Turn Heads with a Custom Shaped Metal Business Card

Published July 5, 2017 | Last updated on June 14, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Custom Shaped Metal Business Cards

At MyMetalBusinessCard.com, we love producing custom projects for our clients to show off! Understanding every customer has their own card style, purpose and preference is an important factor when designing. One of the most Frequently Asked Questions is, “Can you make my card custom shaped?” The answer isYes!” Let your imagination run wild with shapes and sizes. Custom shapes are available within product dimensions –please note rounded corners and edges are necessary for safety purposes. Since a custom shape is included in our pricing, why not take advantage of our production capabilities? Turn heads with a custom shaped Metal Business Card!

Below are a few custom shaped Metal Business Cards we’ve produced:

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Custom Shaped Metal Business Card Luggage Shape

This stainless steel card was designed for our returning customer, Nicholas Franklin who wanted a Metal Business Card in the shape of a luggage suitcase. The custom shape of Nicholas’ cards was 3.37” x 2”. We screen printed the color onto the card’s surface and utilized surface etching for the small details on the luggage.  The result was a sharp, unique, and eye-catching Metal Business Card.

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Custom Shaped Metal Business Card Black Metal For Football Team

When Southern Miss Football first contacted us about doing a custom Metal Business Card, they wanted the card shaped in the school’s famous logo. Our designers recommended a Black Metal Card and matched their school colors with the correct Pantone shades for production. The final shape was 3.37” x 1.81”. All yellow areas were etched first and filled with color for extra durability. Southern Miss has since become a loyal client of My Metal Business Card, and we look forward to working with them every season!

My Metal Business Card | Mmbc Custom Shaped Metal Business Card Key Shape Brass Card

For Julie and Paul’s wedding, we produced custom metal invitations with matching Metal Business Card sized keys for admission to their special day. Guests were given metal invitations which featured a locket shape and key hole along with this 1.34” x 3.06” brushed, brass finish matching key, which was to be presented at their venue on the day of the wedding. We were overjoyed to be able to contribute to their happy occasion by bringing this creative idea to life!

As you can see, for those who crave a more custom style, we’ve got you covered! We have the ability to produce almost any custom shape and size you desire. Anything from camera shaped designs to hexagonal business cards, we are happy to offer our clients options to support their creative imaginations. The best part is… there are no additional charges for custom shapes within our standard product dimensions!

Strive for an innovative approach and let our team take your business or personal life to a whole new level! Have a design idea that we can create for you? Contact us today at 714.213.8155 or sales@test.mymetalbusinesscard.com.