Wedding Invitation Close Up

Published August 26, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

Wedding Invitation Close Up

Featured in our Elegant Luxury Wedding Invitations blog, we wanted to take you on a deep dive into the metal wedding invitations and accessories of our very own Artwork Director Caitlen and her husband Brian!

Lucky enough to get an in-depth look, we can explore the design and production processes used to create the invitations and other specialty items. 😍

This enchanting Palm Springs wedding held at the Saguaro Hotel created a dreamy desert oasis experience. Using a diverse color palette and tropical motif to pop against the neutral canvas of the desert, all elements were designed to carefully complement their vision for the big day. 

Bride And Groom Photography In The Desert


Wedding invitations are often the first true taste of a wedding’s theme or style and sets the tone for your special day.

Keeping with the desert chic of Palm Springs and unique venue The Saguaro Hotel, our Rose Gold finish was the perfect selection for a wedding invitation that wants to make a statement. 

  • After its feature as the Pantone color of the year in 2016, Rose Gold/Rose Quartz has continued to rise in popularity in the wedding scene due to its romantic yet modern feel.
Rose Gold Wedding Invitation

Keeping with the modern feel, they opted for our fun 6 x 6” sizing! Large enough to display all the important information and maximize design, yet shorter than your average rectangular invite, this playful shape is a great choice for contemporary couples.

Rose Gold Metal Wedding Invitiation

We used the tropical plant theme of the wedding suite as inspiration for the border of various green leaves, taking special care to add Monstera leaves – A special homage to Caitlen’s grandparents and their ongoing 55+ year marriage. 

  • Using various green hues, we screen printed the different leaves onto the invitation in a natural layout to create natural movement.
  • A border of custom cut through areas along the left and bottom sides of the invitation highlight the intricacies of the leaves, and allow light to shine through.
  • Paired with an additional white spot color and surface etching, the additional information details are applied, delicately complementing the overall aesthetic.

As a celebration of love and unity, weddings rely on deep personal connections to combine two families.

When designing custom metal invitations here at My Metal Business Card, we want to harness those personal touches and combine them with your perfect vision to create an invite that is truly special and speaks to your guests.

Although the front of wedding invitations are the real bread and butter, with so much room to play with, why neglect the back? 

  • All of our invitations include content on the front AND back, make sure to maximize your potential!
Rose Gold Metal Wedding Invitiation With Custom Cutouts

Making sure all of the primary info is easily accessible on the front, Caitlen and Brian chose to upgrade their invites with a specialized magnetic backing!

Adding a magnetic backing gives your guests the opportunity to not only display your beautiful invite, but to keep the information readily available to them on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces.

Taking advantage of the extra space, the bride and groom’s initials are discreetly surface etched for a tone-on-tone effect. The leaves are also cleverly reversed out from the front side, alternating which ones are filled versus outlined. 

  • All our invitations come with one color included, but you are welcome to add as many colors as needed that can be used freely across both sides. 

Modern and romantic, these custom metal wedding invitations are a true labor of love and encompass everything Caitlen and Brian hoped to achieve for their special day.


Custom Personalized Bottle Openers

Custom metal wedding invitations will set the tone before your big day, but why not keep that energy going by surprising your guests ON the big day with a custom wedding favor?

Using our custom Metal Bottle Opener Cards, our innovative couple created personalized bottle openers for each of their special guests. The bottle openers were labeled with not only the guest names, but also later personalized with the table numbers doubling down on functionality.

  • Upgrade your custom products with the selection of Variable Data to personalize each individual piece for a deeply personal and meaningful experience
My Metal Business Card | Quick Metal Bottle Openers

Knowing these fun favors would be kept on hand by many and wanting to appeal to the taste of all guests, Caitlen and Brian opted for our sleek Matte Black finish as opposed to the Rose Gold. To keep with the overall theme, the same Tropical Plants motif was applied to the front and back of the cards along with a name, and a sweet message of thanks!

  • All design elements and personalization were achieved with our state-of-the-art silver laser etching process. Using our precision lasers, we blast through the top layer of finish to reveal the crisp stainless steel underneath.

Fun and functional, custom Metal Bottle Opener Cards are the perfect wedding favor that gets the party started and keeps you in the heart (and pockets) of your guests for years to come. 


A wedding wouldn’t be the same without the amazing members of your wedding party, so why not honor them with a special personalized gift?

Our huge selection of Metal Tumblers is a fantastic way to treat your wedding party, while providing them with a gift they will actually use. 

20Oz Metal Tumblers

As the perfect keepsake and vessel to ensure everyone stayed hydrated in the Palm Springs heat, Caitlen and Brian chose personalized 20 oz Polar Camel Metal Tumblers to keep cool.

  • To match their colorful theme, vibrant Coral was selected for Caitlen’s bridal party while a cool Navy was chosen for the groom’s men!
  • Taking advantage of personalization, the bride and groom’s tumblers toted their wedding party logo while each individual wedding party member was customized with their own name and a laser etched tropical plant design.


A beautiful wedding suite is brought together through cohesive planning, and well thought out design. We want to make sure your ideal vision permeates throughout your entire wedding experience through our custom Logo Design packages

Wedding Invitation Logo Design Process

Our logo design service can be used for far more than just cards.

In this case of matrimonial success the logo was used for not only their invitations, but their photo booth prints, menus, ceremony programs, temporary tattoos and more.

  • Once you approve the proof for your logo design service you will receive the digital logos files to use any way you want! 
Custom Wedding Invitation Design

Congratulations to Caitlen and Brian on their playful, tropical Palm Springs celebration!

Every wedding should be unique and we want to give you the opportunity to celebrate your marriage to its fullest, most OUTSTANDING potential.

If you and your partner are eager to partake in a fully custom approach to your wedding, we are happy to help bring your vision to life. 

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