Top Custom Gifts for Clients

Published November 27, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

 Top Custom Gifts For Clients

Welcome to our ultimate guide to expressing appreciation and strengthening relationships in the business world with custom gifts for clients!

In today’s competitive business landscape, standing out is not just a necessity but an art. That’s where our range of personalized custom gifting solutions comes into play. 

Imagine the impact of a sleek, custom Metal Tumbler, the professional elegance of a personalized Leatherette Portfolio, or the refined touch of a personalized Wood Cutting Board, each artfully crafted to represent you or your client’s unique brand identity.

These aren’t just holiday, Christmas, birthday or client appreciation gifts; they’re powerful tools in nurturing client relationships, designed to leave a lasting impression.

Get inspired as we explore the world of custom gifts that not only delight but also add a tangible value to your business interactions…

Wine Box & Tools

Wine Box &Amp; Tools

When it comes to selecting a sophisticated and memorable gift for your clients, the Rosewood Finish Wine Box with Tools stands out as a top choice!

This elegant set exudes a luxurious Rosewood finish with laser etched personalization for a heavy dose of class and functionality.

On the outside, each box is customized with the content of your choice, ensuring a unique touch. Internally, it includes essential tools like a metal foil cutter, corkscrew, pour tip, and stopper, all nestled neatly in a die-cut foam interior.

Matte Black Wood Wine Box Set Gift

The box’s construction is notably impressive, with a smooth deep red finish, a sturdy metal clasp, and a lined interior. The high-quality tools included in the set ensure that the recipient can enjoy their favorite wine with elegance and ease. 

The attention to detail along with high quality tools shows a thoughtful consideration, making this wine box set a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

16 oz. Polar Camel Metal Wine Tumbler

16 Oz. Polar Camel Metal Wine Tumbler

A great accompaniment to the Wine Box & Tools, the 16 oz. Polar Camel Metal Tumbler is a chic and functional choice for your client who appreciates the finer things in life!

These stemless metal wine tumblers are not just stylish but also practical, boasting a double-wall, vacuum insulated construction, making them twice as effective at maintaining temperature compared to plastic tumblers.

My Metal Business Card Tumblers

Clients will appreciate the tumbler’s practicality for daily use and its flair in social settings. What’s more, the option to etch any design or logo onto these tumblers adds a personal touch that elevates them from mere cups to memorable keepsakes. 

Whether it’s a company logo, a special message, or a unique design, the etching process ensures that each tumbler is a one-of-a-kind gift that reflects thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Not a wine drinker? No worries, these tumblers are not just for wine; they’re versatile enough for any beverage and are perfect for various settings like corporate events, outdoor activities, or casual gatherings.

Leatherette Portfolio

Leatherette Portfolio

The Leatherette Portfolio is the epitome of a thoughtful and practical client gift all year round. This portfolio is not just a visually appealing accessory; it’s a functional tool that fits seamlessly into any business setting, from high-level meetings to daily office use!

Customization is the key element, taking this gift from a simple office item into a bespoke piece that clients will treasure. Each portfolio is personalized with a logo of your choice, laser-etched in black or silver depending on the surface color you choose.

Red Leatherette Portfolio My Metal Business Card

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Leatherette Portfolio is incredibly practical. It comes equipped with multiple inner pockets for organization, a spot for a pen, and a full 50-page notepad. Plus, the size of 9.5 x 12 inches makes it perfect for carrying essential documents and notes!

Clients will appreciate the blend of style, functionality, and the personalized touch! A gift like this serves as a constant reminder of your business relationship, making it an ideal gift for any professional setting.

Cork Coasters

Cork Coasters

Give the gift of both practicality and style with custom Cork Coasters! These coasters are made from absorbent cork, making them incredibly useful for any desk surface.

Each coaster can be laser-etched with yours or your client’s logo, providing a unique branding opportunity. Our free customization is not only affordable but also quick, allowing you to make an instant impression with a personalized touch in only a matter of days.

As an added bonus, they are not just functional but also cost-effective, ensuring you get great value for your money. 

These cork coasters are a smart choice for a client gift – they’re not only a practical addition to any desk but can also serve as a subtle yet effective way to keep your brand visible. 

The combination of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and personalization makes them a thoughtful and practical gift that any client would appreciate.

Quick Metal Bottle Opener Cards

Quick Metal Bottle Opener Cards

The Quick Metal Bottle Opener Cards strike the perfect balance between professionalism and a touch of fun, making them a fantastic choice for client gifts! 

These cards are a clever twist on the traditional business card, doubling as a handy bottle opener. This unique feature means they’re not just a piece of paper with contact details; they’re a practical tool that your clients will appreciate and use.

Your clients will find themselves reaching for a card not just to share contact information but also to open a refreshing drink. This dual functionality keeps yours or your client’s brand in the limelight in a positive, enjoyable way.

Stainless Steel Custom Bottle Opener

Made of sturdy metal, these cards are designed to last, ensuring that the content remains visible over time. They are a practical and memorable way to stay connected with your clients.

Available in both black metal with silver laser etching, or stainless steel with color printing!

Metal Water Bottles

Metal Water Bottles

In our most popular size, the 32 oz Polar Camel Metal Water Bottles are a fantastic gift choice for clients, offering a blend of style, functionality, and customization. 

Not only a means to stay hydrated; they’re a statement piece that highlights your brand’s commitment to quality and thoughtfulness.

The 32 oz size is perfect for combatting thirst, whether in the office or out in the field. The sleek design is both modern and timeless, and available in 16 colors making it suitable for any client, regardless of their style or age.

Catering to diverse needs, these bottles also come in additional sizes – 12 oz, 20 oz, and 40 oz. This variety means you can choose the perfect size to suit your client’s lifestyle, making your gift even more thoughtful.

Custom Metal Water Bottle For Gifts

Like all great gifts, these bottles offer the option for personalization. You can etch your company logo or a custom message onto the bottle, turning it into a unique gift that keeps you in your client’s mind every time they take a sip.

Made with durable materials, these bottles are built to last, ensuring that your gift will be used and appreciated for a long time. This longevity is not just great for your clients but also beneficial for your brand’s visibility.

Wood Cutting Board

Wood Cutting Board

Offer a distinctive and thoughtful gift with a custom Wood Cutting Board! Express your appreciation with a kitchen tool that doubles as a piece of art.

What makes this wood cutting board an ideal gift for clients is its combination of beauty and practicality. The natural wood provides a warm, rustic charm that complements any kitchen décor. It’s not just a cutting surface; it’s a statement piece that elevates the aesthetic of any cooking space.

Available in 3 high quality wood options: Bamboo, Maple, and Walnut.

Custom Bamboo Cutting Board Gift My Metal Business Card

Have us laser etch a company logo or a special message right into the wood, creating a unique and personalized gift that resonates with your clients.

Made from quality wood, our Wood Cutting Boards are durable, easy to clean, and perfect for everyday use, whether your clients are chopping vegetables for a family meal or preparing a cheese platter for a social gathering.

Insulated Slim Metal Beverage Holder

Insulated Slim Metal Beverage Holder

The Insulated Slim Metal Beverage Holder is a fantastic gift choice for clients, offering a modern and practical gift that is sure to delight your clients!

The slim, metallic design of the beverage holder is not only visually appealing but also ergonomically crafted for comfort and ease of use. Its sleek appearance makes it a stylish accessory for any social gathering or casual event.

Custom Metal Beverage Holder For Gift My Metal Business Card

The holder is insulated to keep beverages cold, perfect for those warm days or long meetings. This practical feature ensures that your clients can enjoy their drinks at the ideal temperature.

Like all our metal tumbler products, you can add your company’s logo or a custom design for a unique and memorable gift. Available in 17 colors, we have an option for every style!

This gift is not just about keeping a drink cold; it’s about offering a touch of class and convenience that aligns with your brand’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Leatherette Journals

Leatherette Journals

Crafted with a sleek leatherette cover, our Leatherette Journal combines style with usability, making it an ideal tool for notetaking, brainstorming, or simply jotting down thoughts and ideas!

The elegant and professional appearance makes these an excellent choice when gifting to a client. The leatherette material not only looks and feels luxurious but is also durable, ensuring the journal withstands daily use. 

Add an extra layer of appeal with a personal touch, transforming the journal from a simple notebook into a custom piece that resonates with brand identity and values.

Choose from either our standard size 5.25″ x 8.25″ or upgrade to the large 7″ x 9.75 for even more room to write!

Custom Leatherette Journals For Gift Mymetalbusinesscard

The practicality of the leatherette journal cannot be overstated. Whether your clients are penning down important notes during a business meeting or capturing creative ideas, this journal is their perfect companion.

Available in 8 beautiful leatherette colors, it’s a stylish accessory that clients can carry to meetings, workshops, or use in their personal space for reflection and planning.

16 oz. Polar Camel Metal Pint Tumbler

16 Oz. Polar Camel Metal Pint Tumbler

Are you looking to give a gift your client will love and use? — the 16 oz Polar Camel Metal Pint Tumbler is exactly that. With its sleek design and practicality, this tumbler appeals to all types of clients.

Gifting should not break the bank, and with the Polar Camel Pint Tumbler, it doesn’t have to. Priced competitively, our pricing structure is designed to accommodate various budgets, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes​​.

The true charm of this tumbler lies in its customizability. With options for etching on either one or both sides, you can personalize each tumbler with your client’s name, your company logo, or even a message that resonates with your business relationship​​​​.

Custom Metal Pint Tumbler Gift Mymetalbusinesscard

Perfect for those on the go, these tumblers were created to fit easily into car cup holders! You can even upgrade with a collapsible metal straw; a practical and thoughtful addition, ensuring your clients can enjoy their beverages anywhere, anytime​​​​​​.

Keep your brand in the hands of those who matter most with custom 16 oz Polar Camel Metal Pint Tumblers.

Black 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Black 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

For the client who loves adventure or simply appreciates practicality, the Black 8-Function Multi-Tool Pocket Knife offers a tool for every obstacle! 

Packed to the brim, this mini but mighty device offers eight essential tools, including scissors, a file, a Philips head screwdriver, a can opener, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. Made from sturdy steel with an anodized aluminum body, it’s designed for both durability and comfort, making it a reliable companion​​​​.

Rather than handing your client a plain pocket knife, make it truly special with laser personalization. Customization is included in the price, offering an affordable way to make a lasting impression.

The process is simple: provide your content, and their team will take care of the rest, ensuring that each knife is as unique as its recipient​​​​.

Products like our Metal Tumblers and custom leatherette gifts stand out not just for their quality and practicality, but for the unique personal touch they can carry.

Tailored to reflect the individuality of each recipient, they represent the significance of your professional relationship. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, to show genuine appreciation, and to strengthen your client relationships, these custom gifts are an indispensable choice!

Order custom gifts now and experience the difference in your client relationships. My Metal Business Card is the world leader in Metal Business Cards because of our service, price, speed and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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