Top Custom Membership Cards

Published December 29, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Top Custom Metal Membership Cards

Picture this: your membership program with a touch of sophistication and a hint of exclusivity, all thanks to custom membership cards made of metal! These sleek, metallic cards are more than just tools; they’re your secret to giving your membership program a major boost. 

Explore how these impressive metal membership cards can help rejuvenate your program, attract new members through their undeniable appeal, and show appreciation to your loyal members who’ve stuck with you through thick and thin. 

Discover our top custom membership cards that have elevated membership programs to a whole new level of business success:

15. When You’re Beer, You’re Family – Black Metal Membership Card

Black Metal Membership Card

Family Business Beer Company needed a way to show their loyal patrons that they’re more than customers, they’re family!

Following their branding we felt that matte black metal membership cards with metallic gold printing would really hit the spot.

Etching down into the card, we then screen printed the gold areas into the recessed areas for a professional touch, that is also resilient.

As some say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and that is the approach we took with these cards. Straight forward and to the point, these impressive cards will appeal to any member who receives one.

14. A Game of Whits – Copper Finish Metal Membership Cards

Copper Finish Metal Membership Cards

Whitby Distillery offers a unique opportunity to become a founding member of bringing their business to an all-new area. Such an opportunity requires an equally exciting membership card to match!

Extending the same rustic feel as their business, the copper finish cards make an excellent canvas for their cards.

Not wanting to distract from the feel of the copper, we surface etched all of the content on the card for a subdued contrast.

The brushed effect of the copper is perfect for membership cards and other cards that will be handled regularly, as it helps to deter the look of fingerprints while adding an heir of style.

With our variable data add-on, we silver laser etched each individual member number on the back of the cards for an additional touch of individualization.

13. Level Up – Black Metal Membership Cards

Black Metal Membership Cards

These sleek black metal cards were created for the generous members that contributed to the Level One Arcade Bar and helped elevate them to new heights.

Using a semi-gloss black spot color on top of the cards’ matte finish, we created a spunky checkerboard pattern across the card’s surface.

Upgrading to 2 spot colors, white was also used for maximum contrast of the logo and the Contributor title.

12. Join the Dark Side – Black Metal Membership Cards

Custom Black Metal Membership Cards

Nothing says VIP like a matte black metal membership card! As a token of appreciation these were created for the founders of the Gotham FC women’s soccer team.

The black on black motif is sleek and understated, offering a membership card that is high class without being flashy.

Every year each new set of cards is marked with the year the contributing member joined!

11. Just Peachy – Copper Finish Metal Membership Cards

Copper Finish Metal Membership Card

The Masons of Atlanta Peachtree Lodge No. 59 reached out to us in search of a keepsake to offer their members for their 175th anniversary celebration. With a classic and vintage feel, the copper finish metal cards were the perfect choice to mark the occasion.

Like the Whitby cards, we used only surface etching for the details of this card to highlight the features of the copper.

With our chemical etching process, we can render even the finest details from the ornate flourishes of the fonts to the penmanship of the signature.

A blank banner was left in the center of the cards for the receiving members to personalize on their own with a permanent marker.

10. Sea for Yourself – Stainless Steel Membership Cards

Stainless Steel Membership Cards

Honor your most dedicated patrons with a custom membership card that marks their efforts!

The patrons of the Tybee Island Marine Science Center were presented with these stainless steel membership cards for their meaningful contributions.

Upgrading to the brushed finish creates a textural element to the cards while preventing the appearance of scratches and fingerprints.

A beautiful soft blue was used as their one color, which compliments the cool tone of the raw steel as well as the oceanic theme.

Included with our standard pricing we created a custom shape card for added interest, and cut out areas of the logo and other fish imagery for a truly custom work of art.

9. Reward Awaits – Black Metal Membership Cards

Black Membership Cards

The InterContinental Hotels Group offers an extensive rewards club offering premium member benefits!

To match the tone of their premium offerings exclusive to their Diamond Elite members, we created a black metal membership card to offer them a tangible token of their loyalty.

Currently trending, they wanted the black on black effect for a professional and seductive appearance. Who doesn’t want to get their hands on something this suave?

We then used silver laser etching for the additional content allowing for more contrast and legibility, while maintaining the allure.

8. I Law’v You – Brass Finish Metal Membership Card

Brass Finish Metal Membership Card

Don’t have time for a ride-along? Keep the law in your pocket with a brass finish metal membership card!

Family members of the South River Police Department know they’ll receive gold star treatment with such an impressive and official card in tow.

Using surface etching, we etched all the negative space out of the card to keep the letters vibrant gold.

Black and yellow spot colors were used to highlight the badge silhouette and decorative logo.

With a blank bar at the bottom, each officer was free to personalize cards for their family members as needed.

7. Take Me to Church – Black Metal Membership Cards

Metal Membership Cards

Supporters of The Church Studio Music Foundation will be thrilled to receive a custom black metal membership card as one of their benefits!

With multiple membership tiers, they commissioned us to create two versions marking the different contribution levels. With the same layout, the difference in color is enough to distinguish between the great and the righteous.

With custom cut through areas, we cut a delicate mesh pattern through the top half of the card. Customized to fit their logo, we curved the etching around the outside for a perfect circular silhouette.

6. Seeing Red – Brass Finish Metal Membership Card

Brass Finish Metal Membership Cards

Inspired by a Moroccan palace, these cards were designed for the elite membership club offered by Members restaurant and club!

Wanting a red card with gold detailing, we screen printed the surface of a brass finish card with a rich red spot color. Leaving negative space in the printing, we brought the ornate design through in brass. 

Adding a touch of personalization, each card is marked with the members full name and member number. This extra detail takes these cards to the next level and offers a deeper sense of commitment to their members.

Ornate and slightly mysterious, these membership cards are the perfect reflection of Member’s bohemian aesthetic!

5. Raise Your Glass – Brass Finish Metal Membership Card

Brass Metal Membership Cards

A Gold Club Member deserves a gold card to mark their status! Our brass finish sets the gold standard for metal membership cards, creating the most high-class experience.

Keep that gilded look throughout the whole card by surface etching the entire design. Etching 10% into the surface of the card we applied the Gold Club Member title and the logo.

We also added lines cut vertically all the way through the card, drawing the through and creating additional visual interest.

4. Drive Them Wild – Stainless Steel Metal Membership Card

Stainless Steel Metal Membership Card

As a commemorative welcome gift, the team at the Petersen Automotive Museum created these custom metal membership cards to offer their Lifetime Membership subscribers.

The stainless steel brushed finish lends itself perfectly to the auto industry, and contrasts nicely with the light tone of the surface etching.

Clean and very neutral, these membership cards look professional in the hands of any member. 

3. High Society – Copper Finish Metal Membership Card

Copper Finish Membership Card

Membership to the 1909 Society at The Billings Depot will not only earn you access to VIP benefits but will also get your hands on a custom copper finish membership card!

We love to let that copper do the talking which is why we used different depths of etching again for the ornate logo and the cut through areas.

The brushed copper really leans into the historical feel of The Billings Depot and harkens back to 1909 where it all began!

2. Pedal to the Metal – Stainless Steel Metal Membership Card

Stainless Steel Metal Membership Cards

The members of the Ultimate Street Car Association are sure to steel the spotlight when they flash their custom metal membership card!

Keeping the overall palette simplified ensures a professional card that every member can get excited about.

Using custom cut through areas we etched the USCA logo through the card, along with top and bottom borders for some extra flair. 

Drive your members wild with custom metal membership cards!

1. Members Only – Black Metal Membership Card

Metal Membership Card

Journey back in time and feel like a member of high society with a custom black metal membership card!

In line with the Leiper’s Society 1920’s image, we created an art deco inspired cutout pattern that we used on the right half of the cards. We also used a font inspired by the era to tie the look together.

A white spot color was used to create a background for the addition of a member name and number, while the text was added in red.

Make your guest’s the talk of the town with custom metal membership cards!

Transform your guest experience and offer your members a true token of appreciation with custom metal membership cards!

At My Metal Business Card, we work hard to ensure your cards will make a huge first impression because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

We guarantee that your metal membership cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started creating your own custom membership cards, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Membership Cards perfect for you and your business!