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Published January 16, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

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Certificate of Authenticity cards function as a formal statement verifying a product is genuine and authentic, or to attest to the original authorship of a work of fine art.

Manufacturers of high end retail products and custom luxury items, artists, handcrafters and other esteemed makers use certificates of authenticity to demonstrate the genuine origin of their products, and to instill confidence to their clients in regards to quality and performance of the item.

Commonly produced on paper, these important documents are often damaged over time or disregarded.

Why is metal the perfect choice for your certificate of authenticity cards?

By offering a custom metal authenticity card, certificate or token of authenticity you are practicing what you preach and providing your client with a physical promise that is made with the highest quality materials, which you also seek to provide in your own products.

Anyone can print a paper authenticity card, but it shows true dedication to quality and professionalism when you hand out a bespoke, metal card with your promise of integrity literally etched into the very surface of the material. 

To inspire and motivate we have compiled an impressive list of our Top Authenticity Cards for those looking to outshine the competition:

1. Spray My Name – Stainless Steel Authenticity Cards

Stainless Steel Business Card Custom Shape

The renowned graffiti artist and designer Mr. Mars, knew that the art he spent countless hours creating deserved an equally exquisite certificate of authenticity to match. Our natural Stainless Steel Cards made the perfect choice to showcase his dedication!

With a creative entity like Mr. Mars we definitely wanted to make sure we were providing a fun and funky card to pair with his works. For a custom shape we custom cut the corners of the cards to hug their signature spray paint character logo. With the same chemical etching process, we cut through a geometric pattern along the bottom of the cards. A classic black spot color is used for the card title, mascot, and signature, while surface etching is used for the additional verbiage declaring the authenticity.

2. Copp It Like It’s Hot – Copper Finish Authenticity Cards

Copper Finish Business Card

Charles Zuber, a legend in Swiss craftsmanship for their luxury watch manufacturing, chose Brushed Copper finish cards with a classic vintage flare to represent his artisanal timepieces!

Fully customizable and ready for any new purchase, these authenticity cards include two white writing panels allowing Charles to hand write in the purchase date and serial number of the item. A QR code is added allowing the client to easily scan and access the registry page to officially register their item. Topping it off, a warm brown spot color is used for the text on the cards, dark enough to stand out but in a tone that meshes with the beautiful copper finish. 

Impress your buyers time and time again by providing a full experience through custom metal authenticity cards.

3. Project Perfect – Brushed Stainless Steel Authenticity Card

Stainless Steel Metal Invitation

Selkirk Labs prides themselves in providing the highest quality Pickleball paddles on the market, with their Project 003 standing as their magnum opus. With a go big or go home mentality Selkirk decided to forgo our standard business card size for a custom 6 x 4” metal invitation size for their authenticity card. 

Each custom Stainless Steel card comes upgraded with our brushed finish to provide an additional textural element, and to help prevent pesky fingerprints. The front and back are outfitted with black and red spot colors to match their branding, and denote their product details. For an extra dab of customization, we cut in a corner creating their signature look along with a diagonal line cutout border across the bottom.

A true honor to participate in their latest project, their clients will have a true token of authenticity to treasure. 

4. Certified To Last – Shiny Brass Finish Metal Authenticity Card

Brass Finish Business Card - Mymetalbusinesscard

What better way to honor the important, retiring members of your union group and the hard work they put forth than with a custom Brass Finish metal certificate of retirement? The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 12 wanted a way to show true respect to their retired colleagues, and paired with us to find the perfect solution!

Plated in a gorgeous brass finish, these certificates of retirement shine like gold and pay homage to ushering those ready to retire into their golden years. Upgraded to the shiny version of our brass finish we surface etched around the text to leave the text and content reflective, catching the light in different settings. Leaving certain criteria blank also ensures that these can be stocked in their facility and filled out at the appropriate time. 

The service of their members may have ended, but these certificates will live on!

5. Putt-ing on the Ritz – Stainless Steel Authenticity Card

Stainless Steel Business Card Black Spot Color

Specializing in luxury golf putters, Willis Putters wanted a hand crafted authenticity card to pair with their hand-crafted putters. 

As the perfect complement to their silver toned putter, our Stainless Steel Metal Cards radiate the same metal finesse. Keeping it simple with a personal touch, we used a classic black spot color to apply the logo as well as information lines to be hand filled out at a later date.

Easy to write on, our Stainless Steel Cards are the perfect slate for these hand written and hand signed authenticity cards to be presented by the owners of the company. 

6. Weiss Decision – Black Metal Authenticity Card

Black Metal Business Card

Over at Weiss they offer high-end watches that promise to merge timeless techniques with modern technology that are built to look good and last. Our custom Black Metal Cards follow the same principles and make the ideal choice for an authenticity card.

Using a crisp white spot color, the official identification fields clearly provide a class contrast to the black card. Using a second forest green spot color to match their brand, we applied a border around the cards. The semi-gloss of our screen-printed pigment adds a delicate, additional design element standing apart from the matte finish of the Black Metal Card.

A sleek card with blank information fields makes it easy to add individual information as needed and provides an efficient method for personalization. 

7. Crafted With Love – Brushed Brass Metal Authenticity Card

Brass Finish Business Card Brushed Finish

Studies show that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a shop with brands that personalize the experience. Wanting to extend that individualized touch, we were commissioned to design these authenticity cards to help feel the love. 

Our popular Brushed Brass finish stands strong as the base for this serious and sweet card. The simplistic border design adds style while letting the center of the cards do the talking. Without having to hand sign each card, we used the true signatures from the business owners and custom etched them straight into the metal.

Although you may not have the time to hand sign each card, our customization options let us do it for you while immortalizing your love and commitment to your craft in metal. 

8. Identifying Quality – Brushed Stainless Steel Authenticity Card

Stainless Steel Business Card - Mymetalbusinesscard

Jason Wilbur of Wilbur Watches is no stranger to high quality metal products! When providing a literal work of art within their watches, it only made sense to pair them with a custom authenticity card of equal magnitude.

Starting with a Stainless Steel Card, our popular brushed finish is applied in a vertical pattern, enhancing the vertical format of the cards. Using a chemical etching process the top border and brand name are cut through the cards, a process unique to metal. Additional etching is used to create an ultra-fine texture to frame out the areas for model, serial #, and build. 

  • Pro Tip: Many of our clients order their custom authenticity cards from us and work with local etchers to later apply additional customized information. 

Growing in popularity, a QR code is also applied to the bottom right hand corner of the cards making website access instant and efficient for buyers.

9. A Cut Above The Rest – Brushed Brass Finish Metal Authenticity Card

Brass Finish Business Card

Slicing through their competition with their elite butterfly knives, HOM DESIGN chose us to create the metal authenticity card for their newest Basilisk Elite model. Rising to the occasion we left them looking sharp with some custom Brass Finish Cards.

With gold coated titanium utilized in their newest knife, a brushed brass finish adds an accompanying flair of luxury, coordinating with their coating. Using a surface etching process for a smooth tone on tone effect, the knife image, logo, model name and ornate border are applied to the cards.

Tucked in with the delivery of their tactical creations, these authenticity cards will slice through any doubt that you’re receiving anything but pure quality. 

10. Mad About Metal – Gunmetal Finish Metal Authenticity Card

Gunmetal Business Card

Wanting unique yet serious cards of authenticity to represent their limited edition retro ebike, SONDORS chose our stylish Gunmetal Cards!

Not silver yet not quite black, this unique finish is rising in popularity for those looking to serve up a highbrow card with a twist. Letting the true nature of the finish shine, the logo and bike image are all produced with a surface etching technique for a more monochromatic feel. A custom mesh cut through pattern is also used to sweep diagonally across the back of the card to create depth and visual interest. 

Our cards are a lot like the SONDORS MadMods collection of bikes with, “Interchangeable parts and accessories give you the ability to create most anything you can imagine.” With our endless customization options, we want you to walk away with a truly custom card of your dreams.

11. Save Your Sol – Stainless Steel Authenticity Card

Stainless Steel Business Card

When wanting to create a certification tag for the dedicated members of the OldSols Car Club, we had just the right trick up our sleeves!

Using our custom shape option, we trimmed down our Stainless Steel Cards to create a more discreet tag shape, perfect for applying to their Honda Del Sols. Opting for a classic blue, we screen printed the entire surface of the card and left the raw Stainless Steel peek through to spell out the logo and additional text. With the Certified No. panel exposed, they are free to etch the number themselves when needed.

With a custom metal certificate of authenticity, no one will be questioning their dedication to their community!

Looking for a Certificate of Authenticity Template?

If you’re looking for templates, our professional in-house designers are ready to help you design your very own certificate of authenticity! Why settle for a dime a dozen templates, when you can get your custom certificate created within HOURS? We offer two fast & easy ways to proceed:

  1. Order our custom metal cards, add in Artwork service, and type in the order notes details about your brand/products and what you want for your certificate of authenticity card. You’ll receive a digital proof within 1 business day – often within just a few hours! Also, rest assured your order will NOT go into production until you LOVE your design and confirm your proof! Adding your comments and iteration requests is fast and easy with our fully online system.
  2. If you’re not ready to order authenticity cards yet, choose our Card Design Service – our professional designers will create a unique authenticity card for you, and you’ll receive a digital proof within hours. We’re happy to accommodate any modifications based on your comments, which you can leave directly to our online order system.

We look forward to working with you! We promise your authenticity cards will make you stand out, or we will give you your money back.