Weight a minute! Why Metal Business Card Weight is Important

Last updated on July 29, 2021

Author: My Metal Business Card

Metal Business Card Weight Is It Important

Whether we realize it or not, we often associate weight with quality and value.

When it comes to your Metal Business Card weight is not only important – it makes all the difference.  In fact, this is the main reason all of our cards are made from stainless steel and not aluminum. Aluminum can be so much lighter than stainless steel, it just doesn’t feel valuable. You will notice the difference in Business Card weight immediately!

Have you ever held a Metal Business Card in your hand?

Our cards feel like ‘cold hard stainless steel’ – because they are! They’re sturdy, solid, and the weight is just right. Not too heavy. Not too light.

When the owner and founder of our company, Craig Martyn, first explored the idea of Metal Business Cards, one of the most important factors in establishing the top quality of our product was the business card weight and thickness.

One of our core values is mindfulness and thus, we strive to create Metal Business Cards that look and feel perfect. In fact, it took a lot of testing to find the ‘just right’ weight.

And so, My Metal Business Card utilizes high-quality metal sheets of 304 stainless steel in .5mm thickness because it feels the best.

Simply put – when you hand out your Metal Business Card, you want it to feel like metal.

It should feel thick and durable.

It should give the impression of luxury and professionalism.

And our cards do just that.  They give the immediate impression of value and confidence.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s a note we received from our valued and well-spoken client, Matthew Reynaud…

So, is Business Card Weight Important? See For Yourself:


What was the single biggest reason that convinced you to place your order with My Metal Business Card?


Weight a minute… Have you ever held an object in your hand and It seemed to be abnormally light? Say a cell phone or a watch for example. It is not uncommon to relate that object with being “cheap” if it perceived as being “too light” 

The opposite of course is when you pick up a cell phone or a watch and it is surprisingly heavy it makes you take a second and say to yourself “oh hey this thing is serious!” That is because of a subconscious psychological effect that we have built in. 

We associate things that are heavy with importance, value or significance. Please see link below for further reading on that subject.

Read More Here.

The other is a matter of positioning. Business cards are the equivalent of junk mail. Most go completely unnoticed no matter how fancy your artwork, simply because of information overload. However, if you can pass someone something that they are not expecting say a live hamster you have a far better chance of getting their attention. 

So those two things taken into account a metal business card makes perfect sense and they are much more manageable to hand out than hamsters. Hope that helps add some value to you and your organization.

Best regards,
Matthew Reynaud

We know that seeing is believing, which is why we offer free generic samples to our clients. 

Let us send you a Metal Business Card sample so you can HOLD ONE in physical form – you’ll see the weight is just right and the quality speaks for itself!

My Metal Business Card | Xubnk Ebzfg67Wpvvtcwyvrduc6Hpgag9Ea7Up46Gxhywylxt5Wtwhksmhiqe82Md2Ch Jhohbjuby5Yf Dhpntsesev7 Zugn3Ujusjteeytk9Ze7Vq Wa886Ud4Np8Quzxdqn

Visit https://mymetalbusinesscard.com/request-free-samples/ and complete the short Samples Request form. We’ll process and ship your sample via USPS Mail within 24 hours!

If you have any questions about this topic –we’re here to help!

Call us at 714.213.8155 or email sales@mymetalbusinesscard.com today.

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