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Last updated on July 3, 2024

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Get ready to show off your American pride with our exclusive lineup of Patriotic Business Cards!

Designed to make your networking moments unforgettable, these cards are perfect for anyone who wants to blend national pride with professional flair.

Imagine handing out a card that not only stands out but also showcases your dedication to the USA in style.

Clients love our metal cards because they know they leave a lasting impression that speaks volumes about their commitment to country and sophistication.

Made from durable stainless steel and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these cards feature stunning Americana designs that combine strength with bold aesthetics.

Let’s ignite your patriotism and start designing a stack of these all-American stunners that are uniquely yours:

10. Cold Steel, Hot Market – Black Metal Business Cards for HVAC


Proud of where they come from, the team at Cold War Refrigeration knew they needed a way to represent their USA roots.

Loud and proud these Black Metal Business Cards feature bold red and blue spot colors bringing the American flag to life!

With our advanced chemical etching process, we also cut the stars and stripes clean through the card for an impressive look, enhancing the elements without adding in a 3rd color.

In battle of metal versus paper cards, these are sure to win the entire war!

9. Protech and Serve – Stainless Steel Business Cards for Security Professionals


Comprised of skilled military and law enforcement units, we designed a set of cards for Protech Security Group, Inc. to honor their decades of experience.

Our Stainless Steel Business Cards with a brushed finish combines rugged excellence and professionalism. (Pro Tip: The brushed finish also helps to prevent the appearance of fingerprints!)

Included with all custom cards, the star portion of their logo was cut through the cards bringing attention to the business name. We also created a custom star cutout pattern to complement the logo and patriotic symbolism.

For a classy and subtle addition, we surface etched an American flag on the back of the cards. Surface etching creates a tone-on-tone effect which offers a timeless look that also doesn’t distract from the rest of the card.

Blue and black spot colors were used to match the company’s branding, and to ensure legibility of important contact information.

These star-spangled cards are guaranteed to shine bright!

8. Call of Duty – White Metal Business Cards for HVAC Professionals


100% owned and operated in the United States, Elite C@ll’s CEO & Founder Jack Pinsel, needed a clever way to make an impression and showcase his dedication to business in the US.

His sleek White Metal Business Cards are a beacon of professionalism and pride! Always the perfect canvas, our matte white metal finish amplifies the status of any business.

A popular choice, the angled cutout of the American flag is a bold design choice favored by proud Americans. A vibrant blue spot color only helps to enhance the theme and design.

We are always here to answer the call of duty – To help you stand out!

7. Raise the Roof – Black Metal Business Cards for Roofers


A crowd favorite, we are proud to present the Heroic Roofing metal business card, a testament to professionalism and patriotic pride!

Crafted from durable stainless steel and coated in our black metal finish, this card features a striking debossed American flag that symbolizes dedication and service to America. The bold design is further enhanced with vibrant red, white, and blue spot colors, celebrating the nation’s colors with every card.

Owned and operated by North Texas first responders, including fire, police, EMS, and military veterans, Heroic Roofing embodies the spirit of duty and commitment, and we’re here to make sure their cards do too.

This card stands as a tribute to the brave men and women who continue to serve their community, both on the front lines and through their professional endeavors!

6. Home Grown – Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for Furniture Stores


Decor Furniture & Mattress is elevating their professional presence and patriotism with their impressive stainless steel business cards!

Made of premium .5mm steel, this card features a vibrant display of the American flag, achieved with four spot colors for the ultimate visual effect. An excellent choice if you’d like a solid card that forgoes cut-through areas.

The red, white, and blue design elements seamlessly integrate with the sleek metal finish, creating a bold statement of American tradition.

Hailing from Cambridge, Ohio, Decor Furniture & Mattress doesn’t let you forget it with bold black text.

The inclusion of a QR code provides a modern touch, offering an additional means of conveying information effortlessly.

Make a lasting impression with a card that reflects your dedication to both community and country with your own set of stainless steel business cards.

5. Left on Jed – Gunmetal Finish Business Cards for Business Professionals


Get ready to be wowed by the First American Petroleum business card, a shot through the heart of traditional branding!

This card flaunts a sleek gunmetal finish that screams sophistication and strength. Choosing to forgo any screen-printed colors, silver laser etching was used for the content keeping the look cool and serious.

But that’s not all! This card takes patriotic pride to the next level with its custom cut-through areas, forming a dynamic American flag backdrop. The stars and stripes come alive, adding depth and flair that makes the card not only a tool, but a piece of art.

This First American Petroleum card is a shining example of American ingenuity and style. Capturing the spirit of dedication and excellence, it makes every handshake and exchange a moment to remember.

4.  Be More Pacific – Stainless Steel Business Card for Veterans and Veteran Owned Businesses


Crafted for Virginia Gouin of SoCal Pacific Mortgage, stainless steel business card exudes a cool, professional vibe with a touch of patriotic flair!

 The rich, dark blue and red spot colors create a more muted version of the classic American palette.

The top half of the card proudly features a surface-etched American flag, a perfect nod to the stars and stripes.

This detailed etching, combined with the cutout pattern, makes the card a standout piece, symbolizing the strength and resilience of America.

As a veteran-owned business, SoCal Pacific Mortgage perfectly embodies the spirit of dedication and service. This card is more than just a way to share contact information; it’s a celebration of American values and the hard work of our veterans!

3. 1776: Forging a Revolution – Black Metal Business Cards for Oil and Gas Businesses


In 1776, the United States declared its independence, and now 1776 Energy Services is declaring their awesomeness with a custom black metal business card!

This black metal card features a striking matte finish, making the vibrant red, white, and blue spot colors pop with patriotic pride.

One of the standout features of this card is the custom cutout areas, which create a dynamic pattern that partially silhouettes the edge of the logo. This design feature not only adds depth and texture but also incorporates elements of the American flag, with part of the cutout pattern filled in red to emulate the iconic stripes.

With this card in hand, you’re not just sharing contact information—you’re sharing a piece of the American dream!

2. Red, White and Brew – Metal Bottle Opener Business Cards for Patriots


Raise a toast to the ultimate in functional networking with this stainless steel metal bottle opener card! Perfectly combining business and pleasure, this unique round card is emblazoned with the iconic American flag, making it a standout piece that’s as patriotic as it is practical.

Imagine this: you’re at a networking event, and it’s time to crack open a cold one. Out comes your custom bottle opener card, and suddenly, you’re not just sharing your contact info—you’re the life of the party!

The vibrant red, white, and blue design screams ‘America,’ while the sturdy stainless steel construction ensures it’s built to last.

Whether you’re celebrating a big deal or just enjoying a casual beer with colleagues, this card is a conversation starter and a testament to your innovative spirit.

Cheers to networking, America, and the coolest business card you’ll ever hand out!

Team USA – Stainless Steel Metal Tags for Athletes


Showcasing the spirit of excellence in American athletics, these custom stainless steel metal tags are crafted for USA Volleyball and their prestigious National Team Development Program (NTDP)!

With a full-screen print on both sides, these tags boast a vibrant navy background, beautifully complemented by red, white, and blue accents that scream ‘Team USA!’

The unique custom shape and cutouts make these tags not only functional but also a standout accessory for any athlete. You won’t lose your luggage with one of these bad boys attached.

USA Volleyball, the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport in the United States, launched NTDP as the pinnacle of player development. The quality of our metal tags helps to represent the dedication, hard work, and patriotic pride that define this elite program.

Whether you’re hitting the court or cheering from the sidelines, these metal tags are a perfect tribute to the athletes’ journey and are sure to make you and your team stand out!

Join other proud Americans who are setting the gold standard with our patriotic metal business cards!

At My Metal Business Card, we work hard to ensure your cards will make a huge first impression because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

Your cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started with your own business cards, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for you and your business!

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