Contractor Business Cards: How To Stand Out From The Competition And Impress New Customers

Published September 5, 2022 | Last updated on September 22, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

Contractor Business Cards - My Metal Business Card

Contractor business cards are an important marketing tool for your business to stand out from the competition and generate the first impression you’re looking for when meeting with new clients.

A metal contractor business card gives you immediate legitimacy and is a great conversation starter.

Contractor Business Card - Stainless Steel Ground Breakers Excavating Metal Business Card With Custom Shape

What should be on a contractor’s business card?

When creating your card, you want to consider the different methods you would like clients to get a hold of you. Do you primarily communicate through your cellphone, or would you rather have your calls directed to an office line? As the primary form of modern communication, we strongly suggest adding your email address to the cards.

Here are the top suggestions for information that should be included on a contractor’s business card:

  • Name and Title
  • Company Name
  • Company Logo 
    • Important for brand reputation and recognition
  • Cell phone number, office phone number or both!
  • Email address
  • Company website address
  • Contractor License Number 
    • Licensed contractors must include their license number in all forms of advertising.
  • Other relevant certifications
    • These help to set yourself apart from the competition right from the get go!
Copper Metal Business Card For Contractors

What is the difference between a builder and contractor?

A builder typically handles the actual construction of homes and buildings – foundation setting, framing, roofing, etc. Usually builders do not work on mechanical or electrical projects.

Builders are primarily responsible for:

  • Operation of heavy machinery
  • Demolition
  • Building structural foundations and framework
  • Various other tasks, not usually including electrical or plumbing

A general contractor manages a team of subcontractors and oversees the entire construction project. General contractors focus on the overall project and manages multiple teams to make sure the plan stays on schedule. 

General contractors are primarily responsible for:

  • Hiring/sourcing all subcontractors
  • Obtaining necessary project permits
  • Managing realistic timelines
  • Managing and budgeting out the total construction cost for the project
Carbon Fiber Business Card For Contractors

How much does it cost to buy 500 contractor business cards?

Pricing will vary depending on quantity and metal finish! A popular choice for contractor business cards is our Copper Finish Metal Business Cards starting at around $2.85/pc for 500 cards. Also popular for its raw metal appearance, our standard Stainless Steel business cards start at around $1.85 for 500 cards. (Always check our custom card builder for the best available pricing.)

Contractor Business Card - White Metal Construction Business Card With Ruler And Qr Code Multiuse

What is the best place to order business cards for contractors?

As a contractor, you want to make sure you are ordering from a company that first and foremost understands your business.

You want to make sure that you are working with a hands on team well versed in design, and familiar with elements that will elevate your cards to a new level.

Here are some other essential factors to consider when ordering business cards:

  • No setup fees.
  • A dedicated in-house designer to work with you directly.
  • Knowledgeable customer service team located in the US.
  • Receiving a custom digital proof of the design for approval before production.
  • Unique design and not a carbon copy of other cards.
  • A team with extensive experience working with different businesses and industries.

With that being said, you are already on the right track! Here at My Metal Business Card we pride ourselves on championing each point, and more.

Our clients and their satisfaction are our top priority, and we will not rest until you are completely happy with your experience.

Stainless Steel Metal Business Card For Contractors

As inspiration for your very own set, see below a glimpse into some of our favorite Contractor and Builders Metal Business Cards.

Metal Contractor Business Card Examples:

Cracking Open Opportunity – Black Metal Bottle Opener Card

Black Metal Bottle Opener For Contractors

J.P. Crivello of Crivello Bros. Construction values his strong client relations and wanted to extend that sentiment through a card that fosters shared communication.

The matte black metal finish creates a sleek base for the blue and white spot colors to speak loud and clear. We created a specialized shape for the cards to match the sloped logo, and mirror the silhouette of a roof. As an added bonus and tribute to the construction theme, we applied a chain link fence pattern to the background in a semi-gloss black spot color for a subtle pattern and hint of design. 

Create connections by creating experiences with a set of custom Metal Bottle Opener Cards!

WELD Done! –  Full Color Printed Black Metal Business Card

Black Metal Business Card For Contractors

When one color just isn’t enough, why settle? Take advantage of the rainbow with the use of Full Color Printing! We love these tough yet vibrant black metal business cards for MK Mechanical Contractors!

With a custom fabricated shape, this unique silhouette enhances the colorful border pattern representing the multicolored reflection and pattern of welding beads. Integrating elements of your work as a design element is one of the many ways we can create a truly one-of-a-kind card.

OutSHINE Your Competition – Brass Finish Metal Business Card

Brass Finish Business Card For Contractors

A Brass Finish Card upgraded with our Shiny Finish takes these cards to a whole new level.

You never want to feel like you have a cookie cutter card, and with our endless customization options, you’ll never have to. Custom window cutouts, Black Spot Color in their logo, and the Shiny Finish will ensure that Chris will never be forgotten.

This Metal Business Card creation will leave your client wanting more!

FIRED UP – Copper Finish Business Card for Welder

Copper Finish Metal Business Card For Contractors

RUSTIC WELDING has a standout logo to do the talking! Our rustic yet modern Copper Finish Metal Business Card adds a stylistic enhancement to any card, elevating its sense of style without compromising the overall design.

We used a surface etching technique to apply the image portion of the logo and custom cutouts for the business name as the main focus of the cards. The contact information is also done in a surface etching for a tone on tone look to fit their style.

More construction business card examples

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