Custom Metal Membership Cards – Instantly Wow Your VIPs

Last updated on September 22, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

Metal Membership Cards

Give your client the exclusive experience they desire with their very own custom Metal Membership Cards! These cards exude VIP status, attracting excited new members and keeping existing ones engaged for years to come.

Set yourself above the competition and establish your brand by supplying a unique experience exclusive to your business.

My Metal Business Card | Aws205830 Black Metal Rewards Card With Surface Etching For Tesla 25109

Our Metal Membership Cards are amazing for keeping your clients involved by:

  • Recognizing long time or high profile clients for their dedication to your company
  • Setting various levels of status and memberships within your program
  • Creating a feeling of luxury and class for your clientele

The most convenient way to establish a membership is by providing some form of tangible card for your client to present. These cards are a physical manifestation and constant reminder of their belonging to your exclusive program.

As an added bonus, with Metal Cards you will never have to worry about wear and tear regular paper or plastic cards endure, while solidifying your commitment to a high quality experience and service.

My Metal Business Card | Aws205856 Copper Metal Membership Card Surface Etching Black Spot Color Variable Data Mugclub

At My Metal Business Card we offer Metal Membership Cards in multiple thicknesses ranging from .3mm to 1mm, with several choices of metal finishes and other custom add-ons available to fit your exact branding.

You can also set each level of membership apart by changing the type of Metal Card, finish, or design for each set!

We specialize in providing Metal Membership Cards that are not only fancy, but fully functional. Tracking purchases and usage in tandem with your POS system, awarding discounts, and allowing convenient access to member privileges has never been easier.

My Metal Business Card | Aws205832 Brass Finish Membership Card With Screen Printing 455210

Our Metal Membership Cards Features

  • Durable .5mm stainless steel – chosen for its ideal weight and durability. The cards are sturdy, and the perfect thickness for a luxurious in hand feel.
  • Standard business card (3.5 X 2”) or credit card dimensions (3.37 X 2.12”)
  • Rounded corners – for a refined style and safety
  • Unlimited custom cut-through areas
  • Surface etching – front and back!
  • One FREE screen printed color, which can be used on both sides!
  • FREE custom shapes to highlight elements like your logo/brand (so long as they fall within our standard dimensions)
My Metal Business Card | Aws205850 Brass Metal Membership Card Custom Cutouts Surface Etching Black Color

Take advantage of what our Metal Membership Cards have to offer with premium customization options!

Variable Data

  • Solidify your client’s VIP status in metal by personalizing each card with a name, number, or both with our Variable Data add-on. This added touch of personalization elevates the Metal Membership Cards and is proven to increase customer loyalty, and engagement. Variable Data can be silver laser etched into the surface, or screen printed in color onto the face of the cards. Simply upload the variable information in an Excel file with your order.
My Metal Business Card | Aws205845 Stainless Steel Metal Membership Card Black Color Etching Cutout Variable Data Jclubprive

Individualized QR and Barcodes

Make access to important information quick and convenient with our variable barcodes and QR codes. QR and Barcodes are perfect for gathering customer data, and tracking Membership Card usage. This data can be used to improve program incentives and rewards based off of information collected by the cards.

My Metal Business Card | Aws177023 Brushed Brass Finish Membership Card With Qr Code And Custom C Cutout Logo

Magnetic Stripes

Add a magnetic stripe to the back of your Metal Membership Cards! Choose from either a Hi-Co or Lo-Co magnetic stripe. Our stripes are universal and can be encoded with your information and delivered to you ready-to-use. This option is ideal for membership cards that need to be used to physically scan into a location, or to access/redeem credit within the company’s POS system.

My Metal Business Card | Aws205835 Stainless Steel Metal Membership Card Blue Spot Color Magnetic Stripe

Membership Cards Variable Data FAQ

Do I need Hi-Co or Lo-Co magnetic stripes?

This information can be acquired from your POS system provider. Hi-Co stripes are generally utilized with cards requiring long-term use, while Lo-Co is commonly used with gift cards, loyalty programs, and metal membership cards.

All our orders will receive Lo-Co unless otherwise requested.

Where can I create the serial numbers?

Your POS system can create specific or sequential number to your preference.

How do I submit what I need encoded onto the magnetic stripes?

Simply upload a Microsoft Excel file with your serial numbers during the order process.

Do I have to order my cards with magnetic stripe?

No, you can choose whether to include or remove the magnetic stripe from under the Advanced Settings tab on the card builder page.

What if I don’t have all the members’ names up front?

Our specialty is geared towards mass-production; therefore, we recommend waiting until you have a larger order of cards to place. If you don’t have all the members’ names up front, you have a few options:

1) You can place the initial order for however many cards you need as of now, then order smaller quantities once the names are acquired.

Note: going this route, the smallest order we can do is a Sample Run for $150. This is typically for five cards.

2) You can place the order with a surplus and take the extras to a local engraver to add the names as needed.

Note: we recommend having your engraver test on our generic samples prior, to ensure their laser is compatible with our cards. Please feel free to request free generic samples from our stock here:

3) Instead of printing names, you can assign a member or sequential number to each card and produce in larger quantities. This is a popular and cost-effective option!

Membership Card Types / Finishes

Metal Membership Cards are available in all five of our card types:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Metal
  • Copper Finish
  • Rose Gold
  • Brass Finish.

Our most popular choices are our Stainless Steel or Black Metal Cards for their simplicity and class. Standard Stainless Steel Cards come with a natural finish, which is somewhat reflective and smooth. While, Black Metal Cards have a luxurious, black matte surface.

My Metal Business Card | Aws205831 Stainless Steel Metal Membership Card Custom Cutouts Surface Etching Spot Colors Immaculata
My Metal Business Card | Aws205842 Black Metal Membership Card Screen Printed Colors Champions
My Metal Business Card | Aws205846 Black Metal Business Card Custom Shape Custom Cutout Founders Club Skull

Looking to step your cards up a notch?

Customize your Metal Membership Cards further with a unique finish or additional colors:

Brushed Finish – The Brushed finish takes the standard, matte card up a notch. This add-on provides a horizontal grain to the front and back of the card, which yields a sophisticated look that also helps to protect against finger prints. On a Black Metal Card, the brushed finish transforms into a cool and sophisticated Gunmetal color.

Textured Finish – This unique finish offers a subtle textured feel, similar to sandblasting, which adds a new tactile element to an already impressive metal card.


Chrome Finish on Stainless Steel – This high-shine mirror like finish transfigures the Stainless Steel surface to a futuristic Chrome. The reflective Chrome finish acts as a natural light attractant, highlighting all the right aspects of your cards – perfect for platinum members!

Extra colors – If your perfect design requires several colors, you can add on many as you need! We can even match Pantone colors to ensure accuracy when matching your company’s specific style and branding. In addition to our screen printed colors, we can also full color print photos and images onto the card surface – a first in our industry!

My Metal Business Card | Aws205844 Black Metal Membership Daquari Vip Pass With Neon Look Spot Color Custom Unique

Utilizing Metal Membership Cards is the ideal way to provide your clientele with a membership card that will instantly impress, and stand the test of time.

Cater to your clients and make them feel honored when they receive their fully customized Metal Membership Card!

Ready to get started? The first step is placing an order!

We Made Ordering Custom Membership Cards Online Easy!


Pick your quantity and place your order through our secure check-out at During check-out, upload any artwork and notes for us i.e. drawings, logos, even a photo of your current card. If you’re personalizing the cards, make sure to upload your Variable Data under the Advanced Settings tab.


Pick your quantity and place your order through our secure check-out at During check-out, upload any artwork and notes for us i.e. drawings, logos, even a photo of your current card. If you’re personalizing the cards, make sure to upload your Variable Data under the Advanced Settings tab.

In 24 working hours or less, you will receive a digital proof made by one of our professional in-house designers. Simply let us know if you have any changes – we’ll work back and forth with you during the digital proofing process! Once you’re completely satisfied, confirm your artwork for production.


After confirming your artwork, your Metal Membership Cards will be produced in our state-of-the-art facility. Allow roughly 2-3 weeks for production while we fabricate your custom Metal Membership Cards!

For all of your Custom Membership Card needs, contact My Metal Business Card now and experience the difference.

My Metal Business Card is the world leader in Metal Membership and Business Cards because of our service, price, speed and 100% satisfaction guarantee!

P.S. – If Metal Cards aren’t really your thing, we also offer Plastic Membership Cards!

Our #1 goal is to make you instantly stand out, and to leave a memorable impression. We’d love to make Metal Membership Cards for YOU! Call us at 714.213.8155 or email to get started with an order.