Luxury Real Estate Business Cards Top 10

Published July 6, 2022

Author: My Metal Business Card

Luxury Real Estate Business Cards

The top realtors working with luxury real estate clientele know the first impression is critical to establishing a solid relationship with new potential customers. The first contact needs to drive up expectations and showcase professionalism and success in all details.

Our most successful high-end real estate professional customers know they need luxury real estate business cards to match their brand image and level of service provided.

Here’s our list of our Top 10 Luxury Real Estate Business Cards for your inspiration:

10. Be the CENTER of Attention – Black Metal Luxury Real Estate Business Card

My Metal Business Card | Black Metal Luxury Business Card For Century 21 Realtor With Black Gloss Detail Lux

This Matte Black Business Card created for CENTURY 21 is a smooth operator that exudes class!

To keep this design sleek, we used a combination of a semi-gloss black spot color for the 21 pattern, in tandem with the matte finish of our Black Metal Business Cards. This clever combination creates a subtle contrast, adding a stylistic element without detracting from the statement logo.

Using silver laser etching to apply the company logo, we reveal the raw stainless steel underneath, enhancing the true metal element of the card. When creating luxury cards sometimes less is more, letting each hand crafted design element speak for itself.

9. Auric Aesthetic – Brass Finish Metal Business Card for Luxury Real Estate

My Metal Business Card | Brass Shiny Gold Finish Lux Metal Business Card For Realtor

For Austin T. Kellam’s cards he decided a Brass Finish Metal Business Card upgraded with our Shiny Finish would convey the proper message of luxury and opulence to his high-profile real estate clientele.

With our endless customization options, you will never have to feel like you’re handing out a cookie cutter card. Custom name cutouts, Black Spot Color, and the Shiny Finish will provide a truly unique card to ensure that Austin has all eyes on him.

Go for the gold with a custom Brass Finish Metal Business Card!

8. In the Lap of Luxury

My Metal Business Card | Brass Finish Metal Business Card For Luxury Real Estate Agent With Textured Pattern

Bridgeman Luxury Real Estate knew they wanted to convey a sense of refinement and we delivered with these Matte Brass Finish Business Cards with custom textured etching!

As one of our top performers, our Brass Finish Cards combine beautifully with a classic black Spot Color allowing peaks of the gilded finish from beneath. Creating a custom texture adds not only a stylistic element, but a tactile one as well further drawing clients into the experience.

These cards will serve the luxury title proud!

7. Signature Look

My Metal Business Card | Copper Finish Metal Luxury Realtor Business Card With Signature Cut Design

Thomas Vogel has a celebrity worthy signature in need an ideal canvas. Our classically vintage yet timeless Copper Finish Metal Business Cards add a unique flair to any set of cards, developing its sense of style while complimenting the detail work.

Using custom cutouts for his signature as the focus of the cards, the contact information was applied with a classic black spot color for an understated and sophisticated touch. Taking full advantage of custom cutouts included with our cards, a mesh border was added to the top and bottom, drawing the eyes across the body of the card.

Once picked up, these cards will never be put down.

6. Navigate Your Way To Success with High-End Luxury Business Cards

My Metal Business Card | Gunmetal Business Card With Brushed Metal Surface For Compass Realtor

Compass is paving their way as the first modern real estate platform, and needed a uniquely modern card to uphold their message.

Our Gunmetal Business Cards offer a chic and edgy spin to our Black Metal Cards for a high-end product that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your future clients. The unique brushed effect adds a textural and stylistic element to the cards, while also helping to prevent the appearance of fingerprints or scratches. A must have feature when these cards will certainly be exchanged between many hands!

A clean white spot color for their company logo lets the metal finish of the cards do the talking, emanating a modern energy sure to draw in key clientele.

5. Tippin’ The Scales

My Metal Business Card | White Metal Luxury Realty Business Card With Gold And Blue Spot Colors

Clean and fresh, our White Metal Business Cards offer the perfect canvas for TIPPINSLUXE REALTY to show off their style.

The blue and gold spot colors truly pop against the bright, smooth-white finish, showing off the TIPPINSLUXE signature colors. Intricate details like the blue detailing in the middle of the custom cut through bar showcase a dedication to quality and precision.

We know that luxury clients have an eye for detail, which is why each of our cards is carefully handcrafted and designed to match your perfect aesthetic.

4. Command Attention

My Metal Business Card | Black Metal Real Estate Luxury Business Card Lux Surface Etching And Silver

A great way to add interest to a card without the use of multiple colors is through texture. Wanting to stick to a sleek and more neutral color palette, Comandini Real Estate Advisory chose our popular Matte Black Metal Business Cards with various etching options.

Using our surface etching technique, we etched a custom Comandini logo pattern into the background of the card prior to coating it in our Black Finish. This creates a slight debossed effect adding a textural experience and slight visual interest without skewing the focal point of the logo. We also used our silver laser etching to reveal the raw Stainless Steel underneath, and to apply the decorative border and company information.

3. The Right ONE

My Metal Business Card | Stainless Steel Luxury Raltor Business Card With Gold Spot Colot Black Details

Opting for our popular Stainless Steel Business Cards, Mike Vaupel of Realty ONE Group chose to showcase the natural finish of a true metal card. Although our various finishes are impressive, a pure Stainless Steel helps to highlight the special quality of holding a metal card in your hands.

Custom cut through areas are a huge design advantage to metal cards, and add an impressive flair to any piece. Using our chemical etching process, we cut through a sweeping mesh pattern along with custom cutouts inside the logo. A traditional black spot color was used for the contact information, and a gold spot color for the logo to draw attention!

2. A Doorway To Opportunity with NFC Metal Business Cards for Real Estate

My Metal Business Card | Black Metal Nfc Business Card For Realtor With Gold Spot Color Silver Laser Etch

Being in touch with the latest tech trends is key when implementing new marketing strategies. Lindsay Vogt wanted to maximize her networking potential by combining the best of both physical and digital media worlds with a Metal NFC Business Card!

With our NFC technology, we can encode the chips with any URL of your choice, which can then be scanned to any smartphone it is tapped to. Instant spread of information! Using a black NFC sticker we seamlessly blended the chip into the design motif of the Matte Black Metal Business Card. Matching white spot color elements help to create an elegant and cohesive look. A small splash of metallic gold spot color is the cherry on top of this card for a touch of flair.

With so many options, we are here to help you communicate successfully through all avenues of design, and mediums.

1. They ROSE Above The Competition

My Metal Business Card | Rose Gold Metal Business Card Realtor With Surface Etched Pattern Black Logo

Integrating bold and feminine, Prodigy Realty opted for a Rose Gold finish for their cards, perfectly complimenting their signature phoenix logo. Growing in popularity our Rose Gold Metal Business Cards are a unique and trendy option for those looking to stand out.

Not to take away from the stunning tones of the Rose Gold finish, we focused on using surface etching for the intricate detailed pattern, and phoenix striking logo. A neutral black spot color is used to bring attention to the company title, keeping the design balanced. For an extra special touch, we used a custom mesh cut through pattern towards the edge of the card.

With our constantly expanding selection of finishes, we want to make sure you have ALL of the options at your disposal to create a card that is perfect for your branding, and on the cusp of the latest trends.

At My Metal Business Card we have served high-end real estate professionals across the country (and globally), and know how important those first impressions are. Our professional designers are ready to equip you with a luxurious card that will cultivate success and help you rise above the competition.

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Still not sure where to start? Take a look at our Real Estate Agent Business Card Requirements and make sure your cards are prepped with all the necessary information to succeed and flourish in the real estate industry.