s branding, completing her perfect vision.

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2. Beer To Impress – Brass Finish Metal Business Card

Brass Finish Business Card Custom Cutout

For the team behind Coors Banquet, our Brass Finish Metal Business Card was the ideal choice to match their signature beer can!

A step above our matte brass, we used our brushed brass finish to elevate the design, and to help prevent the appearance of fingerprints as the cards are passed around. 

Using an etch and fill screen-printing process, we used three spot colors to match the exact look of their cans and bottle labels, keeping their branding immaculate.

As an added detail, we surface etched the Bavarian lions on the outsides of the red Banquet logo for a final visual effect. 

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1. A Real Page Turner – Stainless Steel Metal Bookmark

Stainless Steel Metal Bookmark

Libraries are more than just buildings full of books – they are gateways to knowledge, inspiration, and growth. When Park Central Library approached us to create a custom Stainless Steel Metal Bookmark, we jumped at the chance to support this vital institution!

For this Stainless Steel Bookmark, we wanted to create an imaginative design utilizing imagery that evokes the feeling a reader gets as a book comes to life in their mind.

Using chemical etching to create a page holder, we used that area to also etch through a leaf like pattern emerging from a book. A classic black spot color was also used for small butterflies dispersed between the cutout pattern, the book, and for the library’s logo at the top. 

We hope that our Stainless Steel Metal Bookmark design will continue to inspire and motivate readers of all ages and backgrounds and remind them of the invaluable role that libraries play in shaping our society!

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