Top Tattoo Business Cards for Tattoo Artists

Published October 30, 2023

Author: My Metal Business Card

Tattoo Business Cards

In the world of tattoo artistry, every stroke and drop of ink holds the essence of personal expression and connection. As a professional in the tattoo industry you understand that networking is the key to bringing in new clients, collaborating with different artist, and unlocking new opportunities.

Get ready to enter a new era of networking with unique tattoo business cards!

Just as a tattoo tells a story, metal business cards are more than just contact information; they are a powerful statement of your professionalism and a window into your style.

Inkredible! Dive into our curated list of business card designs tailored for the tattoo industry – they’re more than just skin deep:

10. Skull of Ideas – Brass Finish Tattoo Business Cards

Brass Finish Metal Business Cards For Tattoo Artists

Jordan Jones, tattoo artist and owner of No Quarter Tattoo studio, needed a way to truly shine amongst his peers in the industry. With his shiny Brass Finish Metal Business Cards they truly reflect his dedication to quality!

With one spot color included we used a bold black for the imagery, emulating the same dark and detailed line work as a tattoo.

Using his own artwork on the front and back of the cards is a brilliant way to showcase his style and abilities to potential clients.

Upgrading to the highly reflective shiny brass finish, these cards have a beautifully gilded and luxurious look that catches the light.

Share a your art and information in one with a custom metal business card!

9. Think Ink – Custom Shape Stainless Steel Business Cards for Tattoo Artists

Custom Shape Stainless Steel Business Cards For Tattoo Artists

Mad Mike is no square and so he needed a set of custom business cards to show is personality! These round Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards represent his true form.

Included with our standard cards, we used custom shape to turn his cards from a regular old rectangles into a standout circle shape. Sitting in a stack of classic business cards, these will make a visual and tactile impression.

Matching the same black a grey theme as the tattoo style he specializes in, we used a black spot color on the stainless steel for a timeless look.

We added custom cut through areas in the feather quill and spade portion of the logo for an extra flair.

It’s time to stop beating aROUND the bush and order your own custom metal business cards!

8. Blueprint for Success – Black Metal Tattoo Business Cards

Black Metal Business Cards For Tattoo Artists

If we could write out the blueprint for success, it would absolutely include metal business cards. When the team at Blueprint Gallery Tattoo came to us looking for help, we created these Black Metal Business Cards to guide them in the right direction.

A bold and popular choice, our matte black finish is the perfect neutral canvas for any design, including the bold “b” logo.

Using a metallic gold for their spot color, their shop name and large logo contrast against the black finish, jumping off of the cards.

Custom cut through areas were used in the top 2/3rds of the card in a vintage stained glass design. Continuing the vintage aesthetic, we used a typewriter style font for a truly analog vibe.

Get ready to map out your success with custom Black Metal Business Cards. 

7. Script Keeper – Stainless Steel Metal Membership Cards for Tattoo Artists

Stainless Steel Metal Membership Cards For Tattoo Artists

Wanting to celebrate a group of special and long-term customers, Chino’s Tattoos reach out to us to create something truly unique to the industry, Metal Membership Cards.

Constructed from premium .5mm stainless steel, these cards will stand the test of time with their durability and timeless elegance.

Since there was no worry about text on the back, we maxed out the custom cut through areas, etching line work through the entire body of the card.

Popular among our tattoo artist customers, we used a black spot color to screen print their custom script logo into the cards.

Honor your loyal clients and show your appreciation with a custom Metal Membership Card!

6. Lashing Out – Rose Gold Metal Business Cards for Estheticians

Rose Gold Metal Business Cards For Estheticians

CEO of Dermal Designz, Obray Cowan is a longtime customer of My Metal Business Card who continues to empress with his custom set of Brass Finish Metal Business Cards!

Opting for our lustrous brass finish, these cards seem to have been kissed by Midas himself!

With a surface etching technique, we applied a topographic inspired pattern into the raw metal prior to the brass electroplating process. This results in an etched tone on tone effect for a subtle and organic design element.

The etching is further accentuated with black spot color, enhancing the depth and contrast of Obray’s custom artwork. This color choice not only amplifies the visual appeal but also emphasizes the finer details, making the imagery pop against the brass backdrop.

In the hands of its beholder, this card doesn’t just share contact details; it offers a golden ticket to a world where imagination and artistry know no bounds!

5. Think Pink – Rose Gold Tattoo Business Cards

Rose Gold Metal Business Cards For Tattoo Artists

The Inked Group just dropped the mic with their custom Rose Gold Metal Business Cards. This isn’t just any card; it’s like a mini tattoo for your wallet!

Crafted from stainless steel and then enrobed in a trendy rose gold finish, these cards scream, “I’m here to stay”! 

We surfaced etched their detailed logo into the background of the cards, almost like a tattoo! With etching the details are literally chemically cut into the metal for ultimate longevity.

The lifelike pen strokes in their cursive logo were brought to life in an inky black spot color.

With Rose Gold Metal Business Cards everything is coming roses for The Inked Group!

4.  Ride the Wave – Brass Finish Metal Business Cards for Tattoo Artist

Brass Finish Metal Business Cards For Tattoo Artist

No ordinary card, this Brass Finish Metal Business Card for studio owner Ben Kelly is a flashy fusion of traditional business etiquette and rock-star bravado.

The old school style logo and black printing on the brass background marries traditional tattoo style with the avant-garde.

Using negative space, we screen printed a majority of the card black, letting the untouched brass areas shine through for the content.

For an added touch, we added a mesh border running up the outer edges of the card.

Ben Kelly’s card is his golden ticket to success!

3. Green with Envy – Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for Tattoo Artists

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards For Tattoo Artists

Impact Ink is ready to create an even bigger impact in the industry with their new Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards!

Using cut though areas we precisely etched intricate line work in a circular movement pattern. The custom pattern etched through the stainless steel surface draws your eye through the card, focusing on and framing the center.

We used a bright green spot color to match their signature color, adding touches of color into the line patterns.

We want you to create your own impact and impression with your own custom metal cards!

2. The Heart of the Matter – Black Metal Tattoo Artist Business Cards

Black Metal Business Card For Tattoo Artists

Ashley Huber knew the best way to relate to her clients id by wearing her heart on her sleeves, and her metal cards!

Dark and mysterious, there was no better choice than our matte Black Metal Business Cards for Ashley’s impressive anatomical heart and eye logo.

For the ultimate macabre touch, we chose a blood red spot color for the content and the dripping heart image. 

A black spot was chosen to upgrade the backside of the cards for a mystifying black on black print that reveals itself in different lighting.

Making the most of our chemical etching processes, we cut an intricate pattern towards the outer edges of the cards, hugging the silhouette of the heart.

Join the dark side along with Ashley Huber and conjure up your own Black Metal Business Cards!

1. Eternally Etched – Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards for Tattoo Artists

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card For Tattoo Artists

Put your paper cards in their final resting place and resurrect your business with custom metal business cards!

Classic and professional, our natural stainless steel a neutral canvas that can be tailored to your exact vision. Turning a traditional card on its head, we chose a vertical orientation for a unique twist.

Using custom cut through areas an intricate chemically etched spiderweb and coffin cutouts, merge modern design with a touch of gothic charm. 

Vibrant and eye-catching, fiery red spit color was used to bring the text to life on these rather deadly cards.

It’s no question, these Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards are to die for!

Join the ranks of tattoo industry professionals and shop owners who have transformed their brand and business with metal business cards!

At My Metal Business Card, we work hard to ensure your tattoo business cards will make a huge first impression because we truly believe in the impact our products have. This is our guarantee:

We guarantee that your metal business cards will make you stand out or we will give you your money back!

When you are ready to get started with your own business cards, contact us at, call us at 714.213.8155 or use the chat widget on this site, so we can help design unique Metal Business Cards perfect for you and your business!

“I was skeptical that a metal business card would be an effective marketing tool. I was wrong. Everyone I hand my card to has commented on them. Worth the investment. Proofing is easy and the team does not pressure you to hurry up. I was able to make multiple revisions without feeling like the MMBC team was frustrated or didn’t understand what I wanted. Will use again for more cards.”

– Stacey M.

“One word, IMMACULATE! Every single time!

– Obray Cowan

“I don’t hand out a bunch of business cards but when I do it matters. I want it to be impactful. Metal cards have that impact.”

– Curtis R.

“These Cards are stunning. Business conversations switch away from price, and move to quality and service and value when customers see them. They change the customer’s impression of every aspect of the interaction upon receiving one.” 

– Craig B.