Unique Business Cards for Better Connections in 2022 and Beyond

Published December 9, 2021

Author: caitlen

My Metal Business Card | Top Picks 2021

As we get ready to head into the new year, we are seeing an increase in orders from new customers wanting Unique Business Cards, and they have come to just the right place! Here at MyMetalBusinessCard.com we are known for being the leader in Metal Business Cards and know the first step in connecting is to make a memorable impression.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Tiktok must be worth…

If you didn’t know before, you do now…MMBC is on TikTok! We are excited to have another way to connect and share the more of the Custom Metal and other Unique Business Cards we produce. These cards give our clients the means to instantly stand out and create a memorable impression. Give us a follow on TikTok, to see updates first hand.

We have put together a more in-depth look at 3 of the most popular cards shown in our recent Cards of the Week TikTok, for your inspiration. Time to get the inspiration brewing…

3. Cards SHAKEN to Perfection

Unique Business Cards For Vip Membership Black Metal Custom Design With Neon Color Print

Good drinks are made from quality ingredients and a bold idea. Coincidentally, you need that same combination when making one-of-a-kind unique business cards as well! Black Metal Business Cards are always a fan favorite, for their luxurious look and feel, and this Urban Daiquiris card is no exception.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Vibrant Pantone Colors, Subtle Surface Etching you can feel, and a custom cutout in the URBAN DAIQUIRIS text, all make this card stand out to us. We know this is a card that VIP’s will actually go wild for and get excited to show off (Hello FREE Marketing 😉)!

2. The SUPERior Choice in Unique Business Cards

My Metal Business Card | Superman Style Business Card White Metal Custom Design With 2 Spot Colors Red Blue

Superior Solutions to the rescue! And just who are they going to rescue? NEW CLIENTS, of course!

Playing it safe has never gotten anyone far – superheros included. And when it comes to business, why not have a bold image to match your underlying WHY.

These stainless steel cards feature the ‘S’ from…well, you know. And the combination of red and blue spot color screen printing really makes these cards pop, especially up against the cut-through pattern in the large logo at right.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Let’s face it, superheroes are AWESOME, and what is better than a custom Business Card that has the look and feel of your favorite superhero.

3. Innovation at its Best(est)

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Tempest Electric Vehicle Business Card Energy Design

This one is tempting… To hold and look at, time-and-time again.

We’ve seen it all – cards with simple contact text to cards like this. The Tempest card utilizes a unique shape, lots of cut-through areas, an interesting surface-etching area and finishes it all with the subtle corporate colors or the brand.

Unlike paper cards, this card begs and deserves to be looked at and shared.

WHY WE LOVE IT: This card packs a WOW factor. Everywhere you look, there is more detail to admire… the cut-out areas, the jagged surface-etched areas, the feeling of forward-motion with the italicized font, and more. The amount of detail in the design of this card is complimented only by our precision made-to-order manufacturing that produces the worlds finest metal business cards.

My Metal Business Card is the world leader in metal business cards, producing and shipping thousands of custom business card designs daily. Our passion and a core strength is utilizing our in-house design team to elevate our clients design by way of our unique production capabilities. In other words, it’s our goal to make you more successful with a stunning metal business card. 

We hope you enjoyed our favorite cards so far this year. When you’re ready to start conversations with your own unique cards, contact our friendly sales team at sales@mymetalbusinesscard.com or call us at 714.213.8155 so we can help design the Metal Business Cards of your dreams!

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