Top 10 Creative Metal Lawyer Business Cards

Published September 12, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Top Metal Lawyer Business Cards

Looking to elevate your law firm’s client base, caseload, and revenue? Are you a legal professional in search of uniquely compelling business cards? Do not miss out as we highlight our Top 10 Creative Metal Lawyer Business Cards crafted specifically for the legal industry.

Why opt for metal? Here’s how these sleek and durable cards can accelerate your legal practice:

  • INSTANTLY CAPTIVATE your audience in an ultra-competitive landscape
  • LEAVE A MEMORABLE IMPACT on prospective clients
  • BOOST REFERRALS by displaying your skill set and professional credibility

At My Metal Business Card, we specialize in conceptualizing and creating bespoke Metal Business Cards that cater to the unique needs of lawyers. We’ve partnered with legal professionals both domestically and globally to deliver cards that make a statement.

If you’re a lawyer eager to make an indelible mark, our tailor-made Metal Business Cards offer a formidable way to promote yourself with assurance and flair.

10. N the Right Direction – Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for Lawyers

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards For Lawyers

With over 20 years of comprehensive experience, the team at The Northside Law Firm needed cards that would stand the test of time! Our classic Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards are sure to keep standing out for years to come.

Always a timeless choice, our natural stainless steel works as the perfect canvas for any design. The raw metal amplifies the impressive nature of a metal card, without having to add on extra design elements.

Included with our standard pricing, we used our custom cut through option to cut their N logo through the cards.

Choosing to forgo any spot colors, we used surface etching to enhance their logo and bring their business name to life in a bright silver.

Make sure your business is headed in the right direction with a set of Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards!

9. You Be the Judge – Black Metal Business Cards for Lawyers

Black Metal Business Cards For Lawyers

Logan Dale of Felicetti Law Firm needed a set of hard-hitting cards to help him lay down the law! Dark and daring, a Black Metal Business Card means business.

The matte black finish on these cards is read as both professional and a little edgy. The perfect combination to push you in front of the competition.

Using silver laser etching, we blasted away areas of the black finish to reveal the raw stainless steel underneath. This results in all the content and the area around the logo being presented in bright silver.

Using chemical etching, we cut the gavel logo and name of the firm through the card to make the ultimate impact. Etching at only 10% depth we also added a decorative bar across the center of the card to tie everything together.

Stand firm with a custom set of Black Metal Business Cards!

8. Stern in Steel – Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for Lawyers

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards For Lawyer

Making you stand out is our specialty, and these Stainless Steel Business Cards are taking Slate Stern Law up a notch!

Dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience for their clients, Slate Stern was instantly drawn to our unique Stainless Steel Business Cards. Made from raw 0.5mm (about 0.02 in) stainless steel, these cards are truly remarkable and guaranteed to deliver a first impression unlike any other.

Using cut through areas we etched a honeycomb pattern diagonally across half of the card! As an added design detail, we extended a solid portion with the firm name for a unique silhouette. 

Letting the stainless steel speak for itself, a neutral black spot color spells out the business name and contact information.

Slate is sure to STERN some heads with this set of cards!

7. Law of Attraction – Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Lawyers

Brass Finish Metal Business Cards For Lawyers

Nothing captures attention quite like the glimmer of a Brass Finish Metal Business Card. The brass finish symbolizes strength, trustworthiness, and durability—qualities often sought in legal representation. 

This unique choice not only sets Zak Peysak apart in a competitive field but also communicates his commitment to excellence and reliability, making these cards a memorable and impactful networking tool in the legal profession.

The stark contrast between the black spot color and the brass finish creates a visually appealing and professional look.

A small area of a honeycomb cutout pattern was also used through the center of the card to further enhance the design.

6. Intentional Excellence – Black Metal Business Cards for Lawyers

Black Metal Business Card For Lawyers

When your work revolves around your clients putting their livelihood in your hands, you must nail your first impression and show your dedication to quality with a Black Metal Business Card!

Unique to metal cards, we recommend taking advantage of custom cut-through areas like accident lawyer Roger Bauer. Using custom cutout areas, we etched the car crash image through the cards for a statement logo. 

Silver laser etching and an electric green spot color really catches the eye and makes sure they won’t be glossed over!

Our standard pricing includes endless customization possibilities! Our design team will make sure every aspect of your card is carefully curated, never accidental.

5. A Card to Open Up Conversation – Bottle Opener Business Cards for Lawyers 

Bottle Opener Business Cards For Lawyers

Attorney Brian Freeman wanted a Metal Business Card that was not only customized but FUNCTIONAL, so we stepped in with a jaw-dropping brushed, Stainless Steel Metal Bottle Opener Card!

Brian’s company’s logo was screen printed onto the card’s surface in 3 crisp spot colors. His contact information was laser etched into the metal, which results in a bright silver.

Metal Bottle Opener Business Cards are the BEST way to have your info kept handy and within site every time it is used!

4. A Card that Appeals – Business Cards for Lawyers 

Business Card For Lawyers

Paralegal Haley Van Dyke chose Stainless Steel with black spot color and custom cut outs for her Metal Business Cards. This classic combination has widespread appeal and is sure to draw attention from every connection who sees one.

Her company’s ‘FD’ logo was cut through the card for a minimal but impactful addition.

Haley’s Metal Business Card looks professional, simple and to the point. She opted for a one-sided business card, so all the information is easy to read and noticeable up front.

Many clients prefer one-sided designs; however, both sides are FREE if you’d like to utilize the back as well.

These cards are so good they should be illegal!

3. Striking Design – Business Cards for Lawyers 

Metal Business Cards For Lawyers

The Strelka Law Office opted for a Metal Business Card that incorporated their entire office’s contact information – this is a great idea to save costs!

Their Stainless Steel card utilizes custom rectangular line cut-outs at the top and bottom of the card for a decorative border. 

An utterly unique and personal touch, we screen printed a silhouette of their actual office building in a black spot color.

Carrying their office’s silhouette on a custom metal card, leaves an enduring impression of their steadfast presence in the industry!

2. Sophisticated and Helpful – Bottle Opener Business Cards for Lawyers 

Bottle Opener Business Card For Lawyers

This Stainless Steel Metal Bottle Opener Card was made for The Law Office of Kyle A. Patrick. Kyle’s logo was screen printed in a vibrant green as well as laser etched in silver around the top of the bottle opener. The content was also silver laser etched.

Per the client’s request, we included a hole on the bottom right side of the card to allow for a key chain ring to be added! As a reminder, any custom cut outs are FREE with our standard Metal Bottle Opener Business Cards!

1. The Card to Scale Your Law Firm – Brass Business Cards for Lawyers 

Brass Business Cards For Lawyers

This card style is one of our FAVORITES!

This Brass Finish Metal Business Card is brushed, which provides a line grain to the front and back of the card and helps to reduce the appearance of fingerprints. 

The lawyer’s bold G logo is screen printed in black spot color with some of the square feature’s surface etching for a sophisticated finish.

The top and bottom mesh cut-out border is one of the most popular requests among clients.

Tip the scales with your very own Brass Finish Metal Business Cards!

Get Your Own Metal Lawyer Business Cards

At My Metal Business Card, we have helped lawyers and legal professionals across the country attract more clients, maintain a healthy pipeline of referrals and word-of-mouth connections with custom made-to-order metal business cards.

Check out our wide range of metal business cards here or call our friendly team for free design guidance at 714.213.8155.

When ordering, include our Artwork Design Service in your order to have our professional in-house designer team create you a unique, custom business card design! 

Check out what some of our customers have to say about their metal cards:

“These things blow people away when you present them. If you want to really make that impression and be “that guy” in the room, you’re going to need some metal business cards. “

– Dominic A.

“I Bought because I truly wanted to leave a lasting impression on my best potential clients. Not only that, I wanted to stand out by doing something most people don’t do.”

– Jevonnah Ellison

“I charge a premium for my service. When I first meet a client, I want to make the BEST first impression they are getting quality.”