Top 10 Fitness Business Cards

Published October 28, 2022 | Last updated on November 2, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

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At My Metal Business Card, we’re ready to help you maximize your business card GAINS with a custom fitness business card worthy of a good flex.

As this year soon enough draws to a close, waves of potential new fitness and gym clients come crashing in with their “New Year, New Me” mentality, it’s up to you to nail that first impression solidifying yourself as the ONLY option for training.

LIFT your business to new heights and get PUMPED with our Top 10 metal business cards for fitness professionals looking to succeed:

10. Rebel WITH A Cause

Black Metall Business Card Silver Laser Etching

Rebel Strength & Performance wants you to, “be the best you’ve ever been”. In order to help them reach their highest potential as well, we designed these epic Black Metal Business Cards!

True to their brand colors we used a lime screen spot color to highlight half of their logo, along with a few of the shapes in the cards border pattern. Instead of a gray spot color, we used silver laser etching technique for the silver areas creating a crisp logo. Offbeat and rebellious, we also used a semi abstract shattered cutout pattern to play the design off their name.

Be rebellious, be unique, and order your own set of custom metal business cards!

9. Cholly Good!

Stainless Steel Custom Shape Business Card

Cholly Hobbs of CHOLLY FITNESS delivers custom workout plans for their clients, so a custom created business card only made sense!

Pairing our custom shape capabilities with our drive to create truly personalized design, we delivered an awesome Stainless Steel Metal Business Card that resembles a weight training plate. A combination of black spot color and surface etching create the weight details, but the real standout is the custom cut out logo.

A unique shape can really work to your advantage and can help shape your business image!

8. Stoked for Steel

Stainless Steel Metall Business Card Black Spot Color

Wanting people to be totally stoked about your fitness program? Get the normies excited with a set of rad Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards!

It’s very clear that Stoked Athletics is ready to get their client’s excited about fitness, and what better way than with a custom metal VIP card? Going for a unique angle, these cards are turned on their side for a fresh vertical layout. A popular and effective combination, our natural stainless steel and black spot color create a card that is impressive and convincing. Custom cut through areas hugs the edges of the card for a truly bitchin’ effect that will blow the socks off any recipient. 

Don’t buy into a set of bogus paper cards – Go metal and make some gnarly sales!

7. A Black Belt In Business

Black Metal Business Card Custom Cutouts

When you’re a true martial arts master, you need a tough set of cards that are nothing to mess with! With our mission at hand, we were ready to design these cutting edge Black Metal Cards for Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate.

An ever-popular choice, our matte black metal finish perfectly tows the line of tough, sleek, and professional. Leaving spot color by the wayside, these cards were created using only various etching techniques for an impressive display of texture. Using chemical etching at different exposure rates we cut a custom chain link design into the cards at different depths to create both cut through and surface etched variances. Using our silver laser etching we removed the top layer of finish to reveal the raw stainless steel underneath to expose their beautifully intricate logo. 

The cool tones and structured cutouts in this card truly put the art in martial arts!

6. Building Relationships

Brass Metal Business Card

Wheelchair Bodybuilding preaches a vision of instilling confidence, which is exactly what these custom metal business cards do for their clientele! 

Fit for a champion, our matte Brass Finish Cards channel success with their gold-like tone. Not to detract from the impressive finish, a strong black spot color is used to apply the company logo and title information – a classic and popular combination! Utilizing our custom cut though capabilities we cut through a mesh pattern and the WCBB acronym along the top of the cards, leaving plenty of space for additional information on the bottom half of the cards. 

Getting handed such a high quality and well-designed metal business card is enough to instill confidence in any person lucky enough to receive one!

5. FIT For Success

Black Metal Gift Card

FUSED FITNESS wanted to offer an All Access Pass that solidified their status as a high profile establishment! Dark, professional, and cutting edge, our Matte Black Metal Cards were an easy choice. 

We etched and filled the graphics on the card using screen-printed spot colors. Their brands signature blue and white pop against the matte black surface of the cards for a clean and striking look. A more understated design, the black metal material speaks for itself with its VIP in-hands feel which will keep their clients returning long after their 30-day trial.

Treat your clientele to a VIP experience, all started with a custom metal card!

4. Raising The Barre

Red Spot Color Stainless Steel Business Card

Red hot and ready to impress, Pure Barre is ready to turn up the heat with these custom Stainless Steel cards!

Although these cards may seem like red metal at first glance, they are actually one of our ever-popular Stainless Steel Business Cards. To achieve this effect we screen printed the entire surface of the card in spot color, which we color match to the Pantone color number of their choice. For the decorative border and other content on the cards we left those areas without screen printing so that the natural stainless steel surface could show through.

The custom metal VIP cards are almost too hot to handle!

3. Get CUT, With Custom Cutouts

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card Custom Cutouts

Steve Olson owner of Archetype Strength gym’s mission is to provide a high quality and badass gym to train at, and commissioned us to design cards to match! Our Stainless Steel cards deliver that hard hitting, industrial feel, ideal to represent pumping iron.

A neon green spot color bounces off the finish and gives an edge to key elements of the card. We cut through a custom shattered triangle pattern to complement the triangle in the logo and add a sturdy design element.

We are ready to sign up and break a sweat with cards as hardcore as these!

2. Total Knock Out

Black Metal Square Business Card

For Larry Jones of Bare Knuckle Fighting the rugged nature of the sport required a custom Square metal business card worthy of standing up to its name. Our popular Black Metal finish is the perfect canvas for those looking to deliver a message both tough and professional.

Although slightly smaller in size, the uniquely square shape of these cards sets them apart from a typical rectangle and earns them a double take. Reminiscent of the fighting ring, a custom chain link fence cutout pattern is used for detailing across the top of the card. Keeping it bold yet striking, a stark white spot color is used for the content, creating the most contrast for an achromatic look.

Typical paper business cards don’t stand a fighting chance against this knockout design!

1. Gripping Design

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card

With detailed cut through areas we can achieve with our custom cards, we are crushing the metal business card game! We want you to WOW your clients with a hard-hitting first impression, which is exactly why Crunch Fitness teamed up with us.

Our natural Stainless Steel finish paired with the custom design chain link cutout pattern, work together to create an immersive experience. Paired with vibrant red-orange spot colors, this card truly GRABS your attention! With the logo large and in charge on one side, that leaves plenty of room on the back for all the important contact information.

Command attention with a custom metal business card!

As a professional in the fitness industry, you deserve a card that will aid you in BULKING sales and CUTTING the competition! We produce and ship thousands of custom Metal Business Card Designs daily, but these few cards stood out to us. We love when our clients elevate their design with of all our production capabilities! 

We want to make sure you walk away with a unique card design, which is why our standard pricing includes free etching front and back, unlimited cutouts and one screen-printed color, making design possibilities endless. We work hard to earn your business as a customer for life because we truly believe in the impact our products have.

When you’re ready to get started, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Fitness Business Cards FOR YOU!